The BEST Comb for Doodles

hi this is Betty – dog groomer chick and in this video I'm gonna talk about the number two tool for doodle owners to keep their dog is comfortable and happy at home it's the comp I brought to the one-inch long pins and the other part is 1 and 1/2 inch long piece I recommend this one for those who have about an inch long coat in case it's a little bit longer either winter or summer time then I suggested one and a half inch long one the reason for that is because it's gonna go directly to the skin even on a super thick and super long coat we really want to make sure that we brushed throughout the length of the coat I would get a coarse one I'm gonna include a link to this one it's a great brand you're gonna love it because it's sturdy it's gonna last forever and it's gonna it's super comfy to hold because of the shape of the handle and it's gonna take care of the whole length of the hair now how do we use it in a nutshell we put it directly to the skin so the end of the pins will meet the skin and we pull it gently super super gently throughout the doggy's coat legs arms I mean legs ears face everywhere I'm gonna include it in the tricky spots in other video where we're gonna talk about how to combat your dog the mane I think about this is whenever you are using it to be very very gentle because meanwhile the pins on a brush move and wiggle away and the doggy won't feel direct direct pulling on the skin at least not that much with a calm the pins to won't move so the secret is be super super gentle so put it directly to the skin and then move it very very gently so you're gonna find any kind of tangles and meth in the coat and then you can go back to the number one tool the brush to open it up or you can use a shear to cut it out in case you need to that was it quick snippet about the number two to the honest friend com4 doodle owners if you like this video please give me a thumbs up I need to learn to pronounce and then subscribe if you want to see more and then we can keep in touch and I hope I'm gonna see you in the next one body wraps your doodle

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