The best birth control for wild animals: abstinence | 22 Minutes

Victoria, BC is currently overpopulated with
deer, so authorities have begun administering birth control to the animals. To learn more we speak to one conservationist,
Margaret Bingbat, hello Margaret! Oh! Hello Susan! So how do you administer the birth control
medication? Oh, medication, no no no, that’s another group. We help the deer use the best birth control
of all: abstinence. Okay… how do you even do that? Well we started by handing out pamphlets
and they really ate that up. Oh they enjoyed it? No, they literally ate them up! So now we just give the deer presentations
to teach them their bodies are dirty and that there’s a word for deer that have casual sex:
roadkill. I’m sorry, how are those two things related? Well if they weren’t busy thinking about sex,
they would have noticed the traffic. It’s all explained here in our book: Rudolph
the Blue Balled Reindeer. They also love when we show them the movies. Like what? Bambi of course so they can see what happens
to a single mother. And you believe all this is better than just
giving them birth control? Oh Susan, I don’t believe one idea is better
than another. Ours is just the one that doesn’t make them
go to hell. Isn’t expecting wild animals not to have intercourse
a little unrealistic? Maybe for someone as promiscuous as yourself,
Susan. But these animals have self restraint, unlike
you wild CBC showbiz types. But their natural instinct is to breed. And they can absolutely do that. Right after marriage. Tell me you’re not trying to marry them. Not trying, Susan. Succeeding. We’ve helped many young deer couples say their
I doe-s. How does that help? Well everyone knows you stop having sex when
you’re married. Actually that adds up. Mrs. Bingbat everyone! Thank you Susan!

11 thoughts on “The best birth control for wild animals: abstinence | 22 Minutes

  1. Here’s a better thought have the outdoor club do a controlled hunt, the meat processed at a licensed and proper butcher shop there pay would be there rate discounted on there taxes, and then the meat given to the poor or homeless in BC.

  2. Remember this when you look at animal reproduction, there's no such thing as consent, and by human standard that make it rape. Lol

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