The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

dear people of teamcatmojo this is a public service announcement my name is squirt squirt bottle you may use me to remove stains you may use me to water your garden what you should not use before and what is upset many of my brethren is to punish your animals welcome to the cat cave all right it's time we talked about squirt gun diplomacy if I can't use this how do I discipline my cat no such thing as disciplining your cat I'm sorry to say folks they have no idea what you're talking about when you use this voice on them twork guns do not work they do not work now let's let's use an example let's say that your cat is counter surfing counter surfing of course means that they're just walking across the counters and it's something that drives you insane and you would much rather that your cats aren't counter surfing if you wanted your cat to stop counter surfing then every single time 24/7 that they jump up on the counter if you want it to be hanging out with mr. squirt bottle and you wanted to make sure that they got off the counter well then you've got a camp out there all day every day then when you're not around I promise you your cat is counter surfing I promise that you haven't taught them a thing all they know is that when you're around they shouldn't do something and when you're not around they will so you have succeeded in diminishing the bond between you and your cat completely they are afraid of you not afraid of the experience of getting wet they jump up on the counter so it's something I find really really important because it follows that line of thinking can cats be disciplined no of course they cannot well let's say that we were using an air compressed canister with Electric I that that that tool put down cat jumps up squirt squirt okay with air and they're gone what's the big difference there that you didn't do it the counter did it that's an effective no what can you do if there's something that you would rather your cat not do but you've got to make it work for them so counter surfing first of all what does it attain are you keeping food on the counter and then asking your cat not to eat that food is your cat a big fan of running water out of a faucet and yet there is no running water in the form of fountains anyplace else or is your cat thriving on potentially negative attention it doesn't really matter if you yell at your cat or praise your cat it's a tension right so if every time I jump up on the counter I get attention negative or positive short of striking or squirting or whatever then I'll probably keep doing it if absolutely nothing happens when I jump up on the counter no food no reward no lovey-dovey no pick you up and put you down no pet on the way down no yelling your name no nothing nothing happens then why would I continue to do it okay so now we get to the second part of this work guns are out so now we get to what I call the yes/no it doesn't matter whether you're parenting someone with four legs or two the yes/no is a great way of doing things let's go back to our counter surfer friend who every time you're in the kitchen has to be up there all right we can do something very simple for instance if you use a placement placement has double sided sticky tape on it which is a really cool little trick because you can take it off put it away somewhere put it back down it's sticky every time cat jumps up on the counter sticky sticky if I gotta go or you use the compress air canisters with the electric eyes that I use like stay away or scat any of those guys they go we've just established the No now where's the yes well the yes for a tree dwelling inquisitive counter surfer is something up in that kitchen that rises to the height approximately of that counter now away from the counter so we're not asking them to jump up on the counter get sticky paws that get frustrated go down and do whatever they do but for them to have a sill a stand a tree in the kitchen area so while you're making dinner they can observe no I approve right my name is fluffy and I approve this dinner then we're good so the moral of the story here is that if you want your cat to do something you've got to meet them halfway compromise is one of the highest forms of love in a relationship this actually signifies something completely different on a deeper level this signifies that we believe that we can bend our animals to our will right and if we step back from the squirt gun for a second step away from the squirt gun we may realize that that is not a humane operational system squirt gun diplomacy is not actual diplomacy in essence think about the no and the yes and once you think about knowing yes you'll probably get somewhere alright so anyhow that's all I got for today keep watching guys thank you so much for subscribing we passed 20,000 subscribers on the cam mojo Channel and I could not be more proud and grateful and grateful to the folks at the animal it's network by the way for helping so much input in making this a reality so check me out here anywhere you are I am I don't care if it's Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Google or probably in the supermarket we're in the same places at the same time and I would love to hear from you please leave a comment please keep subscribing don't forget we just had our second Google hangout we having mojo hangouts onward and onward every month so you'll find out about that by subscribing as well and in the meantime be kind to all we all deserve a break until next time all light all love all mojo to you baby mmm I love you I'm just misunderstood yeah

46 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

  1. The only thing I do is use this crap Cologne and spritz things I want him to leave alone.

    He’s learned that things that smell like this crap isn’t for him.

  2. My kitten she is 7 months old and loves squirt bottles.

    When she sees it she goes to it and meows until I pick it up and start squirting. Then she starts purring.

  3. Squirt guns don't work? Seriously? It worked a treat on my 3 boys over the course of my whole life.

    Additionally, my cats do know what that tone of voice means.

    My 2 boys are more like dogs in how they listen to me and follow the rules. They know that when they misbehave I'll not snuggle then but when they are good we have snuggles.

    Snuggles are the key to a good cat.

  4. Our kat is difficult to reason with but usually he feel sorry for us and do as he is told 😀 He never ever got punished in his 7 years and it works quite well- except he don't share anything so if he takes over some place that we usually reach for (eg electric meter recently), then he sure shows we should not and he don't understand he himself will freeze to his kitty bones without that 😀

  5. Jackson, I love you and what you do. I too absolutely adored my (late) cats. But I totally disagree with you when you say they don't know why you are yelling at them. Both of my cats knew when they messed up, whether it be knocking down the garbage container in the kitchen or relieving themselves somewhere other than their litter box. If I stood next to the "area in question" and asked them "what did you do here?", they took off like the wind. They know, they're smart – and so damn loveable!

  6. My brother has done this to some of my cats and often would do it for fun.

    He's a cunt!! My cats hate him!!

  7. My cat likes to sit on the counter and watch me wash the dishes or cook. If I'm cooking, she might try to nibble on the ingredients. After watching one of your "My Cat From Hell" episodes I want to put a kitty counter in so she can sit there and watch from a distance, but I don't know if that'll stop her from trying to snack on our dinner. Advice?

  8. What can I do about cat back surfing?My cat Taz always wants to jump onto my back and hang out there or tries to jump onto my shoulders.she jumped across the room one time trying to land on my shoulder and luckily I stepped back and caught her.She scratches me up Sometimes when she don't land on me correctly even with her claws clipped.I know she just wants to hang out on me cause she loves me but hell the claws hurt!I have trained her to shake,give high five and stand up on hind legs to give kisses but don't know how to get her not to do this or have her only do it at certain times when I'm prepared for her to jump on my back. lol

  9. I just pushed my cat off the counter as soon as he jumped on top, until he figured it out…he knows not to waste energy cause his ass is going right back down. I also make a kinda noise with my mouth kinda like when you sneeze, but more delicate. pschiik. he associates that noise with disapproval, so i kinda use it whenever he's up to no good, and he gets the idea…

  10. I use a squirt bottle. I don’t like it, but it’s the only way I can get my cat from running out of the door. It works well in this specific circumstance with this specific cat.

    I would examine the undesired behavior, and how your cat would probably respond. Some cats would be traumatized by being punished, while others would be fine. Squirting for counter surfing is not a good idea at all.

  11. It explained, my cat does that counter surfing exactly every time when I cook.i sprinkle water to him and he will always come back.

  12. Mother constantly yells at the cats claiming it works, but they never budge. Then there’s me doing a simple “cmer” hand gesture and they get down or stop what they’re doing and dart over to me.

    Can’t tell you how many times I showed her up with that ? They’re not dogs, though that doesn’t mean they’re not smart! I even taught my cats fetch and my dog can’t comprehend it!

  13. Um it does work.
    I say leave it in a certain voice (everytime) and she gets squirted in a moment if she doesn't listen. Then the moment she moves a little away I tell her she is a good girl in a certain voice everytime and pet her. Now most of the time she just listens to my voice. But of she doesn't I reaffirm the squirt and she listens again.

    I am her absolute favorite, I am the only one she cuddles with, our relationship is great. So yeah it works but you have to use it the right way.

    I do let her on the counters btw she just isn't allowed on the stove or in the food while I'm cooking. She will sit on the counter and watch. I'll give her a treat, she is very well behaved.

  14. The only place my cats have never been allowed, is the worksurfaces in the kitchen (as my kitchen is really small). to keep them off, we always just slowly swipe them off (so they have time to land safly) dont yell, or say anything and just cary on with what we are doing. works great with all the male cats we've had… not so much with the few female ones we rescued. but we also never keep anything out that would interst them, and they know their food never comes from the worksurfaces.

  15. Thank you for this video! I’m going to change my behaviors with my cat based on your psychological insight. Very good material

  16. We trained my cat to stay off the counters by putting tin foil on the counters. He hated the feel of it under his paws, so jumping up led to a place with an unpleasant feel. He was also free to climb on anything that was not a food surface, so he had other options.
    Highly recommend the tin foil. Even kept him in our yard after we lined the fence with it for a few days. (We have over an acre inside the fence, plenty of room to roam, away from roads)

  17. I just let them do what the fuck they want.
    For some reason i'm lucky enough not doing anything major and still have well behaved cats.

  18. I'm sorry but my cats are obsessed with me they don't leave me alone for a minute and when I'm sleeping they like to fight each other on top of me while running on my face so I LOVE to shoot the hell out of them, if I wanted a creature to be around me that much I would have had a dog lol

  19. ?????PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: My cat is TERRIFIED of plastic bags of any kind!!! So to keep him off my counters I put a grocery bag on top of the counters to keep him off; it also works on the bedroom door so he doesn't wake me up at night!

  20. I love your vidios they have helped alot and I have learned so much more (and things I already know) but continue making your vidios.

  21. So curious, my cat is scared of cat trees not low cat trees but up high which i realize is odd for a cat. Now he has been like this ever sense he was young and i'm not sure why we got him as a stray. Advice because i'd to see him using it if i could.

  22. It stops the bullying really well, and the big guy doesn't even have to get wet, as soon as he sees it he lives the little ones alone.

  23. Well I have no choice but to use the spray bottle, I have a hamster and 4 baby rats which my kitten is constantly trying to kill, actually, she has already killed one of my hamsters. She doesn't care if I use stern language, or leave sticky thingss around the cages, so I use a spray bottle to spray near here, not at her, and that's stopped her from harassing my small pets.

  24. Agree. Vet taught me "redirect, redirect with appropriate cat activities, but my kitty likes to countersurf so I'll redirect her to an acceptable higher perch. Working on this challenge.

  25. Are Laser Pointers okay? My cat loves hers, She'll sometimes just wait by the wall for it, but I don't feel like it's very intimate.

    The sticky tape thing seems like it'll work, I'm going to put some on the side of my couches were she scratches, we have an ottoman I don't care if she scratches, so I started putting some dirty laundry on it because it smells like us and now she seems to like scratching there. ?

  26. Squirt guns never work for the cat here. He just keeps doing it. It worked the first few times, but he just kept doing it when I wasn't around. Proof that squirt bottles do NOT work for "disciplining" cats.

  27. My cat will get really aggressive sometimes and the spray bottle is a way for me to protect myself. If I put him in another room he just scratches the door incessantly. He can genuinely hurt me and my boyfriend when he’s in an aggressive mood. (I think he has chronic illness of some kind and that’s why he gets aggressive – he can be really sweet too.) HELP!

  28. First of all Chrome Dome, your not the be all and end all of feline phycology.
    In fact, your wrong more times than I can count about cats.
    And I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, BUT,
    I've had cats for over 50 years.
    Including the 4 that grace me with allowing me to feed, play and love them I've had 23.
    They don't live long enough.
    I've had ones that live into there 20s.
    I've had a few that only lived a few years…
    (Much to my heartbreak)
    And now on to the topic…
    Do you even have a cat?
    Counter surfing?
    And yes they CAN understand human language, they just choose to ignore humans sometimes.
    At this very moment, my Jinksy (little black male cat) was on the counter.
    I didn't even look at him….
    "Get down"
    And he jumped down.
    B.B. ( a large tuxedo male) has a thing for the refrigerator…
    He opens the door, perusal of each container, and kicks out the one he wants.
    Ahh yes, aren't you glad they don't have thumbs?
    I now use a large speaker magnet to keep the fridge door closed.
    B.B. is not thrilled.
    He now is sitting in front of the fridge crying to be let in…
    "Nope, I fed you…beat it till dinner"
    He throws me a dirty look and runs away, for an hour….
    He is now tugging at the magnet.
    Yes, he is very strong
    (27 lbs)
    But not that strong
    All I have to do is
    Show him the SQUIRT BOTTLE and he runs.
    Don't set your self as an expert….
    Can you actually play that guitar?
    I'll cut you a deal on chrome polish.

  29. Double sided tape does nothing to my cats unfortunately. We try to encourage them to climb their tree but God these girls are stubborn (I blame a feral upbringing- water just isn't a big deal when you grew up in the rain). We used the water pistol (low pressure and not very accurate) when they were young, and now we can just shake it and the noise tells them to get off. We try not to use it anymore, but nothing else was working at one point.

  30. I had a cat that loved the squirt bottle as long as you didn't get her face.
    It was just another toy to her.

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