THE BEERBULANCE – Sick Puppy 4×4

yeah I know shortcuts but let's go that's fine oh yeah call and we get up at what are now Jack Thank You ball change the spot Oh huh well we made it up that one but never need to get doing this one okay yeah just don't we go to the Empire yeah put those side wheels in that rut and I'll just send it in that rut that right over there Oh last stop and hit it again I'm putting my seatbelt on for this way [Applause] stand on the back glass is gonna rock it all I died wait that spot good time to get stopped go go go come on man with light I know like live we're gonna do a bride what about that think that bottom that there we are boy where is this guy man I think he's in the middle of the river somewhere we just we just have this bit to go Friday yeah really I think we're right on top of him okay come on count on Las balancing down little hockey [Applause] hey boys you got any more of those berries hey what do you think this is this is the babe Yulin I asked you right there fella where we off to you know where all the other babe you lensses go I think you civilians call it the pub cheers for the emergency rescue boys welcome my job well done cheers Matt wait for the next four laughter that's it for this week don't forget patreon and merch your stickers and stubby colors headlock merch and basically that's it don't forget subscribe to squads instagrams subscribe to my Instagram and subscribe to YouTube that's it and remember 500 page yawns we shave us mullet in the spuds head all righty boys will tend to this and we'll see you next week thanks for watching how's that beer there Oh a man knows that flat my leg

20 thoughts on “THE BEERBULANCE – Sick Puppy 4×4

  1. My mate: do you ever get bored of watching YouTube?

    Me: shows him this video.

    My mate: never mind…

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