The Battle Cats – Homulilly, The Nutcracker Witch

B: "Hi Yuki, have you heard about the NEW advent boss from Madoka Collab?" Y: "Yea, people said that she's so strong and the stage is really hard." B: "I think her appearance is kinda similar to you…" Y: "Hell no! She looks more like you because she's the devil." B: "But I'm a demon!" B: "Hold on, I'll see her myself!" B: "What the heck, she's a joke and doesn't look like me!" Y: "Really? You must be wrong in the first place! I'll fight her, too. We'll see if you were right or not." Y: "OMG, you were right. She is nothing!" B: "Told ya!" Z: "You gusy were fighting the wrong boss lel." Z: "This boss is much more powerful than any other bosses, I guess." Z: "Good luck!" Hello everyone! I decided to replace the text on my video with subtitle. This is Li'l Homura's first awaken stage Homulily is at 30% magnification (she has 2.7M HP and deals 3,600 DMG) Her actual range is only 300 but she has omni-strike ability that covers area between (-1,800)~1,800 I recommend you to use sniper cat item because she's immune to all debuff effects Peons in this stages aren't dangerous at all, just traitless enemy at 600% buffed. Homulilly's abilities are KB, weaken for 5s, and deals x4 DMG to cat base So, you really need cats that immune to weaken hence her HP won't be doubled. I can't use Witch Killer combo because I don't have any uber from this collab For that reason, I bring Balrog that immune to weaken plus his talents can easily break this stage lol Knockback abuse is so good for veteran stage I just need to summon Bullet Train, Zamboney to stall, Balrog, and Yukimura Anyway I ain't using Drama Cats in this stage, they are actually just for combo On the Merciless one, I had no choice to summon them because I used Cat CPU They wasted my cash tho… Welcome to the hell!! This might be the reason why PONOS nerfed Walpurgisnacht to only 10% buffed They wanna surprise us with this stupid boss Homulilly is at 100% magnification where she has 9M HP and deals 12,000 DMG But you should keep in mind that she weakens all cats so her HP is more like 18M What makes this stage worse? It's unlimited peon! They are Ginger Snache (300%), Doge Dark (1,000%), Pigeon de Sable (200%), and Gabriel (400%) They respawn each ~66 seconds in group (4 of them each spawn) The best meatshields for this stage are Manic Eraser, Roe Cat (for Ginger), and Zamboney I don't think the true form of Li'l Homura deserves this difficulty Her ability sucks! Her range is only 275 and has 50% chance of weakening black enemy I prefer using Bomber to using her lol Anyway I'm running out of time to translate this subtitle to another languages I actually let everyone contribute this subtitle Some of them even offered a hand to me.. I'm really happy if any of you wanna contribute and help everyone who doesn't speak English.

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  1. Thanks to all of you who contributed on subtitles. The Vietnamese one didn't wanna reveal his/herself by letting the contribution box empty.

  2. Homulily: Exists
    Most players: why do I (literally) hear ultra boss music

    Balrog: Exists
    Homulily: why do I hear ultra boss music?

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