45 thoughts on “The Battle Cats- Cat Ticket Farming!

  1. U spam meat shields then u max ure money and lastly spam your best cats but don't forget to spam the meat shields

  2. Hey, first of all, do you still play this game? Second of all, if you do, do you use the energy glitch and if so do you do it on ios or android? And lastly, do you recommend the energy glitch and what method do you use cause I can't find out a working one for me. It keeps failing…

  3. How do all you people have so much cat food, I am always struggling to get cat food and you have it in the ten thousands, am I missing something from this game or what? I have beaten Empire of cats to completion so when would I expect to get lots of cat food?

  4. Emperor of darkness Cpt 2 of empire of cats my load out is macho cat wall cat brave cat sexy legs cat giraffe cat mythical Titan cat devil cat mr. Miss moneko and Delinquent cat. I think dats all of the cats I'm using. I know right. I try so hard for the cat you get if you beat this chapter

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