17 thoughts on “The Battle Cats – Andromeda /Cats of the Cosmos 3

  1. Hey this is kinda late but I got a question.
    So apparently I somehow managed to get 4 modoka kanames. I used 1, so what should I do with the other 3? Also, I got a red hair girl dupe as well, 2 windy dupes and a Mola king dupe all sitting in my storage. What should I do with all of them?

  2. One level in cyberpunk's barrier breaker talent can be very handy if your warped camera mans failed to break spacefish jones' barrier because you could come to a situation where your attackers are unable to reach spacefish jones because of the beefy peon spam. With one level in cyberpunk's barrier breaker ability he will stack up and eventually hit spacefish and break his barrier another option for breaking the barrier is breaker blast on base hit.

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