The Battle Cats – All Uber Sets In Dojo

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25 thoughts on “The Battle Cats – All Uber Sets In Dojo

  1. Cats officially announce that they choose if they want to go out or return

    #Cats #CatsAddict #catsofworld #catsofday #catslover

  2. I have trouble deciphering… are those just girls with cats, or just insane anime characters? But good video, I enjoyed seeing my favorite (I forgot them) ubers, it’s been a while.

  3. Let's see, I'm missing a few ubers from three regular sets, missing Himeyuri from Monster Gals, missing a few busters, missing d'arktanyan from epicfest, missing three collab sets, and missing seasonal gals from summer/halloween/christmas.

    Still a long way to go huh.

  4. Why didnt evolve mighty termay d-lux and mighty rekon corps ? ( Dont sure , what writed their names right . ? )

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