The Asian People Song

don't hello I shall answer by the way by the line by Allah oh you want wash where but Allah my name is dr. chopstick King Kong Tao and I'd like to eat buffets my mom and dad will karate chop me in the penis if I don't bring home all Asia we're all Chinese we're all have fun that's why none of us can't drive keep passing on the highway if you see me on the side changing my time so don't be surprised at least I made it out of the driveway Vasia people pause so ever a sing-along ching chong ching chong ching chong ching chong everybody ching chong ching tong i like to make some fried wine i know i love high with my slanted eyes doesn't mean that I will smoke pesto on a grill my career is usually in G cuisine or any job that involves wearing a lab coat like every doctor and Sciences ever a PP shrimp lo mein and a boo boo video games with my Nintendo booty we make like the best video games in the world yes we all look the same it's like Jackie Chan and Liu Kang are and every kung-fu movie Vasia people pause so they provide a single on changing times ching chong ching chong days – everybody single of ching chong ching chong we wanting Tommy amen how much is phone calls for two pieces of chicken to be chicken fight a lot one piece chicken fight a lot wait what pork fight a lot hello in there too much now um Chinese food always had me like I won't mother cuz Asians practice Taekwondo on cats yummy karate chopping kids and then we take them to the kitchen to make kung pao chicken in mittens ching chong ching my penis is the size of a pinto bean they call me spongebob and i don't know why probably because we're both yellow and we can't drop it as asian people so everybody sing times and people finger tips on teacher we want a tom I am a Mexican my card is greenish my last name is probably turn solid mightiness I'd help you boil your lawn but me no speaky English that's why my homie job is selling tacos for cleaning hey

34 thoughts on “The Asian People Song

  1. 这不是一个亚洲名称,即使这是中国,也不是所有亚洲都是中国

  2. How to be asian
    1. play piano or violin for 40 hours a day
    2. Eats with chopstick
    3.has a 5.0000 gpa instead of a 4.0000
    4. Eats dogs (just kidding rice)
    5. Everyone depends on you on group projects

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