The Animal Den pet services Indianapolis virtual tour

Pet boarding Indianapolis virtual tour 2015 The Animal den pet boarding and salon is
premier pet boarding facility in the Indianapolis
area. hi, I am Will Loberger the owner of the pet resort and salon The Animal Den is one of the cleanest resorts you’ll find and when the most caring pet resort I
think you’re ever gonna mine our top our top priority here is to ensure the health
and welfare your pet when you bring to us we provide morning for people’s dogs
when you go away on vacation and business trips our grooming salon is open seven days
a week for appointments we have a bath special thirty-five
dollars any day the week you can bring your pet any
size and we’ll bath them up for you. Our dog daycare has a four point evaluation process that’s to ensure that your dog is the proper fit to be in this
environment that they’re going to enjoy their time their we have an inside area we have an
outside area we have 10 acres a walking trail we have a lot to playgrounds in country
playgrounds the deluxe playgrounds have artificial grass for those dogs paws maybe a little bit
more comfort we have country playgrounds for dogs you
want to get a little bit more dirty we have what we call the ultimate
playground this playground is huge it’s bigger than NBA basketball court
again is called the ultimate playground for regions because dogs can go full till to their
hearts content we even offer training we have a
professional trainers from the Indianapolis area to help your dog get to where you want
them to be in don’t forget we care for cats to. They
have the own place in the cat condos but also they get to play with the cat
gymnasium Here at the Animal den, I think we have everything that you looking for in our retail shop we’re open from 7
a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday in 9 a.m. the 6 p.m. and Sundays we’re located at
the northwest corner of Indianapolis just a half-mile west to the I 65
Zionsville exit. We have a mobile app where you can
actually find us wherever you’re at we have live chat where we have operaors
standing by a click and go mobile friendly booking system and if you
follow us on social media you’re going to find many offers and
incentives the Animal den Indy where pets are family

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  1. I live in California, but just found out you have a branch only about a 2 bus commute away (I don't drive). I found out about it while looking at MY events on facebook and there happened to be other approaching events including "Splashy Hour" or something like that (although I don't have a pet and tickets were sold out anyway). The place still caught my eye, since I grew up with cats and currently can't take in a pet right now but hope to move into a certain complex and get a companion animal in the near future. I'd love an excuse just go to over there and see the place!

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