100 thoughts on “The Amazing Market Cats of Chile (Gatos de la Vega!)

  1. Want to help? You can donate towards the care and sterilizations of the animals in the market at http://www.paypal.me/callejeritosdelavega

  2. Great idea.. its take and give principles… cats take care of their products and people takes care of them
    By providing food and love

  3. Omg when were you here!? These cats are lovely, and we always have either cats or dogs (or both!) at stores here in Chile ?

  4. Ok THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! There iarecurrently a couple of kittens in my backyard and I really want to help them but I’m only 14. My dad wouldn’t be willing to help me and I don’t know what I should do.

  5. omGGG a heaven for cats and cat lovers… thank for sharing this beautiful place with us… definitely a place I'll go to whenever I get to visit Chile ????

  6. Its so refreshing to see your own culture on a video ♡ I saw your pics at La Casa de la Gata Horacia and oh boy, did you see those gigantic Maine Coons??? In that place that was the first time i saw one and those are some hugeeeee good boys. La vega and thatcat cafe are my fav places in Santiago! Super glad you went there. Next time you could visit Valparaíso! Is a city next to the ocean that is build almost entirely on hills, and those hills have amainzing graffitis and street artwork! and, most of them are paintings of cats!! Greetings from Valparaíso, Chile 🙂

  7. Here we have a tabby cat that watches a shop while it sits on top of an ice cream filled chest freezer (maybe because it's warm?). It actually looks as if it's the owner of the shop because it's literally there everyday LOL!

  8. This shouldn't come as any surprise. Both cats and dogs were originally working members of the human family.

  9. Thanks kitten lady for highlighting one of the greatest issues Chile has with street animals, we don't have a humane society for animals because it was so bad they just shut it down and never opened it again, politicians don't really care, they just make stuff when it's time to vote and the normal people are left to take care of the quiltros and street cats, thankfully we do have amazing people and groups that do care, animals deserve to be loved and cared for as much as anyone else ?

  10. I luv it! Great concept and just wandering around meeting the Kitties would be so much fun. Nice and relaxing. You can see these Cats are respectful and friendly. This takes shopping to a new level.

  11. Close to where I lived there is the “Paseo Los carros” and a lady took care of a female cat there. She spayed her, all the shop owners fed her and she was so fat that I asked if she was pregnant once. The lady closed her shop recently and she took the cat with her, I’ll miss petting her.

  12. Here in San Cristóbal, Venezuela kitten fostering and streetcats rescue are very common stuff in city markets like Pequeños Comerciantes or La Ermita. These places are constantly searching for help in things like food, medicines and sterilization. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in a beautiful place in Latín America. Kisses and love from Venezuela <3

  13. A church near my house has a rodent problem. I took my cat to stay over night her name is amy and she is a one cat army, she killed 3 in on night and since then the church keeps a cat even just to foster.

  14. This is so nice ! I hope the cat doesn't eat onions , though ! Or touch onions w/ their bodies & lick their bodies afterwards as onions can destroy their red blood cells ! Sweet gorgeous cats & kind humans at the market made me so happy & smile !???????????????❤???

  15. I am curious… did they start this as a project or was it just that they saw the phenomenon and decided to organize to help the cats

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