The Advantage Family: Travelling with Pets

A family holiday is a lot of fun especially
when you take your pet along. But preparation is key.
Cat: At last they’re going on holiday! I get the place all to myself.
Before you go make sure they’re micro-chipped, up to date with vaccinations and parasite
protection. And if you’re heading to the east coast particularly, check about nasty
ticks in the area you are travelling to. Start treatment before you leave.
Cat: I’m good, hang on, where am I going? Cat: Where are you putting me? What’s this?
Just like with the kids, you might have to stop a few times along the way so they can
stretch their legs, go to the toilet. and have a drink.
Dog: Are we there yet? Never leave your pet in the car by themselves.
Not even in the shade with the windows down overheating can occur within minutes and
be fatal Dog: Are we there yet?
And don’t forget daily checks for ticks. Run your fingers through their coat feeling
the skin over their whole body, paying particular attention to head, neck, chest, in
between the toes, plus the mouth and gums.

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