special announcement before we get into the video have you guys heard of the all-new big little Dennis box do you have it let me show you what are we got in here oh we don't just have one product no no no we have six sir Meow's lot that's right count them six including the first of many Dennis figurine collectible look at this little guy oh he's so cute it comes in this cute little boxes well look there I am right there and not to mention sir meows a lot headphones look at these surveyors light it's your face what more can you guys be asking for I don't know it's got everything you need go ahead and check it out guys I'm super happy with how it turned out the big little Dennis box Dennis daily comm link in the description below but other than that let's get right into the video hello everyone welcome to another roblox adventure today we're gonna be checking out a pet dog story a sad story lately we've been on those scary stories those horror stories but you know let's take the pacing back a little bit I think it's time that we explore our emotions and rather than just being scared of everything constantly sometimes it's okay to be a little bit sad so let's jump into it it says right here that doji was a dog that was abandoned by his parents at birth however he finds a new loving family how will his life go with them well puts Doge Builders are the creators of this story here all right so what exactly do we have in store for us here if you record this game oh that's what we're doing right now please do not claim you made it out I by the way totally did it make this game was it me it was the Doge builders there you go just so you know I just want to make sure everybody knows that I didn't make this okay okay so it starts off with oh whoa we're on a conveyer okay can we do this very smoothly on the conveyer I have a feeling we won't be able to but let's try it out so I'm just gonna walk on the conveyor and here we go oh my gosh there's a cute little puppy right there mom dad can we keep it okay yeah sure some of those go let's go home now oh well yeah I'd like some pizza please oh this is where there's a dog over there oh now he's sleeping so cute this is going way too fast oh my gosh the dog can fly is there any way I could okay I could look into the stories that actually see what's happening I would like to go back I want to actually really take in these stories so the parents seem a little hesitant they're a little bit worried there's a dog here you know a little doji he was abandoned oh look how cute he is actually it's a little bit terrifying but it's the little kids super happy sees the little puppy little doji brings them back doji you know you're um you're kind of scary I don't know if this is a sad story seems a bit like a another one of them horror stories that were so used to so we don't actually if you stand back here then you are on a conveyor walk up here and it's no problem well thanks Bob for all those beats on the dog back there's going Robert so we move on to the next one little doggie right there except a little sleep in the bed and now they're outside and the play and the parents are resting their heads on the sky like this is supposed to set the scene is like oh this is outside but they're actually just oh they're just having a lay there they're just resting on the walls of the scene one year later Oh what do you know where we walked into it okay could we do that for all the scenes can we just walk in there no I'm okay oh wow so one year later and they're still doing the exact same thing there I'm sorry what so it's this scene so they're outside playing with the dog one year later still outside still playing with the dog they haven't moved at all all the board I mean you're kind of biased though you're super against dogs and what not only you cannot see your your grudges I don't even understand that what's what's the matter with cats and dogs why don't they like each other two years later the same thing parents though they they got bored I mean I well I mean now here's the thing though is dogs last for a long time dogs can last anywhere between like what it's like eight and 15 years something like that they have a very wide range of how long they live but if you get bored after two years of owning a dog it's like well should have you really had a dog in the first place dogs don't get boring guys that's just not a thing that happens unless it's a really poopy dog I mean yeah literally if it's a dog that is just pooping all the time I can imagine that gets pretty boring I'm going to clean that up three years later same thing what do you know look at him he's graduating or not water-wise jumped straight to graduating he's you know he's growing up he'll be graduating soon at he's living life with this cute little puppy still doing the same thing all these years okay so now he's going off to I don't know somewhere maybe school he is wearing a backpack but what kind of school be talking here guys doggies waving goodbye now doggies all sad the dads all sad mom super happy though who finally got this kid out of here okay so now the dog is in a some sort of insane asylum and like one of those enclosed chambers okay okay Oh Emery I see he's thinking back to what it was a kid and they were together I just realized I have a little doji in my pocket right here well we already know how this story ends I just end up adopting doji he just lives in my in my purse okay we keep going here what do we got next oh oh yes whatever they first found little doji oh so cute but also very sad because this is all within the dogs very sad distant memories which is interesting because dogs have terrible memory I mean they know who they like they'll grow to like somebody or something but I'm pretty sure dogs have an absolutely awful short-term memory like if they do something bad the reason why you're not supposed to punish them is because by the time you punish them they wouldn't have even realized what they're getting punished for because they they don't make that Association they completely forget that what they just did was something that they did if that makes sense I might be wrong I don't own a dog I'm sure there's so many of you watching that actually owned dogs that have a way better idea work but I have watched a lot of videos on how to take care of a dog and stuff because I don't know why I don't even know I don't have a dog but for some reason I just had this phase where I just watch countless hours of how to take care of your dog properly how to train it what kind of things you need to buy for a dog it's weird it's like I'm living this fantasy inside of my head I don't know you know what I'm saying sir me a lot no no okay that's fine so what's going on here now the dad is writing a letter that's not the dad that's the kid okay kids writing a letter neither seems all sad oh and there's another bed there so we can assume that's a dorm room meaning he graduated high school he went to college he's not with the dog anymore is he writing a note to the dog dear dog I miss you so much oh whoa but now he works at Starbucks okay and then and then this girl right here I it seems like they're falling in love even though he has a sad face on right now I don't really understand that oh look at that so now they're together forever maybe but he still misses the dog what does this have to do with the dog two years later whoa so they're getting oh I think you're happening so quickly and then Oh what is this so now she's so she's all sad he's all sad they're looking at the letter did he write wait hold on did they receive a letter they received a letter oh so now that's the mom in the bed the dogs their little doji so she's in the bed now the dogs giving her kisses and becoming really sad guys you know what this was at first we were having some good laughs everyone's crying she's they're back home she's not there anymore ten months later she now the the girlfriend okay so he's smiling ten months later ten months later I'm assuming that she's pregnant even though they didn't make it that obvious they could have just put a cube on her stomach look at that that is terrifying but they did it they had a kid wow it's so sweet so that happened and then note the bigger Doge is the main character okay I see you know I'm glad I'm glad I got that in my head now so that was the Doge that was with them as a little boy and then he got it Doge oh there big family that wasn't a baby that was a mama – mama don't you big dos add a little Doge would you look at that so now now they're one big happy family that's amazing except for well I mean the dad is there of course – and thankfully they're all happy one year later what's happening is he about to be poop oh oh well like not again inside Oh No doji doji no no no don't you sorry I shouldn't be laughing but it's hard to take that seriously no doji doji no there's more scenes of them crying over the doji no no no the sides for you guys Oh smoky doji it all of a sudden turned into a horror scene wow there we go well there is the doges spirit still living amongst us today by our merch whoa now the doge is actually a store salesman very good would you look at that so I could get a shirt that has a little Doge in the pocket but I already have a Doge in my pocket so thanks but no thanks and then there's a day the Josh Christina Emily's ella doge sog and OG jr. yay one big happy family right at the end you can see all together that is amazing Wow remember to join Doge builders guys that was amazing I very much enjoyed that you know what I kind of want to do I kind of want to just have because think they have the veilleux's there for a reason right so we were able to look at the story with full detail but now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through the story we're gonna have Rob put in some music so nice fitting music for the scenes and we can experience it as one final showcase of the whole story what do you guys say I think it's a nice little wrap up ladies and gentlemen a Dodge story Hey hey buddy buddy come on this is the saddest part of the story shup your face said of me hey no hold on let's read let's redo this we're gonna start from here ok sorry guys sorry to interrupt let's let's get back into it come on man hey hey what are you doing 10 months later here we go no no no no stop it stop it there's no winning with this guy there's just no winning well there it is guys didn't quite go as expected that's fine all right guys that was that what a nice little story I like what they do with the conveyor so you just kind of experience it all at once but guys on that note I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please do remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out my all-new minecraft server you can check it out at play dot new crafts dotnet the server IP is in the description below I'm on it every day so come on down and play some minecraft with me but other than that though guys again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next class you

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  2. Dogs can live up to 20 years but… died when I was…5 and now I’m 10 but i finally got another puppy and now he’s growing up and his name is jack and I’m Kayla! Cya have a good day denis! YEET

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