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Hi everyone I’m Amber from
and today we’re gonna be going over some of my favorite gifts for this holiday
season for dogs and dog lovers. So, let’sget started! Alright, so first up we have the Pugopoly game, This is a super fun take on the classic Monopoly game. Some of the metal pieces include t-bone steak, a dog bowl, and cap. And so it’s a really fun thing if you’re a dog lover to play with the family or just anyone who comes over and these come in a bunch of different
dog breeds so just check them out. This runs about $20 on Amazon. Alright, next up we have the Tricky Treat Ball. This is about $7 and this is something
that’s going to be really good to keep your dog busy during the holiday season
especially if you have people over. You just drop some treats or kibble down in the middle and they knock it around to get the kibble out. It can last a long time and these come in a few different sizes depending on what kind of dog you have. Next up we have the super fun champagne dog toy, it’s about $14. Rosè is super in right now but if you want to step it up, a little bit classier, step it up to
the champagne. This is super fun for just dog lovers in
general or if your dog is a little bit of a diva, prefers the higher-class this is
excellent choice. So we have this adorable cavapoo pillow, this is about $26, and what I love about this pillow is that it actually, the print is really
good on it so it looks like a really nice picture print on the pillow and
these come in a bunch of dog breeds so if you have a mix or you know a specific
breed that you’re looking for you could probably find it. Alright, and next we have the corgi planter, super cute, it’s about $8. This would be perfect to plant a succulent or some type of cactus or something in, would be
great for an office desk or somewhere kind of tucked in the window at home and
it also has a drain hole in the bottom which is super good. You just take a
little rubber piece out. And if you’re feeling like being a little bit extra, dog mom shirt, need i say more? This is $18 on Amazon and it’s a good
gift for someone else but also maybe for yourself. And lastly, this is an awesome
gift for dogs—this is a Bark Box, $35 and this one is a special holiday one, comes with a cute little Grinch toy but it comes with toys, treats, and a chew, and
you can choose different size boxes so depending on what weight range that your
dog falls in, you can choose that certain specific box. Thanks everyone for watching! For links on where to purchase these items head on over to The Dog People. And we’ll see you next time!

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