The 5 domesticated species of hamsters!

Hey guys in todays video I am going to be
talking about the 5 domesticated species of hamster that you can own. There are other species of hamster but these are
only the domesticated ones you can purchase in a pet store or from a breeder. All these hamsters require the same type of
care and have a estimated lifespan of 1.5-2 years sometimes longer. The first species is the Syrian also known
as the also known as the golden hamster/panda bear/ or teddy bear hamster. They’re one of the most popular species
of hamster and the largest ranging from 5-7 Inches long and weighing as large as 120grams
to 200grams. Syrians are a solitary species so this means they
can only live on their own, and if put with other hamsters will often fight to the death
or become very stressed. Syrians come in a very large variety of coat
types, patterns and colourings and are usually known for being a very calm and easy to handle
species, but this really depends on each hamster’s personality. Next is the Chinese Hamster originating from
northern China and Mongolia, this species is a lot more long and thin looking (similar
to a mouse) and have a slightly longer tail than the other domesticated hamster species. They range from 3-5 inches long and weigh
usually around 30-45 Grams. The Chinese hamster is another species that
can only be house by themselves like the syrian hamster. Fun fact Some states in America such as California
and New Jersey consider the Chinese hamster a pest so they require a special permit to
own, breed or sell them. Next we have the Russian Campbells dwarf. They usually range from 3-4 inches in size
and weigh 30-50grams. They also come in a pretty large variety of
colors and patterns and they are actually often confused with the Winter White due to
being very similar looking, though they will often have a rounder nose and broader snoot. Russian Campbells can be housed in pairs but
it can be quite difficult and it’s not necessary to house them in pairs as they thrive just
fine on their own. Next we have the Winter White dwarf also known
sometimes as the Siberian hamster. Winter whites are also known to change their
coats during the winter to white, and back to their regular coloring come spring/summer
due to the light cycles changing. They are usually ranging from 3-4 inches long
and weighing around 30-50 grams like the russian campbells species, Because the winter white
species is so similar to the Russian Campbells dwarfs they actually can interbreed with each
other creating a hybrid (though it is never recommended to interbreed these species) and
It’s actually found that most Winter whites labelled in petstores are actually hybrids
and there are very few purebred winter whites out there today. And Last but not least we have the Roborovski
which is the smallest domesticated hamster being only 1.5 -2 inches long and weighing
20-25 grams. They tend to be very famous for their white
“eyebrows” above their eyes. Robos are also the fastest domesticated species
of hamster so they can often be hard to tame and usually aren’t recommended for beginners
but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own one if you want one. I hope this video has helped anyone looking
into the different species of hamster. So yeah guys thanks for watching! bye!

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  1. I did this video a long time ago in the past and it really wasn't the best and had very little examples of the 5 species. What hamster species are your favourite?? (✨Fun fact Hamster's actually are not called breeds they are called species)

  2. As much as I hate it I always watch the whole commercial that sometimes comes up before I watch your video so I can give you those extra 5 cens?love your channel

  3. I like how in the video she said that Robos arnt meant for beginners but that was litteraly my first one, it was a great hamster, but I wouldnt recommend for first time

  4. I have been seriously considering owning a hamster. Even though I never have had one, I was considering getting a Roborovski or a Campbell. This video was very helpful. Thanks!

  5. I went to Petco last evening to purchase a Russian Winter White. There were only two left in the tank and the employee said that they do well in pairs so I purchased both only to realize today that I believe one is a winter white and the other is a robo dwarf. They seem to like each other as they snuggle up together to sleep. Do you know if they can continue living together as they get they get older? I already have two separate habitats set up for my two Syrians and didn’t want to have to set up two more. Please help!

  6. I am getting a new hamster soon and I don't know which species to get. Campbell's Dwarf Hamster or a Roborovski? Please reply with opinions and helpful information/ tips. <3

  7. I'd really like to know more about the chinese hamster. I have a syrian hamster 19 months old. She's wonderful. I'm interested in getting a chinese when Houdini passes. Hopefully that won't happen for quite awhile. But I'd like to be more knowledgeable about tha chinese since I'm interested in fetting one. Any info or websites about them would be gratefully appreciated! Thx Molly

  8. I just got a pair of Teddy bear Hamsters 1 male and 1 female. Is it bad to keep them together in one cage? Cuz some times they fight. It's that okay or should I keep them in a separate cage? ?

  9. I have a hamster called Snow White
    edit:my hamster is a full winter white and that’s why my hamster changes from a light grey to a dark grey XDDDD

  10. THE RUSSIAN CAMPBELL they call it robo hamster in my pet store and syrian hamsters dont have name they are called female hamster male hamster

  11. Because of some advice from petco (and because my family didn’t do any research what so ever) we got two Syrian hamsters and kept them in tiny cages and put them in balls a ton. They died pretty quickly and I never knew why. Now I know and I’m hoping to get myself two little hamsters. I’m going to spend 40 dollars buying the two and I’m going to spoil them sooooo so so much. Any recommendations for which breed of hamsters I should get?

  12. My first hamster is a robo hamster I got here 5 days ago and she was calm right when I got her and she warmed up to me the day I got here is that good???

  13. Today is October 15 and I need it to be November 8 because that's when I get my first ever and dwarf hamster I am hearing from you before I get one I really like your videos btw and I want my hamster to have a great life what worry's me the most is the cage size cause it at least has to be 450sq inches and idk if I'm gonna be able to get that cage and I think in one of your videos it says that it also affects there behavior and I don't want mine to bite I love your videos (idk if I said that twice) I like the taming ones and if they are not interested to bite on a wooden toy you can but peanut butter than take it off and it will leave the scent I really want my hamster so I want it to be November 8 ?❤

  14. My hamster is a Syrian hamster and he was one of the last ones at the pet store and he has a chip in his ear because the one that was there with him was savage and bit him while they were fighting where Syrian hamsters can’t be in the same cage

  15. I have a a russian dwarf winter white hamster he is soo cute and I love him so much his name is bear but the next hamster I want to get is a robo hammie

  16. i think you are wonderful with great hammy advice!! But…I disagree greatly with the fact that you mentioned russians can live in pairs possibly. Many kids watch this and may think they would be the special case where they can get two and nothing would go wrong, but very often something will go wrong. I wanted to stress this. Working with pets, I find Russians to be the Most aggressive (and not to bash them because they are my favorite personally). I would have never mention the possibility to the public because although we are experienced with hamsters, most people getting a pet ham is new to the hobby and wouldnt understand or end up learning the hard way with injuries. Sorry please dont be mad for me saying this but thats just my opinion and ive seen way too many bad cases of hamsters injured because new pet owners dont listen. I just wanted to mention this to yall 🙂

  17. I have a black syrian hamster and he is lovely!
    He has got his unique personality! He won't let me pick him up but even though, I love him sooooo much.

  18. Hi I hope your read my comment but is that your chinese dwarf hamster and if it is can you tell me where to get it cause I’ve been dieing to get one love youu❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. I got a chinese hamster from a petco lol no permit needed and i got mine in Jersey lololol what the heck!?

  20. Syrians and teddy bears are the SAME THING?? I've always wanted to own a Syrian hamster and I have a fat little orange short haired teddy bear hamster so wow learning something new everyday

  21. I love hamsters so much I always wanted to have a Campbell's Russian dwarf and I've researched for weeks and I got good grades but my dad just thinks there rats or pests

  22. My hamster lived for 3 years and for the last 5 months of her life she lost use in her back legs but she had a great life??

  23. ummmm…. victoria are teddy bear hamsters just syrians or they are hybrids cause my dad bought me a large cage and her the teddy and the petshop owner said its a teddy bear hamster and yes it help me thx

  24. Thank you so much! And I did not know that winter white hammies actually change the fur color in the winter like some other animals!(I guess that’s why they are called winter whites!)?❄️

  25. I just got a hamster… and idk what kind of species is it 🙁 can't someone help me to find out =_=

    i have watch so many videos to find out but still don't have any idea because it does not look like any of those

  26. Oh God Victoria!! Syrians Are Now Also Endangered They Are lossing their habitat from agricultural or illegal logging (i am not sure if they are endangered)

  27. Video: Syrians are usually calm. Depends on the hamsters itself.

  28. hey victoria i got a funny story hehe hope you like it
    i was buying a golden hamsters and theres a syrian but they put siberian

  29. I had a Chinese hamster and he lived for 4 years! He was the sweetest and I trained him to walk into his cage from my shoulder. Also he never bit me throughout the 4 years that I had him

  30. i have my two babies less than a week now and i am not sure what kind of hammies they are! could you possibly help me in recognition? i thought it was a siberian breed but now i am confused!

  31. I’m getting my second hamster ever in the next week and I’ve been watching all of your hamster videos to remind myself x

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