Texas Tree Roach Pest Control – Bulwark Exterminating – Roach Control

So here in Texas we have something
called a Tree Roach there’s a lot of different names for Palmetto bugs American Cockroach, some are Smokybrown
Cockroaches but most people just know that they’re about that big they can fly and they are pretty ugly. They like to live in these oak trees
they’ll feed off of insects in the oak trees but they also find great food
source in the acorns of the oak trees drop if you look at the acorns a lot of times
there’s holes drilled in the acorns where in the husks of the acorns where
roaches and other insects burrowed in and eaten that material there’s a lot of food out here but
there’s not always a lot of water so they end up moving into the home and
and one of the ways that they’ll get in through these little holes called weep holes these holes are here on purpose to let
moisture out of the walls so that you don’t get mildew problems the problem is that the moist air draws
these insects in and you start to develop a tree roach problem.

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  1. I think one of the better things to do is cut down the oak tree. I had to remove mine because it was getting too big.

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