hey guys it's Lauren and today I have a super special video because we have a guest I've been trying to get on my channel for so long but their manager is just like kind of rude it's got really expensive braids and he's just like really unavailable so today's guest is super cute super popular Lizzie that's a cue to come in that's your cue come on oh no no okay you don't meet you for the video or anything so today Musa Dagh are to be testing some puppy toy so puppy accessories some puppy apparel but I need I leave up most of the video everyone's pretty you like it Brett it's so cool oh oh why did you like it look of course see the print is mo psycho copy it is it's just that my friend you've ever seen in a long time live do you love it do you love it can I get a Lucy side eye for approval do you think here we go thank you like this ma I got you a bread it's enriched for whole grain and flax seeds everybody likes waxy he's so mad at me but you look amazing a summer party with all your best puppy pals with gum P and Zoe and can add a Z and and Chester from the dog park which do you want to show everybody how you walk this one is much can we get matching onesies I would so wear one of these we'll walk for treat didn't actually the onesie but that six exercise on the bread on the skill of like one two really bad how many kill B if he has to wear the one these the rest of the video amen in it to lemon would you like to wear the worm sleep in the rest of the video one bark means yes no barks means okay you got the booty was in there sweetie much for you feel like that's a that's a no on let's get you mustache what do you think what do you think oh no this backwards coming up honestly I hate it as much as I thought he was going to just perfect fruit stand up women ears tweet from via film you like your handphone thank you this is a rolling little raccoon ball honestly like I have the urge to chase it Busey bear it was look I think a little scared of it he seems oh wow quality oh it's going again so uninterested up on that top I'm not like a mouth like a mouth buddy it thing wasn't there this is dubbing tides gonna like run around the house it's just going in a complete circle all on its own I mean pretty captivated though I think you guys this is the pattern yeah this is a dumb toy I'm gonna prove it most we don't like mr. recluse pieces BFF oh that seems dangerous yeah I have fun on the boat for you just for you what do you think did your children play near the coast like your banana bit it's the best I've ever been you've ever had in your whole entire life oh my gosh he likes it so much salt barbar sweetheart yeah that was you you did that deliver me a moose intima mooses their pockets whether I think this is better suited for like a two month old moose and not a four and a half month old moose honestly can you get like a trend like a size one and then you can just put me in your pouch and Karen who wouldn't want to be in a little kangaroo we go from that okay we're weird we're super int we're super in oh it doesn't feel safe yeah wow he's super likes this one honestly I went to he's fully in there now what a little baby I don't baby are you a bunny puppet Iman sit there did that a different Lucy and I testing toys I feel like I love cute got probably more enjoyment out of this than those days thing there so but honestly you could feel how soft this one is there is no reason for him to be bad once you got any closing words it's not any closing words for everybody he's just right for it now so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I have been dying to do this video forever and I'm so glad Lucy bear could join us today for the video you know it just thinks as his manager just so complicated and you want to follow me on instagram we have a integrated with fat Moussa mini bully and Gavin did last time a sub DIY and left with his weekly blog link in the downbar below and I will see you guys again on Sunday brunch on Sunday I went again I was if I under the Whitman's which is like you owe me so much kibble for this video stay here we're gonna live our life like this now I'm okay with it if you are


  1. MOOOOOSIEBEAR!!!! he's so excited that he got to be the star of this video (clearly LOL) follow him on insta!! @moosetheminibully and go tell him that he should still love me even if i put him into a rainbow onesie HAHAH

  2. Can I just say as I was watching this you had added to your Snapchat story btw I’m watching this in 2019 x

  3. Was I the only one who whatever Lauren was trying to get moose to walk in his rainbow onesie I actually whistled

  4. Was the dog at the park called Chester a King Charles cavalier because if it was the dog is my ? dog because he is also called Chester

  5. Moose is a literal mood! He’s so cute and it was so funny when he was walking in the shoes. I love moose

  6. Lauren can u plz plz add ur socks in ur merch they r so freaking cuter???? i am in love with all ur cute socks ❤
    Like my comment if u agreeee

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