jamming hey guys it's me Miranda so I notice a lot of people are doing things with their pets on YouTube so I have this really dumb cat so I got a bunch of cat toys and I thought I would try practicing playing with the cats toys so here we go this is the dumb cat I was telling you about and he's really annoying and he's not dead games so while he's still alive I figure I can give him some toys and see if that will kill him so I got a bunch of things on Amazon and here we go first thing I got catnip bumbles so apparently this tastes really good for the can't so you can eat the bubbles and I love any bubbles so maybe if he eats these want something more common and then maybe won't get along a little bit better you're not gonna get freaking bumbles you stupid came over hey dummy this is a dumbest cat and if you won't see what I'm telling you this is why I don't trust living gangs they're too stupid you know what might help us here is the cats really ugly so maybe we could make it look better it won't perform its activities better so I have this outfit it reminds me of my favorite red pants I have now he looks much better now maybe he'll perform ugly see okay next thing I'm going to try is this stupid thing apparently it's a laser pointer you turn it on and it makes the laser come out literally the dumbest count ever even sorry trying freakin lazy brang okay I have to take off his clothes for the next one it's this really fun glomp so you put this on and it's a brunch what is your normal not five people maybe it teaches them how to do high fives he's really good at that scene with Anton teaches them how to stand on their hind legs out so this is teaching time a lot of fun things I highly recommend this Tony it makes it so you don't have to actually touch the pets which is preferable for me because I don't like animal and see it collects hairs so then you can collect all the cat hairs and you can save them for later to make a doll out of it or something you can also brush your own hair with it see how much fun is mixing the next we have this contract gene which is a toy it has a little doing key in it a little needle and it spins around really fast when he for the games and then the cat has to catch it isn't that fun he took hands to me khichdi busy stupid oh wow he's so on bright safe you can get you in a stall that one's boring even I do not recommend the final two I want to show me is this it I'm not quite sure what it is when it says it's a cat toy I think it's pants so I'm gonna try it on and see if the cat likes it cuz it looks a little too big for the cat to put on give me the cold shoulder rolls are a total ripoff and a 10-year things okay so that's me testing cat toys I hope you guys liked it make sure to give it a big thumbs up and click the like button if you liked it and subscribe to my channel also I want to give a shout out to Ashley MC 2:01 tune Lucy length on Twitter she shared my last video which was the slime bath video and she liked it share did comment in it so if you guys want to get a shout out I don't you should probably do that love you guys don't forget to get tickets to my tour and also don't own a cat unless is dead so that's my helpful tip for today


  1. Miranda,so my cats not dead yet and he still alive so while he's alive I'll just testing weird products to see if it'll kill him

    Me,wtf uuu

  2. Y’know has, this reminds me of this one really weird cat toy, and it’s a tongue brush (you hold it in your mouth, and rub the brush on the cat’s fur o–o), also, my grandmas cat will literally attack the floor when she sees the laser, lol, just mail that laser toy to my grandma (don’t really do it), and it’ll be Callie’s best day of her life

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