Testing Out the Victor PESTCHASER Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller. Does It Work?

Every week on this channel we feature different options for dealing with rodent problems. I’ve already posted several hundred videos testing out different traps both live catch and kill traps for mice, rats and other small animals. Now the mousetrap is the most patented item out there. There are over 3,000 mousetrap patents and many more designs that were never officially registered. I can continue to post between 4 and 5 rodent trap videos a week and not run out of material. In my collection I have over 200 mousetraps that I still want to feature. But a lot of YouTube viewers have been asking for an alternative to deal with their rodent problem. Many people don’t want to deal with traps or poison and they’re looking for a safe and humane alternative and there are a lot of products out there that work as a deterrent both with smell, sound, light and other options. Last week I featured this. This is Mouse Birth Control a really unique option, but there’s a lot of other deterrents I’m gonna feature. This week we’re going to take a look at the Victor PestChaser Rodent Repeller. The PestChaser says it not only works as a rodent repeller, but also doubles as a nightlight. There’s two units in here and it says it will not harm humans or non rodent pets. If you flip it over, you can see the prongs where they plug into the wall. Now it says the technology works with a high-frequency ultrasound that repels rodents. The PestChaser emits ultrasounds at varying volumes peaking at 100 dB and it varies so the mice don’t become accustomed to the sound. It says it’s economical and uses less than a penny a day of energy cost, easy to use just plug it into the wall, it’s clean and humane. It’s pet friendly except for rodent pets. We won’t test this out with the mice and it’s convenient. Now how do we test this out? Well, I’m gonna plug it in and see if I can hear anything. Then I’m gonna show you what it came up with to see if it works. Here’s what the rodent repeller looks like out of the box. It’s really small, it has prongs and back when you plug it in you can see that nightlight turn on. Now I cannot hear any noise coming from this unit. Only when you put it right against your ear you can hear a slight buzz. But basically the sound is undetectable at least to humans, but they say it drives mice crazy. It repels them and they won’t want to be around it. We’re gonna test that theory, what I built is a box here with a clear lid and a hole in front. This is a mouse feeding station. For the last week I’ve been putting sunflower seeds in here and the mice have been coming and eating those seeds. So tonight we’re gonna add the rodent repeller. We’re gonna put it right back, add the sunflower seeds. In theory, this is a really tight space, they should be able to hear that noise and it should repel them. The seeds should be safe. So we’re gonna test this out. I’m going to open up the lid, put the rodent repeller down there, add the sunflower seeds. I have some motion cameras above this. So we’re gonna test it out first you’ll see the footage of the mice coming without the rodent repeller. Then I’ll add the footage of the mice what happens tonight and see if this actually works. Last night we set up the test station in the barn with sunflower seeds and the rodent repeller and as you can see all the bait is gone. Even though we placed seeds only a few inches away from the device mice had no problem coming in, eating the food. They didn’t seem too bothered by the sound. This claims to be a rodent repeller, but after seeing it in action I don’t think I can recommend this device. There are a lot of products out there that claim they repel rodents. Next week we’re going to test out peppermint oil with the same setup. See if it works. I’m posting between 4 and 5 rodent trap and deterrent videos a week. So if you want to see how to deal with mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles and gophers stay tuned.

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  2. did you get your money back and link them to this video? if bass can make us sick, why not try some extreme bass, below 25hz to see if super low frequencies work. ultra high frequencies don't work, so try going the other direction. The trick is getting a subwoofer and power source that can actually play that low. run a frequency sweep, from 15hz – 25hz on a loop and see what happens.

  3. I was told, by a friend, to try putting down pieces of Soap (Irish Spring or Dial… can't remember what I bought)… that the smell would keep them away… you want to know what happened?… LMAO… they ate the soap…

  4. I've used the Ultrasonic Pest Defenders with mixed results. Installed 6 of them in my condo about 7 months ago & didn't see a mouse for a solid 6 months. Then started seeing one roaming around in my unit again which signalled to me that the UPD's had burned out. So I decided to replace them with new ones. The problem is that the new ones haven't worked "at all". After installing the new ones I have continued to see the mouse that began showing up about a month ago again on a regular basis. I read somewhere the theory by some pest fighting critics that based on their experience, mice have a tendency to eventually get used to the high pitched noise that they USD's emit so where they work for a period of time, eventually they wear-off when the mice become immune to them. That has basically been my experience……powerfully effective initially but then once the mice get used to them their effectiveness wears off. Hope that helps.

  5. Had big rats walking through my house. Plugged these things up throughout the house and I haven't seen a rat or droppings since. Put tissue over the rat hole. The tissue has not moved since I plugged these things up It's been many months. I'm gonna buy some more for the bathrooms, laundry room and attic.

  6. I was so going to get this. I figured it didn't work. Otherwise we wouldn't have pest control. Awesome concept, just wished it worked.

  7. Most of these use tweeters that can't even reach the frequency of the signal they are sent. In other words, they are actually damn near silent. The manufacturing company assumes no one owns a microphone that can do ultrasonic recordings with the equipment to check it. They nearly all actually are generating legit signals in the right frequency, but the speaker isn't capable of doing anything at that frequency.

  8. Even if those things did make a noise (which you could probably check with a microphone), the mice could just ignore it if it's not loud enough.

    I tried the rat repeller tone videos on youtube and it would make rats violently try to run away from the speaker

  9. Wished I seen your video before buying this crap. I think that company should go bankrupt for this scam. I bet Victor are in bed with MOUSE LIVES MATTER.

  10. Thank you! I have a few of these silly things in my garage and basement. Clearly they are useless. I stick to the rolling log and the walk the plank! Thank you! I have caught flying squirrels that were living in my attic space behind my head board and mice. I am so thankful for your posts.

  11. I don't think it was this brand, but I bought one a few years ago. The office I worked in had mice and I complained to management for months and they did nothing. So I bought this and put it under my desk. Next to my office was HR's office…you guessed it – they all invaded HR. Problem was swiftly solved. So it worked well for me.

  12. I've tried similar against mosquitoes, the landed on it wo a problem, sat there licking legs…
    Only animal that reacted on it was cat and dogs and bats that disliked it.

  13. Hey thanks Shawn – I was thinking about buying these. I'll pass for now.
    They'd be a great option if they worked – no mess to clean up. I Seen a rat in my house this morning. Before winter I fed the out side rats that edible bait, seemed to work – fed them for a couple weeks and haven't seen any since. Till this morning. I need to get rid of these things for good….?

  14. I have this product bit it does not work. I still have mice walking underneath the device as if there's nothing there.

  15. I purchased an ultra sound rodent repellent device. The one I have you can hear the noise from a few feet away and it advises not to use it if you have pets. Still early doors but not seen any mice for a while!

  16. Has anybody tested these repellers on squirrels? I know somebody who used one of these Victor Pestchasers in their attic to scare away squirrels and said it worked. But that's just anecdotal evidence, and it's hard to verify.

  17. I've heard of someone who had a pet rabbit for years and it was always really nasty and mean. After it died they discovered that hidden in the pantry a few feet away was one of these sonic rodent repellers. That rabbit lived it's whole life being tortured by that sound.

  18. I bought one of these years ago for my garage and ended up with a mouse infestation. Went back to traps

  19. I think u hv to give it a couple of weeks to actually work however I used this in my sunroom and it was hundreds of dead bugs on the floor once I plug this device in my sunroom

  20. I bought one in New Zealand called "Ultimate 4 in 1 pest repeller" Didn't work. I had it on a wall socket close to the floor. It was on for 4 hours when a mouse came out of the room then 2 minutes later went straight back into the room. Didn't seem to care in the slightest.

  21. I am curious as to what the Victor company's response is to this video? Obviously their product doesn't work. They should remove it from from market and refund those of us who have purchased it.

  22. You've got mice that are used to sound levels of rock concerts . . .

    Please check your beer supply to make sure they not been drinking your bevvies

  23. Those mice are repelled. . . Repelled at the idea you are filming them for their own reality show for our entertainment. WITHOUT THEIR PERMOUSEION

  24. The noise buzzards dont work that way. Rodants are nocturnal so they search for food at night. Nothing will deter a rodant from grub unless its death or the threat of. You have to find their nest and put them where they were sleeping. They cant catch some zzzzzs they get very stressed. If they keep trying to set up nests and cant because of the soundwaves they pack up and move out. Its still alot of work. Keep tight lids on garbages. Use the sound waves in addicts/garages/ under house, etc… get a cat or a rat terrier dog.

  25. If i was hungry i would be able to stand a loud noise for an hour while i ate instead of going hungry, I think the point in an ultrasonic repeller is to make sure they dont nest in your home to make them think "f*ck that, to noisey in there" what did you expect the mouses ears to start bleeding ofcourse they can stand it for short amount of time.

  26. That was funny ..the mice was like dang son now we got light and seeds..awesome..

    Thumbs up …always great videos man …nice work

  27. Why would you choose to live with pestilence. the damage they do and the diseases they carry, with parasites and germs? Not to mention what they do in your walls and attic's. People are weak now. No common sense whatsoever!

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