Testing if Bug Repellent Works for Bedbugs – Part 2

AJ Richards: There he moved again. When
he finishes a capillary and drains a capillary, heíll move to another spot. Itís probably
not smart of me to move him again because now I have two big welts, but, can you see
that? If you look from the side, you can see him looking straight down in and his sucker
stabbed right into me right now. Cameraman: I can see it from here. Iím not sure if the
picture, if the camera can pick it up. Thomas: I think youíre the sucker, I donít think
heís the sucker. *Laughs* Look at that. I think
heís getting a little fatter. AJ: Oh! I m feeling that one. That one hurt. If I was
asleep, I probably wouldnít have felt it, but Iím watching him so I can definitely
feel it inside there. Iíll let it go long enough
if you want to see it fill up. Heíll go to twice his size. Thomas: Donít we already
have a video of that? AJ: We did a baby, so it
Wasnít as visible. Thomas: Oh yeah. This is
an adult right here, huh? AJ: Yep. If you watch his color change, he used to have just
one brown spot right down the center. See how it s filling up? Thomas: And thatís your
blood filling up in there, huh? AJ Richards: Yep, thatís all blood. Thomas: If you blow
on him right now, is it going to bother him? AJ: I don t know, try it. Thomas: No, doesnít
seem to care. AJ: So, a feeding, a typical feeding actually would take about fifteen
minutes. Thomas: Fifteen minutes? AJ: Uh huh. For him to get completely engorged, fifteen
minutes. So, heíll feed, drain a capillary, move, feed, drain a capillary, thatís why
a lot of times Thomas: I know that fifteen is like the max on You Tube. AJ: Yeah, I do
know, so we can Thomas: I just don t think that s going to work. AJ: Maybe we can do
a time lapse, huh? *Laughs* Thomas: A time lapse. *Laughs* AJ: Uh, but uh, that s why
when youíll see typical markings from a bed bug is in a line. Usually three or four, because
they’re cleaning out a capillary, they’re dropping down, you know, stick it in another
capillary, draining it until they re full, so, um, and once they feed, they actually
wonít need to feed for uh, you know, about three or four days. Thomas: So, what do you
think? Do you think the bug repellent worked then, pretty good? AJ: I would say it did.
Cameraman: They have to eat that often? Thomas: Should we try the other arm? AJ: Yeah. Well,
no, they don t have to eat that often. Yeah, Letís see if we can confirm it. Thomas: Letís
go ahead and spray this arm over here. AJ: They don t have to feed that long. Put it
right there. Thomas: Very good. I gotcha, right here. AJ: Oops, thanks man. Thomas:
Dude, do you feel these things, dude? Thatís nice. AJ: Popeye. *Laughs* Thomas: Woo hoo!
AJ: Making me feel weird. Thomas: That’s what the arm will do for you. I know, sorry. AJ:
*Laughs* Thomas: At least it’s not sun tanning oil or something all over you, AJ. AJ: Right.
Thatís not too bad. Thomas: Heís getting pretty
big, dude, he might not even want to feed at this point, I guess, but… AJ: Well, weíll
try. Heíll double in size and, and he doesnít know when his next meal is, so I would actually
speculate that heíll keep going as long as the blood mealís there, until heís full.
So, Letís see if we can bring him over here.
Thomas: Just put the paper down and see if he even
crawls off. Look at that, he seriously doesnít AJ Richards: Heís refusing it. Thomas: Yeah,
I bet if you put the paper back up there, Heíll climb up on the paper, too. AJ Richards:
Notice the shape change? Heís a little bit more elongated Thomas: Yeah, put him back
over again, see if he feeds again. AJ: than he was when he started. He was a little more
round. And thatís very common, they go from more of a tick shape to, the call it a cigar
shape. Thomas: Look at that, dude. AJ Richards: Heís feeding upside down. Thomas: Yeah, AJ
Richards: Can you see that? Cameraman: Not really well in the camera, but yeah. AJ: Look
at that. Cameraman: *Laughs* Thomas: Yeah, he full on, just, the repellent, the bug repellent
works. AJ: Yeah. Thatís copyrighted, by the way. *Laughs* Thomas: Yeah, first, you heard
it here first. AJ: Bed bug repellent coming your way. Thomas: That s right. Cameraman:
Thatís really cool. Thomas: Weíre going to
insert it into some fragrance so that we have fragrance kind. AJ: Yeah. Thomas: I m thinking
like, uh, CK One, weíll call it K-9 One. AJ:
K-9 One, there you go. Thomas: *Laughs* AJ: You know, an application, really, the only
application for something like that would be, youíve got them at your house, or youíre
paranoid, so maybe you want to spray yourself down, or an inspector, myself. Knowing that
that works, Iím going to be soaked in bed bug repellent as I go in to do inspections
because, thatís actually Thomas: Yeah, I went
in there with you yesterday, and I, so the reason why this all started is I went in there
with him yesterday and my wife would kill me, I mean just kill me if AJ Richards: If
he brought those home. Thomas: Yeah, exactly. Not only that, but the house we went to was
pretty, pretty bad, I mean, really bad, I mean, weíve got some footage weíll show
you on that, but I didnít want to get any, so
I sprayed myself down. And AJ didnít believe, Didnít know itíd work or not, but he still
would AJ: I played it safe, didnít I? *Laughs* Thomas: Yeah, you re not going to take any
chances, are you? AJ: No. Thomas: I mean, if there s a chance it s going to work AJ
Richards: Yeah. Thomas: So, there you go. AJ Richards: Spray it on my shoes and the
bottom of my pants. Thomas: I just might be using this to, uh, using this anytime I go
to the movies, theaters now, or in hotels. AJ Richards: In hotels, yeah. Thomas: Why
take a risk, I mean, that s like, if you get a bed bug infestation in your home, it s a
couple thousand dollars. AJ Richards: Yeah, if you, if you have a problem and most people
realize what they have until it s an infestation, and at that point, theyíre talking an easy
minimum of fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars on an average size home. If you catch
it early enough, there are chemical treatments and steam treatments that can be successful
for a quarter of that price, but like I said, most people donít realize what it is until
theyíve got an infestation and, and then itís
too late, so, and the one time you don t take a precaution, you know, it s probably
that time that you re going to get it, so Thomas: Dude, look at him. Heís huge. AJ
Richards: See how much bigger he is now? Thomas: Yeah.
AJ Richards: And he s dark red. Heíll get, see how, look at the back of him, how, oh,
there he goes. Thomas: Oh! Oh! He just pooped on there. Oh, sorry. AJ Richards: So, he just
Thomas: No breathing on the AJ Richards: He just defecated. Thatís my blood. And thatís
something you want to watch for, say you have white sheets, which I recommend by the
way, it s easier to spot, if you see that on your white sheet, Thomas: No pun intended.
*Laughs* AJ Richards: If you see that on your white sheets, then you start looking. Call
in a dog; call in a professional, whatever it takes. But, you want to find that right
away. Like I said, youíll save yourself thousands of dollars potentially. Thomas: Yeah, he totally
doesnít look like a tick anymore. Like when I first looked at him, he looked just like
a tick, but I mean, he s like a little accordion back there that just fills up. AJ Richards: Yeah. And Thomas: And just poops it right
out. AJ Richards: Notice heís, notice heís not trying to feed anymore. Heís pretty much
full. Thomas: Yeah. AJ Richards: I mean, heís got his blood meal. Now heís just trying
to find a place to hide. Thomas: Good, letís put him away. AJ Richards: Let s do it.
Thomas: Iím done with him. That was pretty nasty. I didnít like having that on my arm
one bit. AJ Richards: I noticed. Thomas: Alright, at any rate, Iím a happy camper. Go buy some
today. AJ: *Laughs* Thomas: I think that s a wrap. See you guys. AJ Richards: That s
a wrap. Thomas: Check back in sometime.

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