Testing Cat Toys on our Cats!!!!

we name is George and he's right there playing with TV's tail and TV I mean George is a really playful cat so we said again join up by last night we do this we go out but to do its what Cheney with TB is it very a playful cat so can I have a big fat now so she doesn't realize to play she is like the sleep all day but maybe who knows she might like some of these toys look up playful he's like I want some torian's what's inside this box and I want to be Stan as well right here we have a jar pillow all the names of the toys we have sitting right next to us now we're gonna take me to draw one by one open up these toys would you like to go first picking something from you John all right but a mouse on a spring right here so this is just a little mouse out of spring and it's going up and down and catch so we're gonna try to catch it I'll catch some really like having Mouse's but they keep on tearing them apart it's a kind of vicious so we got another one okay I got it and this is it boy it's a little mouse I'm crazy what does this mysterious item George do you like it do it you're trying to pull off the low strings from the mouse see just like the string you think straight now I must have the string on to the next I think that toy boat was free to go to me was pretty interested in it but now baby sounds like what is this what do I do with it it always looked enough yeah so maybe it get to play with it more once knows what to do with it all right I'm gonna pick from the jar next Jorge's already Pookie most offensive boxes like I want to only get to what's inside it is serious okay all right all right are you ready for me to open it three two one that was Matt's last time we had one very similar to this it all had tunnel hi Jimmy I think the guys really like this one especially we put like lots of balls inside and it's shaking with like rings and stuff there be like Oh where's the ball I must find it right where you have to find them like this one oh cool we're gonna get you out all right George is already outside they put them right here P TV's a little bit of a to just want to sit inside it and I got your hands and roll you out oh my you're insane we're highlighting troubles get in the mouth all right next up Renault what do we have ladybug activity center okay basically this is all gonna open up it's been your ladybug and then this thing is over sorry all right do you like it it's nothing wrong come on say oh she feels like oh yes this is my jam this is my jam ah she just likes the mouth stuff did a lady Micah this sitting right here and I can't just prefer that massive tunnel thing I mean I was that was good yeah can't blame them so I guess we're gonna put this over here in case they want to play with it in case you change your mind and we don't open a different one door hanging uh I was excited for this one so this is it you're gonna put this on to your drawer and then the half mass is just hanging so you guys we have the toy it's this little thing you clip this onto your door and sticks out like that and here's the string and then this we got a chair so I can reach you to top of the door all right so we're gonna clip it in to do it just like and there we go we got a mouse hanging from the door okay the cats can't really reach it unless they go through the chairs so let's see what I'm gonna do about it I guess they could Joe just like drawers have that magic you she was Evie's got the high ground you think I'm gonna get you Mouse I'm gonna get one if we shift the chair Jimmy's like how is that mouse moving limbs attention again Susan what I'm alive and she was like oh yeah oh yeah I'm looking my best man I got the mouse oh yeah yeah yeah George's still looking at it like how do I get that Mouse and he's like I got the hi girl you're just still like how do I get to the mouse here I'm showing you yeah how do you feeI guess George has grow up a little bit for the sorbets we spawn sit on this chair yeah let's move on to that we're gonna leave this one here so the cats can put a foot while we're opening the next one all right so we are back on the living room floor and we're gonna open up the jar once more alright what's gonna be welcome toy wobble toy wobble – away basically this little bird here and it just wobbles yeah there we go alright that's a wobble 20 we gotta do real mine hello it it's big enough honesty we need we need batteries for this alright let's see if we can figure this out this guy look like a pair it looks like an angry bird so we get the batteries inside this little Angry Bird and we got two different top stick and shoes we got this sparkly one and we got this Bevers I think this one will be better because the guests can reach it more or whatever yeah wait yeah yeah alright let's put some button that's so cool cool Oh George oh it turned ah should we say what what are you doing are you trying to hurt me what are you doing you say should I touch it is it safe did I kill it oh my god you killed everyone touch what is this yes you just seen a bird face just going pass she's like what is this wait on me to play the better look she's obsessing cheese oh she's like I want the pepper tool an angry bird with weird hat and it's letting me around I don't like it yeah so we're gonna pass this hair off we're gonna put that to the side and we're gonna don't move on to the next why did it boy it's a ball truck I see this one we had this Detroit last time with TV and look she needs me baton to cover I'm pretty sure this TV alright she's like wait are you are you my cousin my old friend toy alright George look it's your new toy on a spring in a bar oh he likes the ball like bah bah bah imagine 20 hours later you still here just it's that same thing 2,000 years later do you [Laughter] say guys next time we're gonna open it drum roll please scratch sure huh that is the be on Ronald side now lucky rat your house so you scratch your house is already go super duper easy to assemble you can just fold it up and take it out like that you would offer you and to be your little house he's like I love to sell there that's the only thing you interested about you're looking to further I do good all right it's time for George's first impression up inside back in truth do you like it I wonder how are you gonna furnish that place Jimmy's always like jello in the spinner poo she's like probably the guys are loving this site fussy Phoebe she just like oh yeah this is my place so let's move on to that so I I said it next time is going to be uh galaxies ball alright so this is the galaxy ball as this ball with rats inside and some flowers and it's also a butterfly in there okay so the ball is ready we're gonna put it down here and turn it on turn around face smashing itself against the glass yeah it's not really good like you know what butterflies can do whatever you want I don't care this is actually no it's boring toy ever yeah if I was a cat of like old please you know she was like what is this meant to do why she's like butterflies is it a real butterfly here that's weird I want to kill it that's making me boy am I gonna sleep should we take one of my move oh so you have to type it I see mmm they're both like eh ever fight Oh gonna learn one slide vs chibi no one comment on below so I got a little bit of attention from me but she was like enough's boring so she just liked this house offices I love this oh my god so let's move on to the next toy all right run off what you're gonna pick so basically is this massive playground and it looks pretty big yes three stories so that's pretty cool let's open it guys this is Major me look at all these parts we're gonna be sitting here for one hour building and so see then [Applause] so you finally finished making the thing the cats are already playing at George is just sleeping over there on the hill back me and TV is being a little more adventurous and was on the top and now she's been everywhere so it's a very bottom we have this little house you can go inside I mean it's pretty cool you can go inside it stay there and that's a high in case the cats are afraid of heights all of a sudden they can jump up to here I'm pretty sure they can jump up tearing George Jones there we can just lie down here or I could go over yeah where TV is and you just look at herself you go inside here and can go through this area how are you gonna get up jumpy yeah so we got a never resting place over here we got about here oh we got a scratching area you can go from underneath a scratch or on the top we also have another boss here and here but right now the cat slippery tire because we giving them so many toys and you just want to rest serene I let them speak for a little bit and we're gonna come back to you at six and a half hours later like I catch the rest a little bit now we're ready to open some more toys and look at this place it looks like a playground workups are we have few more things to open all right let's get the job good job wait there's a jar it's lost in the playground oh it's right there okay coal's castable cat scratcher I don't really understand it there's a ball what comes of it and this this massive like thing I don't really know but we're gonna open it up and see what this is all about and guys by the way George is finally sitting inside the ladybug toy because like before just like that boring I'm not even gonna look at it so yeah yes open up like oh my goodness obviously how is this a cat scratcher so you open it up we're seconds I could put it together it's not seeing George like this all right what do you think about it what do you think about it come on yeah this happen scratch it once she's a he's just sitting in it like what am I meant to do here Hey look magic trick three two one yeah yeah see the cats really like this it's cool I can't just move up to the very last toy it's right behind run out it's this thing I don't really know what it is but like we're still gonna find out so that's let's open this thing okay so guys basically it's kind of enough hurt shake the bowls kind of ball to roll around if the cats can stick to pasta and roll the balls everywhere and also they can scratch this bit so we're gonna put some catnip on it I'll see you they come all right what is it what if I I think yours were like we've done but look chilly at the top of his little like cat house she was trying to like what starting to like it she's scratching she's looking she's snip it and then she's sleeping she brightened this more it's a good interesting on us all right Stan for you to come over here buddy sing goodness what do you like it how do you like it now she thinks is a cat Benjamin no it's a cat scratcher so guys guys all the toys we also have some balls you can throw everywhere for the cats to play with so much softer from powder the sky sorry come on are you guys ready stopping everywhere so yeah just looking like a mini Disney World forecast we catch you really like it is balls everywhere for them they're not amusing look at me most TV has he's like whatever yeah so guys we have a video see you all good

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