45 thoughts on “Terry Fator adds 'Donald Trump' to his Las Vegas lineup

  1. Well, that's a disappointment. Fator is an excellent ventriloquist – no argument – one of the best. But obviously having a great talent doesn't mean a person necessarily possesses good judgement.

     Anyone who considers D. J. Trump as anything but an egotistical, aggressive, ignorant braggart and bully, lacking in compassion, wisdom and ethics, is a fool…. or, at least, is easily fooled…. and easily led. This is a very sad period in American history. I sure hope the next President has what it takes to repair the damage.

  2. I don't even like Trump, but I hate that he's killed comedy. It's been like one long three year joke…the same joke….Everytime….always! Get new material already, my life does not begin and end with Trump, stop acting like he's Satan. He's not even important!

  3. That puppet would of look just like trump if its mouth was smaller and pouty. That would of been hilarious.

  4. After Cohen's testamony to CONGRESS about TRUMP being a "racist, lying, conman", i wonder if he still $upports Trump??

  5. Sorry Fator but you just lost as a fan. I think he is gifted ventriloquist but with the comment he made that he voted for Trump, I wasn't expecting that! I know he was just trying to cover his ass since he now became a new rich white guy he probably thinks that he has to be with Trump. Sorry Fator but you just got dropped in my book… Good luck anyways and wish you the best in life!

  6. I did not want to know this about Terry Fator. He is still a genius and an inspiration. And a political idiot.

  7. Ive been a huge fan of Fator since he won AGT2. Ive seen him perform live (some time after he won but before he started that Mirage deal but he did sign it) where I even paid more to get second row (hard to enjoy such an act in the balcony). When I heard he did this…I shook my head. I support Trump. But it looks like he makes fun of the man not the president…plus he is a trump supporter. this is probably super funny as long as he sticks it to the right way

  8. The left hates on you if you like Trump People can’t even have different opinions now days and still be friends

  9. His career will start to fall apart, Darcy Lynne takes over as #1 due to his alienating 50% of fan base. How stupid can you be?

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