Termites in Arizona – Stormin’ Norman Pest Control

Hello my friends I’m Professor Hans Von
puppet. Here today for Stormin’ Norman pest control to educate you about Termites. Did you know termites cause more damage per year then all natural disasters combined? It’s
true. Earthquakes, storms floods and fires. That
is a lot of damage. In Arizona there are on average 14 to 16 termite colonies per acre and they only need 1/64 of an inch to
enter your home. Termites continually forage for food 365
days per year. Because termites cannot distinguish
between a fallen tree and wood in your home, you always at
risk. Worst of all, homeowners insurance does not cover you for termite damage. For that reason I
would suggest you call my good friends at Stormin’
Norman pest control. They can help you protect
your most valuable asset, Your home. Why call Stormin’ Norman? The expert at Stormin’ Norman pest control have been serving Arizona sense 1993 They will inspect a home at no charge, give you a free estimate and make sure
you have all the facts to help you make a decision on what is the best
route to protect you home. You can get more information by going to azpestcontrol.com or calling 480-804-1114. And remember, you can’t protect. if you don’t inspect. Have your home
inspected today!

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