Termite Inspection | Magic Pest Control

Magic Pest Control started with Nelson Sr.,
who is my dad, back in 1993. I started back in 1994. We had one truck, ended up getting
two trucks. Then my brother-in-law came along. Now we have 8 trucks with 18 employees. We’re
proudly serving Maricopa and Pinal county. You know you have termites when you see the
little mud tubes coming up the stem wall of your house, which is your footer. You’ll also
get to see trails coming our of your dry wall, your ceilings. But the best way to do it is
hire a professional like Magic Pest Control to come out and do a free termite inspection. Magic Pest Control is family owned and operated
for over 21 years. We do all things from free termite inspections, pigeon control, rodent
control, bees, scorpions, home sealing, ant roaches and crickets. We take care of all
your crawling insect problems. http://magicpest.com/

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