Termite Control : How to Get Rid of Termites

My name’s Tyler Royce with TNT Pest Control.
We’re talking about how to get rid of termites. Best thing to do to get rid of termites would
be to hire a professional. The reason being is we have to be state certified to handle
the proper chemicals that’ll do your best defense against termites. What we do is we
put a barrier around the exterior of the home. We actually drill through the concrete. Any
concrete’s around the home, we drill every foot. Pump the chemical into the ground, also
any affective areas on the inside of the home, we will treat every foot inside the home.
Pump a chemical in the ground. How the chemical works, it’s called Termidor, and Termidor’s
the best product on the market. How it works, the termites will actually work through the
Termidor, pick up the chemical on ’em. They go back to the nest, transfer that. It’s like
a disease, they’ll actually transfer that chemical to everybody in the nest. It actually
kills the nest off. There’s no other product on the market that can kill a nest like Termidor.
Home remedies, you’re just gonna, you know, you’re just going to disrupt a shelter tube,
and you’re going to push that nest or that shelter tube somewhere else, to another part
of the home. If you kill off one tube, you won’t actually get rid of the..the termite

17 thoughts on “Termite Control : How to Get Rid of Termites

  1. @VeteransAgainstKonop
    Chemical cost
    Employee cost
    Advertisement cost
    Company has to pay office staff
    State licensing fees
    Cost of the truck and fuel
    equipment cost
    office supplies
    and the list goes on and on
    Companies lose 50-150 dollars on free estimates they do not get
    If people paid for estimates costs would go down.
    Figure most companies have a 15-20% profit margain. with employees
    One man shows profit margain 50-70%

  2. Termidore is better than repellent ones? I got termites in my property and I got few pest control guys, they all say different things…( off course their own products is good) I am confused. Should I use temidore or repellent ones( biflex) ???

  3. @VeteransAgainstKonop yeah it cost a lot i found out today that i have termites and my mom said that we might have to move and i dont know if we are going to pay the money or pay the money and move

  4. termidor is the only proven way to kill off the whole nest.. I have heard that it is very similar chemical to lawn grub spray

  5. @lehua16 I think you mean Bifen and NO you should not use it, in my opinion. Use Termidor or Premise, fipronil and imidacloprid respectively are the active ingredients in each product. They are much more thorough. Repellants will cause the termites to find a weakness in the barrier and get into the structure. Termidor is the best but Premise is pretty good too and it's properties are similar.

  6. @MrFury4 You can't sell a house that has termites so get it treated or it will cost more in contractor labor in the long run.

  7. @RNSP1 Termidor's label does not claim to kill the whole colony. The only product that can put that on their label is Sentricon, the bait stations. Termidor is the bomb though…

  8. @VeteransAgainstKonop The cost of a termite job has to do with many factors: chemical cost, labor cost, gas for the truck, insurance for the truck and tons of other fees that go into running a company. It's labor intensive. The way I price them is by linear footage and an aggravation charge for job difficulty. At the end of the day, most companies on average only net 15% of the cost of a job, the rest goes into the cost of running the company and employing people.

  9. @mesa401 I don't know either. I guess there have been many tests showing it to be so.
    We only sell it to tree huggers. Otherwise imidacloprid and Termidor is all I use.

  10. They just released an info-graphic on DIY termite control that pretty much spells out what one needs for this endeavor. Check it out!

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