Terbongkar! Rahasia Memandikan Kucing Agar Tidak Berontak – Secret of Cat Bathe so It Won’t Rebel

This is what most people do not realize, if bathing the cat Must Don’t ever the cat Momo’s buddy, subscribe and turn on the notification for more entertaining and information videos and exciting knowledge about cats. Like and share if you like and consider the video was useful So, momo’s buddy, momothecat want to share the knowledge of bathing a pet that is based on experience Not many people are aware of the info that will be shared, let’s go straight to the scene.
This Most people unaware of, if you bathe the cat, you must prepare yourself first. Yes, We have to be prepared for all the possibilities when bathing cats Momo’s buddy, because even though the cat is already tamed there’s still the possibility that unpleasant things can happen Well, don’t be nervous or afraid because of the cat can feel it, must be ready. Second, we prepare the cat Don’t let the cat feel violently forced to bathe we can calm them down first, we pet them first we love them first. Don’t make them learn if bathing experience is not fun because later that’s what he remembered and certainly would rebel when invited to bath. Actually, if cats meowing loudly or not, it’s normal, Momo’s buddy, as long as he doesn’t rebel run away or scratching and biting. It’s not a problem. Do you love your cat? Well if you do treat them properly as you treat your lover, with your parents etc. Do not rude, don’t be impatient, don’t snap. Okay then. Third, we must prepare all the needs for shower in one place. Why? Because so there won’t be any Crowded after a shower, too rush to grab a thing. In fact The cats are waiting for us while feeling cold, poor them. So, try to be organized Fourth, this is according to my belief anyway, I prefer to bathe cats in a closed and small place like this bathroom because based on experience, a wide and open place could troubles us to controlling the cat. If you don’t hold him tight, he runs away, but if you hold the cat too tight, poor the cat. In addition, he tends to be more aggressive when held tightly Because of fear and more possibilities will happen like clawed or bitten for example Well, I usually bathe Momo like this although somewhat complicated because I have to follow her everywhere but for me it’s not a problem, because other than we don’t curb him I can do exercise also ehehe Eh don’t get me wrong, Momo in this video maybe seem more calm even though still pacing, but there are times when he meowing so much and trying open the bathroom door herself scratching when she’s bathing Hmm maybe she’s calm because of confusion There is a camerawomen in the bathroom this time huh hahaha If you want to see something more excited, maybe later When I bathe Bulbul, believe me he isn’t this cool Fifth, we can’t water cat’s head because it is feared the cat will get sick or the water went into the cat’s ear. Well it would be trouble if the water enters the ear because it can cause Infection. But face and head Should still be cleaned. we can dip our hands into the water then wash the cat’s face and head to clean it up. You don’t need a lot, just as necessary Sixth. So that the cat doesn’t rebel we can clean his ears when he’s done bathing and covered by towel. So, on one side he is still in a state of calm and on the other hand he is not cold Use ear drops, drop one or two drops according to the rules then rubbed his ears slowly so that spread the medicine just clean with cotton. Don’t use cotton bud Momo’s buddy because the risk of infection of the inside of the ear will be greater I myself have had an ear drum infection because of using a cotton bud Too deep so I don’t recommend this for cats Seventh, the use of hairdyer means to use the hot wind, so don’t get too close to the fur and if we want we can while stroking his fur so the hot wind of the hairdryer didn’t go directly to her skin but to our hands first. There are also blower or hairdyer with cold wind, maybe maybe Momo’s friend can consider that too. Momo has no problem using a hairdryer because she was used to since a child. but if your cat can’t use hairdryer like Bulbul You have to wait for the video to wash Bulbul so you know how it works hints The cat is afraid of the hairdryer because of the sound well guess in the comments column, what is Bulbul using hehehe If you want to see how I wash my domestic cat back then in the very first video and it’s still very noob hehe Yes, Momo’s buddy. Momothecat say goodbye, bye.

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