40 thoughts on “Techno Kittens

  1. I used to watch this on the Top Ten Cutest Cat video. I think it’s gone now but I used to watch it all the time on YouTube. I missed this clip?

  2. I haven't seen this clip in ages. They're like little fluff balls like my mum says but she said someone's holding a stick like one of those cat's toys to make them bobbing their heads and I then agree with her.

  3. I must of watched this video about a hundret times now xD thanks so much for posting it I love it !! ..and I can't see why over 700 ppl would dislike it o.O

  4. tienes aun a todos los gatitos? bravo !!!
    espero que si, y que buen video … tan sincronizados , todo a la vez <3

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