47 thoughts on “Technical Direction at Naughty Dog

  1. Please Naughty Dog, know that there DEFINITELY is a demand for a Jak 4 game. Please take your time and finish TLOU 2 the way you want it to be, but many of us are praying to know what happens after Jak 3 and Jak X; there were plenty of unanswered questions!

  2. Can’t Express my Emotion man I played this game on the PS3 on 2014 and to this day in 2019 I still play the mission with Ellie and Joel played with my emotions and the connection is unbreakable I only wish the servers wouldn’t end soon on the PS3 but I’m hopping instead NaughtyDog and Sony are Smart and Release theses in 2020 with the new High Spec PS5

  3. Please I beg you and God bless you btw. Please don't mess Jak and daxter up. Video games are my LIFEEE 4 REAL!

  4. For people who don’t know Naughty Dog is hiring people to work on The Last of Us
    Part II this Is a AD to hire people so we can finally get our hands on TLOU Part II ??

  5. I know this is a lot to ask but it would really please a lot of fans if you made the uncharted 3 multiplayer available with The Nathan Drake Collection on PlayStation 4

  6. Naughty Dog Team is Now Officially Gays

    Will sse all the games form this team for now directed to gays not to the real players All this is just for gays and getting more money for this support to the gays?????

    I miss the old Naughty Dog ??

  7. Is very important to show The gamers how difficult is The process of developing a game, cause Sometimes I think they forget about all these details and forget that exists real People behind a game Project.
    ❤️ Thank you naughty Dog for giving us another Masterpiece ❤️ Love you!

  8. This was a random video to do, possibly just to show little things in the background like tlou2 on ps4 home screen to keep the hype so people don't lose hope that it'll be on current gen

  9. They're ego is inflated beyond what they can handle. Sony have taken the leash off, cocky themselves, and they'll soon feel the aftershock. The fans are being vocal and Naughty Dog refuse to listen and it's to their detriment. I was behind Naughty Dog through Uncharted and Uncharted 2. Uncharted 3, it was getting to them and their arrogance was starting to show. With The Last of Us, they were getting vocal, but it was subtle so people didn't care. Soon, Hennig left and people started asking why. The Bruce Straley left followed soon thereafter by Christoff Balestra, three big names that soon and Neil Druckman started to surface more and more. Then it started to show more and more. Sully once said in Uncharted 3, concerning Iram of the Pillars, with which stated the immeasurable wealth part, but said "destroyed by its arrogance". They're not practicing what they'll preach, it's fiction to them. They think their home city and their studio is the world view, it's not. It's a miniscule population of public opinion, theres a larger world in existence and, in California fashion, they feel it's up to them to take to the streets and yell their opinion, problem is, it's pissing people including their own fans off. The Last of Us was subtle with Bill and people didn't care, they played the game and moved on, The Last of Us Part II, no, now you're crossing the line. Do what you will, people will move on but, in our escape from reality and real life we don't want to be preached too and have ways of life forced on us, just like you, but you're not the majority but the minority. If people want to be preached to, they'll go to church. You're being hypocrites, you don't want people preaching and you and feel it's unfair and so unlogically, you fire it back ten fold and you're chasing your fanbase off. Those that are ignorant aren't playing your game to get your message, they want violence and gore, not to accept and support what you're trying to get across. Bytheway, business is not science, it's business. Graphs and statistics aren't an exact science. You know the interesting thing about empires? Iram of the pillars, that, is an exact science. Rome, Mongolian, English, Nazi, to name a few, all have one thing in common.

    Ya know, one of the smartest men alive was once interviewed on the subject of race, diversity, and racism and how he felt about it and this man's response was genius: "Well, if everyone quits talking about it…." – Morgan Freeman. Every time you bring it up you make a scene, it harbors bad feelings and people start to argue. If you leave it alone, live, and just treat people like people instead of trying to find differences to separate or discriminate yourself by throwing out labels, symbols, or colors guess what? You paint to colors on your back, red and white and you ignite the fires of wrath and fury. Leave it alone, and they'll leave you alone. This isn't free speech, it's using free speech as an excuse to preach and thus try and force your views and opinions on others you don't like, period. Youre thinking the old fashioned hippie way of liberals you're creating peace, wrong, you're on firing up a revolution. People don't play games to be preached too, they play games to escape reality.

    Where I was once a core supporter of a once small and moderately known studio, I'm slowly losing a love for and looking to others (Sucker Punch) that aren't so political and they instead remind me more ofwhy I got into gaming in the first place back on the Genesis. Sony have given you much to much freedom, and it'll be to your detriment if you don't lay off, you'll lose fans, Southern California is small in comparison to the rest of the world. History does prove, empires don't last, they eventually fall to carelessness, Naughty Dogs fame could soon shrivel, PS3 struggled tremendously after the success of the most successful console ever, careful……

  10. If I ever had to work at a video game company, it would hands down be Naughty Dog. Their team is so unique and their games are so amazing.

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