Teaching Gary The Puppy German

so today we're teaching Gary German because I don't know why ready Gary well he's already sitting let's do it out here all right Gary um he knows sit good boy ignore come that's about it well ignore how high-pitched my voice gets but that's what excites him so um anyway he does have troubles listening to other commands so I'm gonna try it in another language and see if that works all right he's already sitting so this one is just pointless but let's try it ready wait you don't understand first yeah should we get trees do it yeah do we have any truths from yeah great Gary Gary stand ok he's sitting right now so we're gonna get understand hold on a second damn it Gary stunned Gary stunt okay Gary yeah okay sure I'll give you that one hey guys stunned how can we hide the most he's not sitting he's just being too good right now it's not working hey are you a good boy you're a very good boy yeah are you good boy are you a good boy Gary I think you're a very good boy very good boy good boy young Gary the quarter younger Oh terrific very fun Xia puta Yuna is a good young hey Gary they occur to you they're good citizen if it's me buddy Gary what else can we get him to do Oh hold on a second drink this drink disk whatever that means disk cause I mean us it can't be good he's a good dog in Norwegian freak days drink this good dog go to hunt go to hunt Gary go to hunt all right let's get a little more advanced position Zaheer Ling and Gary zip here lean that doesn't mean taking Megan what does that even mean it means lay down uh Gary lay down sick and need a babymoon come on seriously is a humane I'm hearing like no vowels I'm just hearing I don't know how to say any of this sinking meeting Gary Steven been cool we go to younger see something physician efficiently see healing Gary are you just roaming off now okay Gary piece of toilet paper in your mouth less fun huh is there a refer to table Barry in German dingleberry I'm getting a no on that one I'm not sure just teach him everything in Norwegian instead no he is supposed to be German because they remembered German words more well I mean like Norwegian German potato without a devotes time from Germanic gravity

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  1. A way to teach him to like shake his paw and say hi is to say the command, and then stick ur finger to near his back teeth and push a bit, and he will raise his paw towards his mouth. It looks like he’s shaking his paw. They taught us that at petsmart. Then continue. Also have treats that’s important

  2. Holy for someone how seaks german was this video so funni

    Für jemanden der deutsch sprich war das video so witzig

  3. I remember trying to train my shih tzu. They are deadass impossible but very very food motivated. Always train before food time tho or they generally just play with the treats

  4. Sit – Sitz
    Stand – Stehe
    Good Boy – Feiner Junge (or short just "Fein" pronounced= Fain)
    Lay down – Platz
    Bark – Gib Laut (Give Loud basically)
    Paw – Gib Pfote (Give Paw)
    Treat – Leckerli
    Stay – Bleib
    Bite or get him/her – Fass
    And "Aus" means Stop or No for Dogs

    Gary is super cute tho ???

  5. This is what I learned the reasoning is, but I could always be proven wrong:
    The reason people tend to give orders to their dogs, especially hunting dogs or competition dogs, in other languages is so that the dog can't really be told orders from others who may try to mess with them. Even though they don't understand words, they only really understand and listen to the tone of the voice.
    Hope that helped explain if anyone was wondering!

  6. My dogs always learned new commands easier when we showed them with signals first, so for example for standing we would just hold the treat up and with time just the command was enough 🙂

  7. Last time I saw someone teaching a small dog german he got in big trouble with the media AND the law (Count Dankula's pug) so y'all better be careful

  8. There were momments where my mind disconnected and actually thought I was watching Jenna and Julien, specially because of the GOOD BOII

    That's just how high-quality these videos are uwu

  9. "Sitzen" doesn't mean sit, it means to sit lol but I was surprised at your pronunciation. It's pretty good

  10. Gary is just so adorable at anything he does. He couldn't just stand there and still melt my heart ?

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