Teach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a Bath!

today's video is sponsored by pet flow comm today we're in Lakeview a neighborhood in New Orleans at the awesome muddy mutts a do-it-yourself dog wash and we're going to try and get Piper the Australian Shepherd puppy comfortable with taking a bath now this should be interesting she's a very bright dog but as many of you know dogs are not very naturally accepting of water if you want more how-to dog videos make sure you click thumbs up also make sure you're subscribed like me on Facebook to link in the description now I've got to be honest with y'all I have no idea how this video is gonna go I mean what we're talking about puppies and water it can be crazy and get out of control at a moment's notice but fingers crossed let's go inside and see how it goes Corrine you've given Piper a few baths already since you've had her right tell me how that's gone she is not a fan of the bath she tries to escape the tub she tries to avoid the water why don't we take her off leash and let her acclimate be prepared to take 10 15 even 20 minutes to let your dog just kind of explore the bathtub and hang out and maybe even do some basic training in the bathroom looks like she's interested in getting in look she just walked right up here makes our job easy doesn't it Piper is comfortable with going in for just a little bit right and then she's like I don't know I want to get out so we're gonna try to get her comfortable with staying in there a little bit longer first – okay good CVI contact everything stems from look at me eye contact is so vital when teaching a dog if you need to know how to teach that check the description and see she's just encouraging right there good day nice work we haven't turned on the water cuz we're just trying to get her comfortable with one thing at a time that is the ideal way to get your dog comfortable with anything that could be potentially stressful to them well you're dialed in here that's great next step simply turning on the water and letting her get comfortable with the water of running I've got it to where it's just gonna kind of drizzle at first there and let's go ahead and roll Orchard I like that you're staying here with the water buddy I'd say that you keep enjoying yourself so far yeah is it good and so this is a good outcome right yeah I'm really enjoying the fact that she's enjoying it one of the great things about teaching your dog to get comfortable with getting bathed is that builds trust it's mean you and your dog and any opportunity to do that is one that we should always take I'm gonna actually turn up the flow of the water just a little bit because we're gonna need to have a little bit of a stronger flow than that when we actually go to give her about I don't want her to get struggle so I'm actually going to point it away there we go right there I'm gonna just put it back down here again I know this might seem like we're being very cautious but we are hyper has now found her way outside of her bathtub so now you have to encourage her to get back in do we need to take a step back on our training and turn down the flow of bets the second she crosses that threshold I would give her a huge reward yes good girl very rarely when we teach a dog to get comfortable with a bath do we accomplish it in one session they can take several baths we want to make sure that we do it right and really take our time right now while they're young should we take off her collar let's avoid getting any water in her face or on her head for right now you know we can always wash her head or wash her face with a washcloth later we'll try and keep it a very enjoyable pleasant experience for her really gentle good work really nice work yep and just go really soft no rush here good girl we want to encourage nice calm behavior if your dog wasn't really comfortable with this yet and they were just freaking out you would need to take a step back and and just be very patient with them be prepared to take an hour so to give them about in the beginning oh good nice work I'm now just increased the flow but I've kept it really close to her skin so she hopefully doesn't know this is not and I'm taking it away are you say you can see the anxiety there we're gonna turn it back down a little bit she's not loving being soaking wet here I don't blame her I wouldn't either and if you're not gonna snow be discouraged by it all dogs do this in the beginning almost so you know this is just part of having a puppy she's calming down a little bit now we've got her nice and wet so we're gonna go ahead and get her leather it up with shampoo right now why don't you put a little bit on her this is when she calms down the lather face isn't too bad for her but you can build communication through any exercise like this of course right now the only thing she's communicating is I want out of this bath if your dog likes a chew toy you can encourage them to kind of she wants something like this while you're giving them about you know distracting them while they get comfortable with it creating that positive association and she's loving this isn't she you know you can get two toys like this from pet flow comm I really like associating with forward-thinking companies Peplow comm has hundreds of brands of dog food toys accessories treats and more and best of all they ship anywhere in the continental United States you can set up automatic pet food delivery for two to sixteen weeks and shipping is free on all orders over $49 afterall discounts are applied as a special Thank You Peplow comm is giving viewers of a dog training revolution 15% off anything on the entire website just enter coupon code Zac George 15 when you check out and visit pet flow comm slash exact George the link will be in the description and thank you to pet flow for supporting positive dog training at this point she thinks it's it's pretty much over sorry baby Piper were almost done it's okay it's okay this is all gonna pass oh yeah really good step back there how you got her attention on you letting her know look you can trust me I have everything under control here it's time to dry her off now this should be an adventure it is turn on the dryer let it run for a minute we can see she's investigating it she thinks it's a game which is better than her being scared of it but we don't want her attacking the dryer easy we're gonna drag you up ha ha ha her n um hyper are amazing to watch I love watching your relationship and you're so sincere and authentic with her in a future video I'm thinking about featuring one of the most talented dogs in New Orleans beignet the west highland terrier is a super awesome trick dog if that's something you guys want to see tell me in the comments below also click thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and subscribe and check back often for more awesome dog training videos like me on facebook as well facebook.com slash these actors I will see you guys in the next video good job Piper

49 thoughts on “Teach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a Bath!

  1. I have a 75 pound 7 month old puppy who always get very muddy n he try’s to jump out it’s not fun giving him a bath he wants to climb on me to

  2. I have a German shepherd mix
    (Yes he big boi)
    But my dad and I have never bathed him in awhile
    We tried but he would get aggressive and “try” to bite my dad
    I’m not sure if he really means that
    He’s a rescue and he was taken from a horrible house
    I’m not sure what they did
    I mean he does the same when we try to comb him!
    I can’t find a solution :c

  3. Before until now i didn't know that dogs don't like baths i thought they loved them and i thounght ? where the ones that didn't like baths

  4. Dear Zak, thanks for this video. I have been at it now applying this video, and after 5 baths it finally clicked. My puppy loved the bath this time and was not constantly trying to jump out of the bath. Instead, he was enjoying the water and getting rubbed with shampoo.

  5. How about for the rest of us that don't have a walk-in doggie bath to lure dog in with treats? My puppy gets high anxiety and won't take treats as soon as I pick him up and take him into the bathtub with me. I sit in a dry bathtub lined with a towel and bring him in with me and he freezes up then tries to jump out. I've tried to lure him in the kitchen sink with treats, thinking that the size of the bathtub maybe scary, it's a no go. My puppy is pretty confident about most other things. I'm at a loss for ideas. Idk, as I'm writing this I'm thinking of maybe using a small washtub on the kitchen floor, something he can get in and out of. Starting out with it dry and treating him for getting in then using a pitcher of warm water to play with, bath squeaky toys.

  6. The thing is my dog HATES water! She won’t even drink it.. and I can’t bring her inside because parents.. And because I live in a desert he has fleas.. and We got him as a big dog so he is not trained, He won’t even have bacon he will just back away! I love him but he can be so annoying and he is a medium dog.. so it won’t work in the bath..

  7. Not everyone has time to get a dog/puupy to like a bath…if they stepped in poop, rolled in mud' or just stink… then there's no time

  8. Try adding peanut butter to the back of the bathtub. It was a game changer for us. Now that I've watched this video I'm going to start over with Lola and Lucy and try to go slower…hopefully that'll help. I'd love for them to love their bath time! Thanks, Zak!

  9. Hopefully this will work. My new puppy stepped in her poop in her cage and we had to spray her with the hose. She didn't like that very much xD. Hopefully we didn't traumatize her. Wish is luck when we have to give her a bath!

  10. My dog do not like baths or rain my dog is 4 Year's old .can you tell me i can i get mu dog like bath and rain..

  11. My dog when he had his first bath he kept on slipping and falling not like off the bath but he kept on hitting his leg on the bottom of the concrete because he kept on slipping and falling how do we deal with that can you help me please cuz I would love to learn from you

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  13. Something you didn’t mention: temperature of the water? Should it be cold? Lukewarm? Warm/hot? I have a husky, and with my current living arrangements he’s an outside dog, so can’t bathe him in a nice bathtub, I have to do it outside, and he HATES having the water sprayed on him.

  14. Great Video! We put peanut butter on a silicone pad that we stick to the shower wall… puppy gets a lengthy treat while we wash him! Works great!

  15. My dog is worst i’m just sitting here dying trying to take my pitbull a bath I’m just saying GET ON WITH IT!!!????

  16. I just recently adopted a puppy and really want to give my puppy the best options as far as food . The healthier options , do you have any recommendations as far as healthiest foods and treats how much to feed and how often ? Thank you for your time

  17. I have a Husky that realy hate baths. I'm going to try that but I have one question. She trembles a lot, even though the water is warm. Is it ok to use so much time if she's realy cold? Or the tremble is not because of cold?

  18. I just adopted a dog and she's afraid. I've been wiping her down twice a month with baby wipes. Now I'm doing to do this. I just started using turkey to train her and she's already in and out of a dry tub. I will do this for a week, and then I will try with a lil water!

  19. Since I have to do it all by myself and I am a senior citizen ( and not as agile as once) I smear Peanut butter on the cleaned ( with dish soap and rinsed) shower wall. Just enough to keep her busy.

  20. All three of my dogs hate baths nd only two hate being blowed dryed one of my dogs loves being glowed dryer off lol

  21. what about really anxious dog, he pnt even take a treat, I don't ever get his face wet. I just the running water that freaks him out. hes five months. only way I got him to stp shaking so much .is ill get in the tub and hold him. but he still try to jump and leave and crys. I even got the bath wipes so I wont stress him .

  22. My little pup is totally fine with baths and clippers now. The first bath she took she slipped and her muzzle went under so now I switched her to the sink because it’s easier and smaller for her to fell comfortable in.

    I started getting her used to it with peanut butter on the side and washed her pretty quick but gently, then when she got used to it I only gave her peanut butter after her bath.

    She’s really competitive so when she saw my sisters dog getting a bath she wanted one too. ???

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