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today I want to talk about one of the most common things we train our dogs to do and that is to sit a real simple command but what's really important is the meaning behind sit why do we ask our dogs to sit it's not important that we that our dogs will sit because we know they're going to sit no matter what goofy come here hop up here sit but the fact that I can redirect my dog from doing something else and put him in a proactive command like sit is important it's something that can save their lives it's something that can have them focus on obedience it's something that we want to tell them to do as opposed to tell them not to do something so if my dog starts running around and I say no no no no no it's a negative command because the dog doesn't have a command and Sellers hey goofy sit any cinch so in this video I want to talk about the different ways dogs sit how do you get them to sit how to get a proper sit and why all these things are so important but if you like this video most importantly give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel because there's a lot more videos like this where these are coming from and I'm happy to share my dog training passion with you I hope you like the videos I hope you have the greatest time training your dog because it should be the most fun thing that you're ever going to do with your dog when you're starting out with a dog in the beginning you're gonna want to use a long line that's gonna keep the dog from running away so you're not chasing them and having a negative experience with the dog goofy sits but once the dog is trained we don't really need it on the dog and some people have been commenting on the videos that oh why is your dog always on a long line the reason I always put my dog on a long line when I show you these training videos it's because I want you to put your dog on a log line until you're proofed if you're doing this at a park or somewhere else and your dog runs away and gets out hit by a car or something like that I would feel terrible cuz I didn't encourage you to do it so for the purpose of training until the dog is proof which goofy is proof but I'm gonna just put them on a long line just so you yourself will put your dog on a long line so let's talk about the action of sitting and the action of sitting is quite simple the action of sitting is telling my dog to sit which means he puts his butt down and his feet front feet stay erect and stay up very different from lying down some people will put their dog in a sit the dog will lie down and they say that's good enough but it's not it's really important that your dog focus on the command that you're asking them to do once I'm finished showing you the advanced part portions of this I'm gonna bring Duany out and we're gonna show you how to get those fundamentals down with the dog so what I want you to see is when goofy sits he brings his back legs forward into the sit okay and I'm gonna bring the camera and kind of close for you to see this goofy stay notice where feet are now and notice when I say the word watch what his back legs do goofy sits notice he brings his back legs towards his front legs and then sits down which is very very different from the way a lot of pets sit down which means they sit from here backwards into the sit and we might have Duany doing a little bit of both until we really perfect this which is the phase we're working on now with his training but the important thing here is we're going to lure this movement every time goofy hop up on the Bob in the box good we're gonna lure this movement every time so if he's in a stand right then I'm gonna put this over his head and by putting it over his head he can't stand up here because it's over his head it's tipping him kind of backwards so that's the real simple way we get the dog to sit we can do that when the dog is facing up so I'm gonna take goofy off the box for a second off goofy came here and when he's in front of me naturally frontal pressure or we call spatial pressure here will make the dog back up now if I go say goofy come here goofy come on and I wait long enough he should SI t see like that good boy because he's gonna offer a behavior that we want and he knows what that behavior is gonna be so dogs will offer sit down or they'll start barking at you we'll do another video on that real soon but for right now you're gonna see at some point he's going to si T I'm not gonna say the words if I say sit you should sit like that right good yes and I'm gonna talk to you also about releasing the command so that you don't have your dog breaking the sit command because he's bored in the command so for example here if I say goofy sit he sits I go yes and I break it and I give him a reward I can give him a pet I can get my toy I can give my treat I can him whatever but I'm saving the treats because the way no mater is coming out I don't have that many treats with me today so if I say goofy sit yes that's the important point goofy sit yes now this time if I say goofy sit that's a good sit I'm not releasing him thus it implies that he should stay I don't want to say sit and stay I want to say sit good sit I want to be able to go away from the dog stand here casually not expect the dog to break and when I come back to him release him with a tactile yes and he's released part of doing that as I've shown you in the puppy down series is that I'm going to release the dog behind him right so from here for example if I say goofy sit good yes I'm gonna release him behind him which is going to keep him from thinking that he has to come to me to get the treat that the average dog is going to think if I say goofy sit that all the releases are going to be from here – goofy sit – goofy come right and that's the mistake people make in the sit don't do that so the video here is more about the real philosophy of sit than it is the actual sit exercise so if I say goofy sit he brings his back legs towards his front paws he sits and he waits I didn't say sta why or anything like that I simply told him to sit now if he thinks that reward is coming from me he's going to come to me when I reach in my pocket if I say sit I should be able to take the treat out show him the treat and he's not coming towards me right so here he knows sometimes the treat is here and I'll give it to him there or I'll say yes and I'll throw it behind him and he's released behind him I talked a lot about the tactile release that means if I say goofy sit he's going to hold that sit until I say yes because a tactile release makes him think that there's two things that have to happen for him to be released right goofy come here and once he's released he's released so he knows that he can be free to go but let's take another really close look at something here which is when I teach the sit right that I want to coach his but to come into his front or his back legs to come forward so let's do it again goofy stand watch here goofy sit his back legs come forward and this is more of a proper suit if you were going to do you know more of a like an AKC type obedience where is just average pets you don't care you'll see with Duany that he'll flop back a little bit but we're gonna work on tweaking that a little bit with Duany as well so another thing I want to talk about in the sit that is I'm going to tell my dog here goofy sit good and I'm gonna put some pressure on him like this in other words will he hold that sit which he does right good boy good sit I should be able to put immense pressure here and when I do this pressure take your leash off of the live ring of the choke chain and put it on the dead ring because you don't want to choke your dog in us but you do want to put some immense pressure here good sit look at how much pressure I can put on him sit good this is going to make him really hold this sit and this looks aversive but what it is it's really making him commit to the action of sitting if he's sitting every dog will sit but will the dogs sit when I give him this sign right when I give him this kind of a sign like hey in theory he should think he wants me to come to him but that's not what I want I want him to sit right and he's not going to come to me because the action I said it's SI t not H E or E he knows that he has to stay there good boy good sit and I'll reinforce yeah you're doing the right thing goofy you're sitting good boy good boy and when I released this and I go yes then he's gonna come to me right so that's real important to form clear communication with the dog so that he understands what it is I want him to do and not to assume what I want him to do like by pulling him towards me I don't want him to come to me but that's teaching him even under somewhat of a confusion like maybe somebody else saying free or yes or whatever he has to hold that sit until I release him right and that's gonna be an easy way for your dog to understand what it is you want remember something if you liked this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to this channel because we've got a lot more videos here that help you increase your life increase your relationship with your dog make your relationship much more fun make training more fun and have a great time training your dog because that's what it's about it's not about the obedience and the structure it's about how much fun your dog has learning it because then he's gonna keep doing it he's kind of a great time doing it right is that a good boy goofy yeah that's a good boy goofy so we're gonna put you away and I'm going to take Duany out and we're going to show you the importance of forming this in a puppy and we have a lot of fun with that so I'm gonna kick get Dwayne right now

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  1. You have the dog sitting on something solid ,is it important to start off with this for a perfect sit

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  3. Why do you want him to bring his back paws forward? What is the advantage of that versus a regular sit? Love the little prance goofy has to his walk! He’s amazing!

  4. Hello Robert, thanks for all youtube videos you make, I found it very useful. I would like to ask you a question, where can I buy the stand/stool for a dog that you use in this video. Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks for your time. Not everyone gives this lessons for free. Well explained, detailed, to the point. Excellent work

  6. Once you tell the dog to sit he should not be getting up until the break command is given, this dog has more control than the handler

  7. You shouldn't name your dog Goofy. He is very smart and alert! It is like me having a great dane and named him Tiny. LOL!
    BTW great video!

  8. The overwhelming thing that comes through to me is the love and respect you have for your dogs, great vids and i love the respect and love you show your animals.

  9. Hi robert i have my sister's belgian malinois but they never trained it. I'm training the dog now but she's so aggresive on cats how can i correct it

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