Taylor Nicole Dean is an Animal Hoarder? (and her Relationship with Jonny Craig is NOT Goals)

If you google animal hoarding you will
find that the definition of it is keeping a higher than usual number of
animals without being able to properly house or care for them while denying this
inability. Now, imagine I told you about someone who is sometimes too sick to get
out of bed or goes on vacation every few weeks for multiple days that keeps over 50
pets in their messy two-bedroom apartment. They don’t have an education or any experience with animals outside of 10-minute Google searches and working in a pet store for a few months. All the animals are kept in bare minimum cages
that look like they had leftover decoration thrown in. They only take out
their pets to manhandle them for pictures, even if they are not supposed
to be touched at all, or literally on the verge of death. That person is
also in a relationship with a known rapist and drug abuser, who has
threatened to flush one of their small kittens down the toilet once, and they
admitted to using heroin themself. They get up to ten pets a month just to
post about them a dozen times and then never mention them again until months
later. They laugh and make fun of animal abuse and their boyfriends victims, called
their new snake an uncooked noodle just a few days after literally cooking
animals to death with their negligence, then defend themself by saying that if
they only lost this many animals until now, they are killing it. That is Taylor
Nicole Dean, one of, if not the most well known content creator in the Pettube
community right now. She is young, pretty and wealthy, which seems to make all the
things I have just told you about her okay. If you say that you can call her hoarder
because she has enough money to take care of her immense number of pets, then
please imagine what her life will be like in 15 years and how fickle Youtube can be,
especially because sometimes she only uploads every three weeks. Money doesn’t
last forever and many of her 16 snakes that she impulsively bought in less than
a year can live for over 20 years. Please ask yourself: if her pets are living in
these conditions right now, what will it be like when she won’t have a steady
income anymore? All of that is just scratching the
surface. In this video I will try to explain and show you what kind of person
Taylor really is. Some of the things actually make me sick to my stomach,
but I will get to that later. I will try to talk about the worst thing she
has done in a chronological order. Let’s start with the first thing that has turned many of her loyal fans off her channel, including me. In December 2017 Taylor adopted two two week old kittens. Unfortunately, one of them passed away
shortly after Taylor took them in. She says that it died from fading kitten
syndrome, but I don’t believe that. In many pictures that Taylor posted of the
kittens you can see her man handling them and not letting them stay on a heat mat,
which kittens that young need constantly. In addition to that, Taylor
has never even had a cat. You heard that right. She took in two week
old kittens without any experience whatsoever. You will see this savior
complex becoming a theme. Many people were also concerned about the surviving kitten, Nemo, for a long time because he had something called triangle face which
basically meant that he was very sick too. If you take her newly blossoming relationship with Jonny Craig under consideration it’s not that surprising that the kitten died. A few of Johnny’s exes leaked
messages they have been exchanging with Taylor in which she told them how
not only is Johnny still abusive; he also got her hooked on smoking heroin with
him. Of course she publicly defended herself and said that the messages were
fake, but honestly? Why would Jonny’s exes fake them? What’s the point? They have openly spoken about how he has an abusive rapist for years, and at least
one of them even has a restraining order on him. The messages are real.
Taylors number is the same as in the screenshots, confirmed by not only her
parents, but also a vet document about Nemo. And just look at this clip:
this month is Mother’s Day as Mother’s Day is coming up or it’s actually when
I’m posting this it’s gonna be Mother’s day so happy Mother’s Day. And Best
Fiends is celebrating it too with flowers, so now you can play the tulip
challenge for Mother’s Day and win cool little prizes. It’s possible that she just smoked some weed or that she was drunk but with all the information I have just given you how likely is it that she wasn’t high on heroin in this? Either way, she is clearly not sober so everything she has said about Jonny
and her being straight edge is bullshit. She has also spoken about how unhappy
she is in their relationship in the podcast Reply All, saying that the only
time alone she gets at home is when she is bathing. Here are some clips in which
she is talking about her relationship with Johnny: after this I was gonna – my –
I’m supposed to go back to my boyfriend’s where we’re staying
and he just text me that he’s at the bar. I’m like really? Like, him, everyone in the
house left, so now I can’t get into the apartment. Do you get anytime like at this point to just kind of like be – in a (?) Like, kind of… is it when you’re home? Somewhat, but not really, because at home I don’t have a lot of time to just chill. First
of all, I live with my boyfriend, so I don’t have much alone time, ever, because
we’re in an apartment together. So he tours, he does music, but when he’s not
touring he doesn’t leave the house unless like we’re both going somewhere.
So I don’t ever have time just to like sit by myself, other than like, when I
take a bath or something, like I – we sleep in the same bed, like he’s always
around… constantly. And then I have all my animals that I’m constantly having to
think about, and feed, and take care of, and clean everything, and so… I really suggest you listen to the whole podcast you really get an insight into what
happened when she didn’t go to her own meetup at Playlist Live. Shortly after Nemo’s sister died, Taylor lied about adopting another kitten. She said that she found a five and a half week old kitten in a Petco adoption booth. Not only is it illegal in Texas to adopt out kittens below eight weeks, the kitten is also a purebred ragdoll; a breed that can cost over a thousand dollars. And the most obvious proof that she is lying is the fact that everything about the ragdoll kitten is a bit too coincidental
with this craigslist post. I have found this good summary of why it is highly likely that Taylor bought the kitten. On the left here it says: “in the Craigslist
post five weeks and four days equals five and a half weeks, same as the kitten
she magically found from the rescue.” The adoption timeline says that at 6:52 p.m. Taylor says “okay may have adopted a friend for Nemo”. Then 60 minutes later:
“First looks at kitten, darkness in left pic and flash used in right=dimly lit
area maybe, a car in Denny’s parking lot since that’s where the next photo comes
from? Definitely not a well lit pet store. Johnny’s Insta
post time changes from six hours ago to seven hours ago between 2:20 a.m. and
2:22 a.m., means this photo was posted around 7:21 p.m. Note location which
is the San Antonio Riverwalk. 34 minutes after that insta post, Taylor posts a pic from inside a pet store to make it seem like she adopted from there. Closest Petco to the Riverwalk is shown above, half an hour travel time makes sense with
traffic. Closest Petsmart is further out but people seem to think it was Petco. If
she isn’t trying to say she adopted from an actual store, why tf take an unvaccinated kitten somewhere I could easily catch something?
Never mind the fact she thinks people are stupid enough to believe a pet
rescue would do same-day adoptions on a five and a half week old kitten during
the worst time of year for impulse pet buys. In my opinion this proves Taylor
lies as easy as breathing and doesn’t have the best interest of her animals at
heart. She and the crap Craigslist breeder chose to take a kitten away from
its mom prematurely because of greed. Money for the breeder and cuter baby pics
for Twitter, YouTube thumbnails, merch ops and the hoarder high Taylor chases. Nasty. Taylor must really think all of her followers are morons, and apparently many of them either are or just don’t care, because all of this blew over and nobody
talks about it anymore. As I go on with this video you will unfortunately see
this will happen many more times. A few months later, Taylor excitedly posted a video about her new black throat monitor
that she had bought a month ago but kept secret until she released her video of
him. A lot of ACTUALLY knowledgeable people immediately told her in the
comments that it is a ROUGHNECK monitor. Taylor took the video down right away of
course. After that she went and complained for days that she can’t keep the monitor
because he is wild caught (even though that never stopped her before, not even a
few weeks earlier when she got her satanic leaf geckos, which the store has
said themself are wild caught). You’d think that a bigger problem in this situation
would be that she gave an animal the completely wrong care for a WHOLE month, but she most likely invented this wild caught drama just to distract her viewers from the actual issue of her not researching the pets she gets beyond the
first result on Google. She went on to slander the company that
sold her the monitor by saying that they gave her the wrong information. This
is also another thing about Taylor: Anytime one of her pets dies, or she
makes a mistake, it’s the breeders fault. As seen with her many prematurely dead
hedgehogs, and later the bearded dragon, for which she even blamed the wrong
breeder by name. But I will get to that in a bit. She kept Kronos, of course, though she kept and keeps him in a very, very minimum conditions. If you don’t know about roughneck monitors: they are aboreal and love to climb. Taylor’s response to that was getting a tank that is more
wide than tall so… he won’t be able to climb? Makes sense? I’m not really that educated about monitors but he also seems a bit too wrinkly and small to me, considering is a juvenile by now. She has also not made any real effort to tame him, as seen by how he bites her when she sticks her hand in his face. He seemed tame in the beginning, but a lot of people with experience with reptiles said that
he’s not tame at all, but actually just freezing, which makes him seem more
docile. I am concerned about her other pets, since he will get a decent size, and
she doesn’t even have any concerns about where her cats and other pets go and
interact. I mean really. Handling your spider and bearded dragon right next to
your cat just screams for a disaster to happen, and I doubt she will take any
precaution with her monitor if she can’t be bothered to lock her cats out of her
animal room. Taylor had gotten Jonny a bearded dragon named Twisty shortly after they met. Here’s a picture of him. Notice how
the tip of his tail is dark and straight. This is Twisty now. She said that he was
in a tub with hundreds of other bearded dragons, many of which seemed unhealthy.
She blamed the breeder for breaking Twistys tail and said that someone
without her knowledge wouldn’t have known what to do. Remember that picture I
showed you of Twisty? Here it is again. Half his tail is gone. This is the
supposed wound that Taylor says made that much of his tail rot off. Once she
got questions about why she didn’t do anything sooner, because the only
thing that can be done with a necrotic tail is cut off the sick part, she blamed her vet for not doing the right thing. So basically Taylor didn’t manage to go to another vet for a second opinion for half a year and this cost her bearded dragons tail to rot off. But she somehow managed
to spin it into “it would’ve been worse without my knowledge,
mistakes a human it can happen to anyone!, It’s actually not even my fault but the
vets for giving me the wrong advice and the breeders because they sold him to me in
bad condition”. As a result of this, some of her fans looked up the breeder she
named and left nasty comments and bad ratings on their pages. The thing is… Taylor
blamed the wrong breeder. As a result of this, the wrongfully accused breeder
contacted her and asked her to admit her mistake and clear their name. Taylor didn’t
respond for months, and once she got threatened with legal action. she
promised an apology video. Still waiting for that, by the way. I know that Taylor’s
uploading schedule isn’t the best but you’d think she would have uploaded by now, it’s been two months. Sorry, I don’t know how else to title this
section, there’s just so much wrong with Taylor getting rats. First off, I don’t
believe the origin story of how Taylor got Goose, just like I don’t believe the
ever-changing story of her supposed stray cat Star, but I won’t get into that.
What’s more important is that she doesn’t have the time or space for rats.
They need a minimum of one and a half hours of outside playtime everyday. Do
you guys really think that Taylor has 1. a dedicated player area, and I don’t
mean her bed but somewhere they can actually run and climb, or 2. the time
and energy for rats? I know how much work they are. I’d put them on the same level as
dogs if you take good care of them. Someone that travels for weeks
every few weeks isn’t a suitable rat parent. One of her mysterious assistants
(which I’m pretty sure is mostly just her mom friend) could take care of them when
she’s gone… but if you put effort into rats, then they love you and miss you
when you’re gone. It’s not fair to them. Let’s just make a quick list of why it’s
an awful idea for Taylor to have them. 1. they smoke indoors and rats
can get sick from just perfume getting sprayed near them. 2. as I said,
Taylor doesn’t have the time or space. 3. she has cats that can easily stick their paws in the bars and either hurt the
rats or get hurt by them. 4. she “rescued” feeders so they will have awful
temperaments, and since Taylor doesn’t spend enough time with them to make them trust her, she will get bored very soon and neglect them. In
her posts you can see that the girls are still skittish and scared of everything,
which means she hasn’t even spent enough time to socialize them and she’s had
them for months now. 5. and she doesn’t know how to gender rats, so she
ended up with Goose being a boy and two girls. Anyone with some common sense would have either given away all the rats, or at
least the girls and gotten more boys, but Taylor seems to have other plans. Those
plans being just letting them stay together for weeks when they are all
sexually mature and unneutered. Yes, she said that Goose had an appointment to
get neutered early October, but why can you still see his testicles just
blatantly being there? Even if she did, males take around four weeks until they
are sterile, and it’s risky to spay girls at such a young age. Taylor is basically
asking for a baby rats to breed more baby rats. It’s just all kinds of screwed
up. This is like letting ten year old kids get babies because you don’t care enough
to do the right thing and separating them. And rats don’t get just 2 babies,
they can have litters as of up to 14. She has two girls so she can end up with 28
rat babies she can’t care for. I have a huge soft spot for rats so maybe I’m a
bit biased but I really think that this is one of the worst and most neglectful
things Taylor has done up until now. Seein her updates about her rats just make me sad.
From the barren cage she had them in for months, that wasn’t even suitable for
non weaned baby rats, to the whole possible oops litter she is almost asking for, to
them being shoved aside for the new flavor of the month. Mid-october Taylor posted a long story about how her pacman frog and crocodile skinks unfortunately passed away. Basically what she says happened is that the
electricity in her animal room malfunctioned while she slept for 12
hours. After she woke up, she turned it back on and then didn’t think to check
for another 10 hours whether everything was going well. It wasn’t. The heat mats
malfunctioned and cooked both are crocodile skinks and pacman fog until
they died. So basically she keeps talking about how she can take care of her hoard because it’s her job, but this one time it actually counts,
she only checks on her pets once in 22 hours. That itself just screams negligence
and I really don’t get how everyone can tell her that it’s not her fault when it
so clearly is. Mistakes are human but if a life, not to mention 50 lives, depend on
you then you can’t make a mistake like this. Not only was it her fault for not
checking, but her number of pets is also a direct cause that made this happen. She had too many things plugged into a circuit that made it overload. She could
have caused a fire. She should have at least told her assistant to check for her if she knew she’d be out for 10 hours. The thing with this is, her explanation
doesn’t make any sense. First off, croc skinks are like crested
geckos in the sense that they like room temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, so
they wouldn’t even need a heat mat during the day, since Taylor lives in
Texas. Even if they did, when heat mats malfunction they have a safety switch that makes them turn off rather than heat up more and more. Someone on Twitter sent out tweets more than 10 hours before Taylor published the story, implying that
some pets Youtubers are bad and neglectful of their animals. She later came out and
admitted that those tweets were a reaction to being told that the skinks and
frog died from neglect and that Taylor planned to replace them without
telling anyone. I know this person didn’t have a lot of
proof, and of course Taylor was quick to defend herself, but I’m inclined to
believe her. In many pictures Taylor posts, you can see bone dry water bowls,
so her skinks could have easily died from dehydration. Her pacman frog has
been looking sick for a long time. Since we know that Taylor has shown that she
doesn’t even dust her pets feeders with calcium, I wouldn’t say it’s a reach to
say that he died from malnutrition. A picture of him she posted shows that,
compared to healthy frogs, he had a very strange round face shape when it should
have been more of a snout. The most damning evidence though is that Taylor
reached out to a crocodile skin breeder before she even said that they had died.
In an Instagram story Taylor posted one of her schedules and it clearly mentions
a croc skink, even though they have already been dead at that time. The weird
thing is that Taylor often makes fun of people saying that her pets are dead because
she hasn’t shown them in a few months, but recently she has proven that it’s a
very real possibility. First with the cooked pets and now with her mantis
shrimp that she’d only mentioned once and also her fan favorite Zazu the
lionfish. She says that she couldn’t admit to him being dead for months
because it really hurts her, but then she says in an Instagram comment that he
was just a fish. What? He was once one of the stars of her channel next to Cheese,
but now she tells people not to be upset because whatever, fish don’t matter.
Apparently it doesn’t even matter that he didn’t even turn 3 even though his
life expectancy was 10 years. Because for some reason everyone always tells what
an animal goddess she is, even if they don’t know her. I’m pretty sure that
she makes a habit out of faking emails to herself, but that might just be me
being cynical. Thank you so much for watching if you’ve gotten this far.
Please know that none of this is coming from place of pure hate, I’m mostly just
concerned about her animals and the effect she can have on young viewers who might
think that it’s alright to get pets just like she does, when they can’t, or don’t
even know, how to care for them. I used to be one of Taylor’s fans and thought she
knew what she was doing, but I slowly learned more about the animals keeps and I
realized that there is a lot to improve- Sadly, she is refusing to listen to any
criticism, so I hope that with this video I could at least reach a few people
and make them realize that you can’t follow people blindly and just assume
they’re professionals. Thank you again for watching!

100 thoughts on “Taylor Nicole Dean is an Animal Hoarder? (and her Relationship with Jonny Craig is NOT Goals)

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  32. I have been married to my husband for two years with no idea he was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in his behavior, It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out he has someone else. I confided in a friend who convinced and introduce me to a hacker [email protected] he was able to hack into my husband mobile phone. You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491.

  33. I have been married to my husband for two years with no idea he was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in his behavior, It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out he has someone else. I confided in a friend who convinced and introduce me to a hacker [email protected] he was able to hack into my husband mobile phone. You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491.

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  38. YEESSS needed someone to send hate mail too and slander on the internet thank you for Pointing me in the Right direction THANK YOU!!!!! you created a hit list for all of us?

  39. I stopped watching her because I forgot about her channel a couple months back. Now approximately 5 of her animals are dead or have had suspicious issues only beginner pet keepers face.

  40. How could you post something like this ? Fist half these pictures ARENT EVEN REAL PICTURES OF HER CAGES ? you are doing nothing but saying lies and more lies about Taylor. She has NEVER gotten a citation from animal control care and they come to her home because of people calling & and people like you more then once in a month. This is completely a video of lies it makes me sick ?. And the comment with her videoing her animals with her cat in the room DO YOU SEE ANY AGGRESSION IN THE CATS BEHAVIOR ?? No none at alllllll. Do you see how healthy and fed all her animals are ? You reallly write a script before you make a video don’t you ? you don’t even show your face on ANY of your videos come on now lol.

  41. Literally all you had to say was that she’s dating Johnny Craig. Johnny Craig is known for being the biggest piece of shit in the music scene. None of this surprises me

  42. This completely changed my perspective of her, and I used to practically WORSHIP her.

    (Not in a creepy way, I just really loved that channel)

    I wanted to be just like her with tons of pets but now I’m not so sure….

  43. She treats her animals like a child right after Christmas. Getting a "toy" obsessing over it for a few weeks, then forgetting about it. The only thing different is that THESE ARE LIVE ANIMALS. They are not something to parade around like accessories. You're proud of your family of pets? Sure! Be proud! But also remember that for your "flaunt" to be valid, the animals have to be healthy and well taken care of. Take all of this girl's pets away and give her a gold fish to teach her responsibility. Ya know like what type of teaching is used on actual children. And hey, if it dies, "it's just a fish" right?

  44. Dont even say shit bout her. She takes very good care of her animals. She has plenty of money for them. And she called it uncooked noodle because snakes especially babys… Truly do look like a noodle. And omg dont get started on the kittens. Many kittys dont make it. It may have been a runt.

  45. A "ragdoll" cat walked up to me and moved in to my apartment in texas he was cool, then his owner found him one day.

  46. I'm very conflicted because I actually like Taylor but what she's doing is wrong so I'm unsubbing from her.

  47. Aight I don’t get saving feeding rats, their really mean. I had to feed live to my Ball Python for a bit, never did eat them but is on F/T.

    Also, I take rats out of the freezer and you can obviously see the nuts. I’m so confused, I love rats but I do have to feed my snake.

  48. The tnd cycle
    Pet dies:
    taylor:Its The breeders fault
    Accused of neglect:
    taylor:No it was just an accident its not my fault
    3 months later:
    Taylor:Ok so i just got a new pet.
    and the cycle continues

  49. You idiots, stop watching any pet youtuber unless they have some license and have a facility for them. Not someone who has a bunch of animals in a house.. you all are making their videos stay alive.

  50. Cant gender rats… come on… really?
    Hey, you know those two massive balls they have that drag across your hand/arm when you hold them? Yah, that's means they're male.

  51. Taylor honestly turned really toxic and once Cheese ended up dead, I just can't support her anymore. I hope she gets help and I sincerely hope someone stops her before she gets anymore animals.

  52. Someone put together a list of all her pets over the time of the YouTube channel which shows like dozens dead an dozens missing in action not seen in months. Ted Bundy levels of killer.

  53. As for the pets living to close to each other she had one of her snakes get loose which happens but it ate her hamster.

  54. I'm a straight male but I don't get the need to dress like a slut to show off you pets want that kind of views then just do a bikini beach video but put on more then a bra when dealing with your pets.

  55. I'm not trying to be rude to anyone but twistie had stuck shed around his tail from having trouble shedding. it built up to much for his tail to handal and had to get cut off. But Taylor takes amazing care for all her animals, she doesnt favouritism any of her animals she loves them all the same she takes good time and effort for all of them and does her very very very best to take care of all of them, she loves them equally like she has said multiple times in multiple of her videos so it wasnt her fault twisties tail got cut off it was for the best of him and now he is all healthy and living his best life with Taylor

  56. the only thing i see that's kinda off on your part is the cats being around the bearded dragon // i have two dragons and two cats / my baby dragon doesn't like the cats (yet) so they're never around eachother / the 3 yro dragon runs around and plays with them (watched of course) other than that / agreed with you 10000% ?

  57. I used to have 13 rats and even i was able to give them the play time and Attention and love when i still was really Busy with other stuff

  58. It gross that ppl would do this making these videos ya people may make mistakes just like you I bet you've made mistakes I have and it a shame the world has come to hate all hate it makes me sad to see someone trying there absolute hardest to make people happy and just hate hate hate that's all you say. You can think for yourself but don't tell it out to the world keep it to yourself you can think for yourself imagine if someone did this to you you made a mistake and someoe shamed you how would you feel??

  59. I can't deal with the way her animals are kept / treated. I have rats (only 1 now, I had 4 in 2 cages and all lived past 2 years.) and they are so time consuming! I had to make effort to tame them almost every until they were tame enough to let me hold them. It makes me so mad!

  60. This is just sad ? when you buy an animal you are in charge of a life as if it were your own. Animals aren’t objects! They are family and have feelings.

  61. Feeder rats aren't bad pets as your acting. They're just the same as any other rat, since breeder rats also can have bad temperaments(skittish,shy, etc.) Most all of my rats have been feeders and only 3 have been skittish in my life time. I've also had non-feeders and one of them was skittish and jumpy too. All rats can have good or bad temperaments whether they're breed for food, or for pets.

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