Tattoos for Pets?!

give this recently a Russian tattoo artist came under fire why doing something most of us would consider quite cruel given his cat not one but four tattoos the cat apparently is named demon and has a series of designs on his back inside you're seeing this prison tower there's playing cars there's a cigarette apparently did receive an aesthetic to help it endure the pain but come on awful you talk about animal cruelty violation no potential benefit subjecting the animal to anesthesia which is potentially life-threatening and this poor cat doesn't want to tap that rhymes the cat doesn't want to tap alright what I mean yeah it's an extreme manifestation of what you know we do putting you know clothing on our dogs or put you know we as human beings want to almost anthropocentrism like college I learned about how we do we project human behaviors or habits I'm all animals and you wants to project an extreme dysfunctional example of that where it's why do people do that because one of the things I have learned over the years is how much we love our pets and look I'm willing to bet that this guy probably likes his cat and probably in his head somewhere thinks that the cat enjoys this but why is connected to him more is that why though do you think we do it because he claimed I guess I heard that there was a claim that day this is this is no worse than branding livestock but point is you're not branding livestock here you're you're actually putting a cat to sleep and putting a try to on it so putting ink that the potentially what's going on in the brain that would make you do this he thinks it's beautiful he thinks it's you know art he that's who he is what he is at the tattoo are I mean it's he not intending to sort of harm and mutilate his cat I think he thinks in a distorted way that this is somehow you know his wine oh I can think of is how tattoos are everywhere now they when I grew up it was a big deal if you got a tattoo nowadays is a big deal if you don't get a tattoo and I wonder if that's part of it where nothing for against tattoos but maybe because it's so common that this was the next inevitable step well we wish demon the cat all the best I'll be right back you

24 thoughts on “Tattoos for Pets?!

  1. I can actually see a tattoo as a way of ID and protecting the animals from being stolen (sorry, microchips don't do that) BUT only if there is a way to make it painless – and absolutely only one tattoo. It's getting ot be an "IN" thing to steal peoples dogs and re-sale them. Race horses have had IDs tattooed inside their upper lip for a very long time (I don't know how painless they make it for them). But come up with a way to do it painlessly and only as a way of identifying the animal and that's it.

  2. I don't see the problem. Billions of animals are slaughtered each year for their meat, and nobody gives a shit. Knowing that, how can you even complain about a tattoo (plus the animal was put asleep)?

  3. I think this is completely okay to do. This is not morally wrong at all. Honestly it looks pretty sick in my opinion. If it is so wrong to tattoo your animal because it is considered animal cruelty, then why do so many people continue to neuter or spay their animals? Or chop of their tails to make them shorter? Come on people, if it’s not long term harming the animal then why get so triggered by this?

  4. but people breed animals to look a certain way where they cant even reproduce naturally with out humans anymore.. but tattoos.. not ok

  5. Omg that's so bad I love animals I could have never hurt a animal never i don't even eat much meat because it's so sad?

  6. Veterans commonly tattoo certain marks on animals to identify if they have been fixed among other reasons. That is acceptable yet artwork is not?

  7. I believe that its okay if the cat does not feeling it’s ok the anistasia is just as dangerous as fumes in dye for hair color for animals

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