Taste Testing Dog Treats With My Dog!!

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pat & pet-related and welcome
to my 100th video I thought since it was gonna be my 100th video that I would do
something a little bit more fun a little bit different and so I bought a bunch of
dog treats for Buster and I figured he and I could try them out together
homeboy so of course I’ve got my nice fancy schmancy beer chaser and I’ve got
Trash Can handy just in case just in case
okay so first up we’ve got true cheese chicken and apple sausage sounds good
smells good so I’m just gonna take a little piece I’m gonna give Buster a big
piece Buster likes it let’s see huh let’s see
what I think okay so it’s actually not too bad I can definitely taste the Apple
I don’t know what that is but it’s got like a weird aftertaste but it’s not bad
it’s not bad at all way to go true choose your food actually tastes kind of
like food okay so next up we’ve got nutria crunch treats this is with real
Apple all right let’s see what Buster seems to think oh he’s excited all he’s
excited are you a little boy okay I’m gonna break off a little piece for me
let him have the rest what I and kind of tastes like really hard
bread with a hint of Apple I don’t taste a whole lot of Apple in here but I
definitely you got the crunch down the crunch is
there my hand is so wet my hand is so wet now buster that’s inappropriate no
one needs to see that buster this is PG we’re keeping this PG so next up we got
Rachel rate deli cuts and it’s supposed to be pepperoni yeah so hopefully this
is gone tastes like pepperoni I don’t know we’ll find out all right so we’re
gonna get a little piece for me and a big piece for buster
he loves it Buster loves everything no I don’t I don’t know I mean I don’t think
there’s anything Buster won’t eat I don’t think there’s anything he want me
so here goes hopefully this tastes like pepperoni okay so it’s not too bad but it does not
taste like pepperoni mm-hmm oh there’s that like dog food aftertaste mmm YUM
okay so next up we got soft bites from wellness and this is the beef and Turkey
recipe Oh know how this one’s gonna be he’s so excited he wants to eat all the
treats hang on I gotta get a little piece for me all right so I got my nice
little wimpy piece and he’s already taking the other piece out of my hand so
Buster likes it mmm that’s not good Oh No
nope nope this one mm-hmm not feeling it Buster likes it I’m not feeling it would
it be too weird if I hit one of these just to get that taste out of my mouth
because that was pretty bad that was pretty bad all right and next up we have
one that I am completely dreading and that is the blue wilderness trail treats
wild bits of salmon what are you doing what are you doing back there
bringing me a belly rub thank you so ready for some salmon so if anybody out
there is wondering why I do have a leash on Buster we do have a new member of her
family that Buster gets a little overly excited about because she’s new so it’s
taking us a little while and a little extra training to get him used to her he
just gets a little overexcited and a little intrusive when it comes to the
cats the new kitten gets kind of freaked out so all right Buster you try the
salmon so even though these are pretty small treats I’m still gonna kind of
break it up just because I actually like I really hate salmon like I really hate
salmon I’m kind of dreading this Oh Oh mm-hmm
mmm-hmm it’s not as bad as I thought it would be but it’s still pretty bad it’s
still pretty bad I’m gonna be brushing my teeth like all day every day for days
to get this out of my mouth last but not least we got the Zuke’s mini Naturals
and this is peanut butter and oats c’mon Zuke’s be nice to me I’m dropping
treats everywhere you go Bubba so Buster likes it cuz Buster likes everything I’m
still gonna make it smaller just cuz I’m wimp and that’s okay I’m okay with that
it does not smell like peanut butter guys like this does not smell like
peanut butter yeah here goes smells terrible this smells like
terribleness oh no nope nope nope oh that’s bad oh that’s bad that’s really
bad that’s so bad that’s so bad nope that’s so bad that is so bad that’s so
bad whoo I’m gonna eat I eat a lot of Altoids I might be drinking Listerine
after this like I might need to drink some Listerine I don’t know if that’s a
thing but uh my that might become a thing zooks I’m calling you out man this
does not taste like peanut butter and oats this tastes like garbage and vomit
and sadness that is what this tastes like I don’t know what I’m doing with my
life anymore guys so anyway guys that’s all for today’s video if you enjoy
watching bless you my goodness okay so that’s all for today’s video if you
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thanks for watching guys bye

11 thoughts on “Taste Testing Dog Treats With My Dog!!

  1. Congrats on 100 videos !! This vid was great and soo funny haha i should do something like this lol good job i love this channel have a great day everyone!!!

  2. The 100th Video is a hit. And I know for sure that cold beverage helped out a lot with each and every single one of those ????

  3. Haha. Glad you liked my recommendations! ? you should check the bags for the satisfaction guarantee. I knows TC and Nutro have one. You can get moneys back for the really awful ones! I know if I won't put it in my mouth, it isn't going into Khaleesi's

  4. omgosh. your new kitten looks like it might be a sokoke! I have one – they generally look like tabbies, but they're very lean, long hind legs, and the black pattern in their fur has an inner shading to it. very pretty cats – and super affectionate.

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