Talking Kitty Cat 30 – Demon Cat

get the noms for my TVP ah oh I'm sorry mr. grumpy pants would you like me to move faster yes all right Sylvester you know you have to share this with Gibson yeah okay come on let's go eat trying to get Sylvester into a really good mood because my mom's kitten is he is coming back over today and the last time didn't go very well so I bought Sylvester a couple of toys try and play around with him try to get him to lighten up a little bit you know kitty I got you a present why surprise see their balls semester they're for you why so you can play with them they're kiddie toys all the cool kitties and don't you want to play with them yeah see you just tap it it just rolls and does it look like fun yeah so mr. fun look at just rolls he's got a mirror in it come on they're freaking cool they're fucking dumb whatever you don't want to play with me yeah fine fine I'm freaking out either then he does wanna play with me I don't want to play with him little ungrateful bastard besides I was just trying to get him into a better mood before all that must be my mom with easy I'm coming welcome back is he oh there you are hey Izzie Oh give me a look we got you some water and Sylvester can't wait to see you is he is he come on don't worry about it okay so that's just gonna be just fine he's not gonna be mean like he was last time like what the hell the hell is that noise hey Gibson Gibson I'm trying to talk to Izzie Gibson keep son Gibson dude what the hell give son hey hey shut the hell up trying to talk too easy anyway so like I was saying you're nothing to worry about so that's just gonna be nice okay okay kitty just like we talked about being nice to the kitten okay ah yeah well Josh Sylvester okay yeah he's pissed we should probably go bad it's like he's possessed by a demon oh I'm so sorry about this easy okay there you go all right oh what's that what what Oh kitty you don't need help you're okay you don't need help you're far izzie come on look I know Sylvester can be kind of scary and hey sometimes he comes off a little intimidating but you're okay you don't need help your fight no you're safe in here come on you have nothing to worry about you're okay yeah is he you're starting to scare me a little bit cuz that's what gives you oh shit not again easy kick this up I try to get just no no like sing like you were before I got the camera come on come on Sylvester see yes is so freaking uh no cats could do that is he you watching this is he give me like a high note do something like do something weird yeah yeah like but go crazy just looking nuts

33 thoughts on “Talking Kitty Cat 30 – Demon Cat

  1. 1:42
    Gibson: uhhhhhhohhhhhhhuhhhhhohh
    Steve: Gibson Gibson hey hey shut the heck up I’m trying to talk to izzy
    Edit: I’m dead now

  2. I find it very disrespectful how u don’t like Gibson beautiful singing,
    But in love with Sylvesters…..singing.

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