Talking Dog Replies To His Fans! And Has Existential Crisis!

key would you like to reply to some comments you would so I'll read you a comment and then you'll reply oh okay Anupama me again I'm sorry if I got that wrong said when you do exercise he keeps your butt but when he does exercise he face slaps you and asks you to get lost politely two sets of rules one for himself fun for you have you got to say about that then is there one set of rules for you yeah poni bet eight three oh four says he is so funny cute and adorable thank you for sharing him with YouTube my daily entertainment wanted to say about that then are you cute funny and adorable you aren't you yeah yeah someone said I unsubscribe Jodi because I feel like you aren't real anymore I wish you and Kiev in life but you say her personal what do you say about that then are we not real anymore no we are make up your mind are we imaginary oh yeah you not you lay down can you sit them please can you hello key earth to key maybe we aren't real anymore wakey-wakey biscuit Bizkit waffle and anything food related chicken Chinese beef steak yeah like I remember what we're talking about now no and after me one Divya Chaudhary said geez I swear he is a human soul trapped in a dog's body by the way he's so cute are you see are you human trapped in dog's body Joycelyn journal other says that's so adorable I so love your videos I could watch them all day I love you ki your kisses and lots of loops once you say to that then that's really cute in that yeah are you adorable key oh thank you you are this one another read one key this one says that has your dumb ass ever taken that dog to the woods it's reason that yeah mm-hm have we ever taken you to it yeah do you like the woods you ever there lots of videos of you in the woods isn't her yeah get out provide today you weirdo you can't fit you get stuck okay no you'll get stuck cine Kino haven t is nearly boy Reapers blade said your dog be like human you wish you had my bum do you wish do you think everyone wishes they had your bum is it fluffy ki birf B which said the stink eye look is simply keys most downright hilarious look ever my friend that could speak I know what you mean you and your side I you get at the side I Mickey Smith said you don't need Hollywood to be a superstar the human and the dog in these videos proves that Thank You Mickey key Mickey said you're a superstar what do you think about that yeah

50 thoughts on “Talking Dog Replies To His Fans! And Has Existential Crisis!

  1. Make sure you like the video and comment below so I know if you'd like us to do this again and have a chance at Key responding to YOUR comment! 😀

  2. Oh, he is so cute and lively, and you do such a great job of putting it all together too. Thanks so much again.

  3. Super cute segment. Love Key’s specially thought out replies. The rude people just have sad lonely lives. Hope they get booped on the snoot & puppy cuddled to make them all better, happier & nicer people again. If anyone can do it, Key can! Thanks for sharing your laughs & love … puppy cuddles from Loki & hi from me ??

  4. There must something wrong with who ever said your real ignore them. You are very real love you k and jodie ??????????????????????????

  5. People are rude. That upset me very much ugh. Please although it's hard try to look past the rudeness. You guys are doing awesome things. I love this channel so much ❤️

  6. I'm sorry that anymore would be rude to you. You seem lovely. And they can not watch if they don't like what you do.I hope you and Key happiness! Give him a hug from me in Tennessee ? ?.

  7. Yes even i feel that Key isnt real. No real dog could be so cute n adorable and beautiful and amazingly funny as Key. Love to both of you. Yes you both are d best things that happened to you tune

  8. Oh you so cute and a good boi. You must doing again and really i love your chanel. The rude coment is just they are so jealous because you have a adorable and amazing doggo.

  9. I LOVE THAT DOG SO MUCH I JUST SUBSCRIBED he is so so so so so cute i love him soooooooooooooooooooo much amd all the haters dont deserve him at all


  11. I think k’eyush is soooooooooo cute and funneh I wish shepper and k’eyush can be twin❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Not real anymore? What the f*** is that supposed to mean? You're using CGI instead of a real dog now?

  13. Do this again. Btw what's Key's reaction when he is forced to take a bath when he does not want to.

  14. Howdy, Key. You look like a really smart dog. You have a good sense of humor and respond wisely to people’s questions. I hope I am able to obtain a smart, humorous and loving dog like you at some time in my future. Do you think that might be possible? Should I get a big dog like you or a small dog like a Yorkie ?

  15. He can actually talk that's amazing. I love your vids Key is so adorable. I love how you guys have such a special bond it is really amazing?

  16. I subbed to ur channel,k'eyush is just too cute and u deserve a trillion subscribers ??(hope u read this)???

  17. I just wanna know how do you manage to get your dog react like he was understanding… signs ? Toys ? By the way the directing is funny !?

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