100 thoughts on “Talking bird activates Siri on the iPhone by saying “Hey Siri”

  1. @KiwiandPixeltheParakeets Hi, is Kiwi able to talk with Siri as only for show? i`m very interested. Have you ever tried that with him? (for more conversation)

  2. A piece from your video was used here https://youtu.be/X_lDfeq2YKg?t=3m12s and there are no references to your YT channel.

  3. I once watched a horror movie and then the next day my parrot said to me "I'll kill you." I thought it was posessed >w<

  4. Wow, great voice! Owner must have great voice, as the budgie imitates him. Bird has a career in voicovers!

  5. is kind of sad

    He is saying

    bird : Im wiki a parakeet
    Hey Siri Help me

    he wants to be with his other Birds

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO I showed my dad this video and it helped to FINNALY convince him to let me get a budgie THANK YOU SOOO MUCH♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. Siri: “I’m listening…”

    birb: acts surprised <under his breath> ”holy shit it worked” I never thought I’d get this far…*<Awkward silence>* now what?

  8. Hey, did you teach him some Disco sayings? ?

    I love how your budgie birbs talk and he summoned Siri!

    (I miss Disco, rip lil’ guy).

  9. I had two parakeets over 30 and 33 years ago and not one time did anyone at the pet store tell me they were talkers! Feel cheated…

  10. Wow! That is very impressive! My bird says “Hey siri” once a week. He does not say it often, but we can hear him sometimes saying that.

    Other words my budgie can say is “Cute baby bird” “my name is bhagat” “I love you!” “Bird” and “KRIS TAKE THE MEDICINE”??

  11. I've noticed that not only can parakeets talk really well, but they match your voice. Kiwi makes his voice deeper to sound like you and makes his voice higher to sound like your wife. That's really neat. I wonder how my parakeet would sound when it tries to sound like me.

  12. Birb: my name is Kiwi,
    I'm a parakeet.
    A parakeet.
    Hey siri
    Phone: I'm listening

    Birb: wait what??????

  13. Is this a joke I think it’s a joke if it is really funny but if it’s not we can hear you clicking on the computer to say that in the background you can record your voice upload it to your computer and then play it it’s not that hard dude

  14. lyrises

    my name is kiwi I'm a parakeet a parakeet

    hey Siri

    beeb beeb

    beeb beeb.

    im listening

    beeb beeb




  15. Bold bird kiwi ready for whatever: hey Siri! You loser! Where ya at!

    Siri: what’s up stinky bird talk to me!!!

    Bird:………… oh my a wave of nerves has come over me silence

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