Taking Your Pets on Plane

hello i'm dr. judy today i'm addressing those fears planning to take to the friendly skies with Fido and fluffy over half a million pets fly each year but not all airlines have the same travel regulations American Airlines Delta JetBlue and many other airlines allow pets in the cabin and as cargo frontier allows pets only as cargo Southwest won't let pets fly at all except for service animals all these different policies can be confusing however there are rules that you and the airlines must follow here's what you need to know about flying with your pet most airlines require pets to be considered healthy under 100 pounds and at least 8 weeks of age pets are never allowed out of their containers and of course the airline assumes no responsibility for their health and well-being less traditional pets aren't allowed at all for example pot-bellied pigs monkeys and certain poisonous reptiles know snakes most airlines require that an official health certificate be obtained from your veterinarian your veterinarian will provide you with two forms an official animal health certificate from the Department of Agriculture issued and certified by the owners veterinarian ten days prior to travel this certificate contains both owner and pet information second an acclamation statement certified by the owners veterinarian indicating that your animal is a custom and acclimated to traveling and temperatures between 45 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit this animal should sustain its body temperature at the above air temperatures for the length of the flight which will be X number of hours we also suggest knowing the following will the holds heater be turned off during the flight if so temperatures in the hold may drop to near freezing make sure that the flight crew knows that your pet is traveling in the cargo hold since a cargo hold is not heated or cooled until takeoff times spin on the ground in an unventilated compartment can be dangerous animals are prohibited from being in the hold on the tarmac for more than 45 minutes when temperatures are above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit some airlines have even stricter policies but you should ask to ensure your pets safety according to the American Veterinary Medical Association most mishaps stem not from mishandling or a panicked animal getting injured or lost but from sedation the AVMA advises against giving tranquilizers to pets traveling by air because the results are often unpredictable federal officials made public the pet related travel statistics last year for the first time as part of regulations imposed by the safe air travel for animals Act passed by Congress in 2000 most air trips with pets are without incidents but between May and September 2006 there were 14 reported pet deaths for injuries and 6 lost animals finally for your pets comfort and safety you will need to alert the airline of a pet when booking your flight to make sure there's room in the cabin fly during a weekday when airports are less busy fly in the morning or evening during the summer and midday during the winter to ensure safe temperatures for pets traveling as cargo choose a non-stop direct flight exercise your pet before leaving to help it relax do not feed or give water to your pet two hours before departure check in at least two hours before flight time and have all your paperwork tape a note on the pets container with all relevant information name of the pet age destination and flight number make sure the carry-on container will fit under the seat allow your pet to get comfortable with your carrier before leaving home and make sure that the pet is wearing tags or is microchipped your pets safety and comfort is important to both you and the airlines working together will make for a great trip for everyone remember cats now the road is rock you in part by friends Agri makers of aamna Jen al advancing animal nutrition for healthy animals and Woodruff enterprise of Springfield Ohio

20 thoughts on “Taking Your Pets on Plane

  1. Please don't put pets like that dog in the video in a crate so small. Clearly the dog cannot even stand up or turn around, that is torture!

  2. I'm having some troubles. My mom, dad, and I might be going on a plane next year to England (from the US) for about a week, but we have a 75 pound, 5 year old German Shepard/Black Lab mix. She gets scared very easily and can easily be heartbroken if we leave her for long periods of times. The flight would be 11 hours. I'm scared she might die from heart broken, heart attack, or stress, or even get lost. Please help! <33 idk if someone should stay back or not.

  3. Good information, except that the dog in the video is shown being put into a crate that is too small for him. The dog should be able to stand comfortably; this dog is not able to fully stand upright, as his back is jammed against the top of the crate.

  4. the vet told me that ur pet will sleep the hole trip cause ur pet will be so scared and that will make him sleep

  5. Southwest DOES allow pets to trvale as carry on. and its $75. you are allowed 1 per person and 4 max on the flight.

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