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cookie swirl chocolate man who lets play some robots oh I do I do I do well let's just jump right in and see where we go are we gonna jump where we gonna jump let's jump off of the chocolate bar here we go wow what's going on what's going on I'm totally a baby both those other babies in here oh this is so cool one's got fire extinguisher what is it doing what I've been doing that what is going on where did you get that the baby's gone crazy your gums dead dad is going to take away the fire extinguisher from the babies see look at oh no the baby got thrown on the ground yeah I got it it threw me on the ground there are so many babies in here there's even more baby but there's a bomb out here Iggy can you get into the baby and plan ahead what are you doing we can go through the air vent oh where are we going where are we going can't wait for me there's the other baby which way should we go come on this way this way now wait for me come on let's go bawling no hospital world I'm in the backyard now it was like a jumpy pit we can go jumping in here yay jumpy em be jumpy jumpy yeah this is fun going fine fine fine fine Oh third what you got in here hi somebody threw a chair in here what's going on with this dad he's standing on his head oh no there's something going on everything's crazy hey cookie fans in here Ron there's furniture being thrown everywhere look at how crazy it is outside I think I just want to stay underneath the table mannequin what's going on the toaster or get thrown on the ground should I open the door beginning cue I can go into the laundry room who's got the fire extinguisher now I do shh shh what y'all cooking bad I got the fire extinguisher I got the wrong oh oh I think dad's mad dad is bad by the fire extinguisher is the furniture and going crazy in here you are so awesome you brought cookie pan so can I go through the door dad open the door cushy rock yeah one of the dads open the door so where are we gonna get where are we gonna go where is cookie duty for me what did I do I didn't do it I didn't do it I'm gonna hide behind the sofa dad no I don't want to be and I know he's right you ground me we're good all these babies there's so many babies in here whoo what's in here just like it's true oh I'm in the garage hi you did oh I want to drive the car can we hop in you need you oh I like it in for the car so close I'm a little bit too small to get in Oh almost Oh Oh buddy open the doors where the car what happened no I got thrown outside no now I gotta make my way back into the garage let me and I saw the fire extinguisher not that ding-dong I'm here did their same cookie cookies outside let me in dad can you open the door for me know when the Hangout fans are inside let me a cookie dance on out here which is dad see me if you see me or disease just see a whole bunch of babies dude there's a secret door on the roof all the babies are on the roof we're falling no careful I fell you're gonna babies come on babies let's go Reverend dad dad try to get me mom I'm trying to get me now I know how to be in trouble come on everybody let's get inside yes now I mean here's like a fan furniture is going crazy oh I'm going crazy on the stairs there's dad jumping all the babies Oh No and surrounded by babies and dad's way up here oh no I get sucked off and out Oh mom are you okay mom mom are you okay oh there's some babies that are like making themselves a snack there's so many babies there's now so many dads look how many dads there are hi could you can look at how many babies there are there's so many babies whoa oh we can go downstairs Kiki Kiki dear and elegant an advancement oh look at there's my old troll car they can hang out in my car I want to be in the baby car oh no it's roomy now it's going me up right now what is he doing today again drop me underneath the house I'm like getting a hip area yes why did you do that to me dad you have to save me yeah it helped me get them down here hi mommy oh no I am totally trapped down here okay I have another baby with me yay yay I'm happy you are here what in the world where am I now oh there's a boat over here what do I look like oh I'm ex my old self wait a minute no I'm a baby this is so random and told me a little baby can I swim over to the boat climb up up up I can't climb cuz I'm a baby Oh No well that would be cool to go on that yacht wait oh no oh no is glitching oh wow I had terrible triplets I'm really exhausted and can do with a lie down could you keep an eye on the triplets do you know where everything is I try to keep them from crying so I'm not woken okay so it looks like the triplets dad is gonna go to sleep so now it's up to me to take care of you baby do not wait to Daddy oh okay we need a bottle okay here's your bottle oh no one of them needs so teddy bear where's the teddy okay here it is here it is okay one needs to be rocked to sleep wait a minute doesn't need a steady anymore here here here here take Teddy with a dirty diaper one throw up oh no oh no we got to pick up this little throw-up beat you Lily Lily oh no what am I gonna do with these babies I can't keep them happy you've got to keep more of an eye on the triplets if I'm going to get any sleep please take more care okay we woke up their dad not good okay let's try to take care of them again dad is asleep okay bottles for you there we go there we go everybody's good everybody's good okay one needs a burpee Burpee there we go for professor professor professor first group okay what are the other babies needs to be rocks oh wait we have to keep burping no rock rock my baby bad bad baby oh no one cries here we go please please please be happy be happy so much of your – do not wake up your dad here we don't just drop the baby brought the baby to sleep now we need the bottle this one needs a burpee again but fur furfrou fur fur fur furfrou there we go yes another burpee but for first book book there we go oh always got a little messy right here don't cry it's okay it's okay oh what a stinky stinky diaper pet would I change that put that into the little diaper bin a clean II don't clean it up okay there we go now it smells better bottle for you diaper for you and a burpee for you well I'm doing it I'm taking care of these babies every baby happy oh you need a bottle if you take that bottle from you here we go give it to your sibling there we go everybody's happy another little Burpee and rockabyebaby one threw up again Oh pick that up oh we got a dirty diaper take that diaper off clean it up you can take it easy there there you go Oh two of them want the teddy bear choose the Teddy hears and Teddy look at the little toy because it's all eyes look at how happy you're a happy baby no no no no Bonnie why are you crying everybody's crying oh no everyone's upset oh no oh no no no look at the toys look at those little teddy bear everything is okay it's okay oh really trying to get some sleep the triplets need a turning to quicker than this okay we'll try it again so we need a baby bottle winner where's the baby bottle who has two babies levels what is it babies took the baby I don't know where the baby bottle is okay kitty kitty look it's a little toy look at the toy okay we need a burp I still don't know where the bottle is it totally disappeared maybe the dad took it to bed with him I don't know okay now we have another stinky diaper at least I managed to get a bit of rust thanks for helping up I'm sure it'll be easier next time whew I did it oh baby care rush okay so let's go ahead and grab the babies and put them in their little crib seems easy enough if the baby needs anything it looks like I am a nurse and I can help them oh here's another baby put them right here oh the babies crawling what's wrong baby they need a bottle okay come on over here get the little baby bottle and there we go wait a minute are you happy baby wait a minute I don't know it's going on okay keep the baby the bottle put it back to take this one put you in the crib and now out you go have you are smiling and happy what's the babies are happy babies to go out right no yes why plan crying what do I do is all these babies this baby needs a bath take this baby give it a bath there we go now it's nice and happy just right after my baby baby disappeared take this baby put it down what do these babies need I don't know they need but there's a baby right here who can take this baby this one needs a bath well wrap the baby there we go put baby the staff grab the other baby here we go all right now I have all the cribs spills with babies oh no I'm crying so we got more babies now so baby in does the baby need anything oh we got another baby put the baby here okay pick up this one what does it need it needs a bottle get a kitty to do there's your bottle all such a cute little smiley baby grab this baby put them down wait for them to eat something okay this one's ready now and out it goes yay okay I did it so whatever they get smiling and happy that means it's time for them to go okay give this one their little rattle rattle for you back you go grab this baby put them in there we go oh that baby's ready okay go to your parents hey hey crying baby needs rattle there we go get the rattle for the baby we got a new baby in put it into the crab if everybody's okay everyone's okay oh this one's ready to go home there you go little baby oh we got a little crier what's wrong we need a bath okay there we go get this baby come on in little baby oh this baby's ready to go home we need a bottle now thank you there we go get the other baby oh no I'm crying I thought I did so good what do we have here another baby oh she's so cute well what do we do it's baby she's just kind of walking around in her room oh she wants to play ball okay we'll go to the playroom because we got a playroom over here choose a study room a hospital bed a toilet a bathtub a bed in a dining room it looks like she just wants to play with her ball for now Oh where's she going thinking of her ball oh she wants something to drink go go to the kitchen there we go here's a cup yummy oh you're done go potty those were your two the toilet for you we do not want her to have an accident on the ground go potty okay there we go she's behind the door Oh perfect Oh looks like she's hungry without her stomach go to the dining room we'll give her some food have her sit down and eat yo just like a big girl I'll show us her ball again whoo she's running well she loves running for dinner gave her energy where is she going thinking of football oh she does not want to study you don't want to study she just wants to play all day where's she going she wants to play all the way down there come on up here come on up here there we go oh she's thirsty again here is a touch look like she's kind of tired she's walking around really sleepily there we go let's put her into the bedroom she's gonna run to bed and go to bed there we go nice little baby girl Oh Ready Set checkup with dr. Barbie okay so we are going to play a bunch of mini game and check on our patients so here is our patient let's listen to her heart where is it where is it oh wait a minute thought I heard it completely listen well found her heart do a blood pressure look now we have to mess up the band-aid shape whoops there we go there we go there we go a high-heel band-aid okay that one is perfect for Barbie well thank you ready for your next patient next patient blood pressure listen for her heart beat keeps listening listen and there and now we have to catch all of the bananas whoo okay we do not want anything else to go in here oh except at heart here's our next patient whoa all right growth chart look now your blood pressure perfect and then we got to take care of lots of patients today come on come on come on whoa all right Chucky pants I hope you enjoyed playing some roblox that was so cool I absolutely love playing with cookie fans make sure you follow me in roblox that way you can see what games I'm playing and when I'm on and well you never know you could just appear in a video stay absolutely googoo gaga hooray be cool today and I will see you guys in my next video bye cookie pants well I'm slamming underwater all right cookie ban how well were you paying attention to the video if you remember what did the first baby triplet need me to do give them a bottle a teddy bear or change its diaper by cookies zero

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