Take care of your skin TODAY: Here’s Why | Skincare and Grooming Tips

24 thoughts on “Take care of your skin TODAY: Here’s Why | Skincare and Grooming Tips

  1. I already used this shaving tool by Gilette and it worked very good on me. With the right shaving oil to prevent irritation, my skin feels like a baby butt even after shaving 😀

  2. Shaving technology peaked at the safety razor, don’t waste your money on anything else. Most people rush shaving too, proper prep and aftercare is everything. Watch a few vids of a pro doing it.

    This razor looks to me like they are just heading back towards the safety razor (less blades) but trying to keep a higher priced product on the market.

    After you invest in a safety razor, which costs from as little as a Gillette, the blades are super cheap.

    I do have a tip though, shaving everyday isn’t good for your skin. Wahl 5 star finale shaver. I shave on Sunday when I’ve got time to do it properly and use this shaver to knock it back to skin in the week.

  3. Make a video on cloths t shirts and shoes watches Like tattered pants good combos to go with cloths

  4. I'm a teenager,I clicked for skincare tips.I got a 5 minute Gillette ad,I don't even have facial hair yet??

  5. You and Alex Costa are shouting out Gillette products within the same week… the Gillette mafia must be in full force. Skin care is not only topical. What you eat inclusive of how you supplement your diet (collagen, fish oil, biotin) plus sleep, minimizing alcohol consumption, minimizing sun exposure will help preserve your body’s largest organ. Eat like crap, look like crap. General rule of thumb. Also, invest in getting a professional facial every few months to really tighten up your skin game… finally, don’t go to sleep with product in your hair… rinse it out! You sweat at night and left over product will transfer from your head to your pillow to your face… hello pimples…

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