Take Back Your Backyard 2015 Modern Pest Services Prize Patrol

Here we are, we’re about to present our winner of the Take Back Your Backyard contest, Jill Webber, with her prize pack Here we go knock, knock, knock Hello… Hello, hi Jill! How are you? Good… Congratulations! Oh my gosh! This is amazing! Oh my gosh! Hi, how are you? Ya! Guys, looks Can you read the sign? Take Back Your Backyard 2015 winner, Jill Webber laughter Ya! I’m here to present you with your Campco firepit so you can decide how you would like it to look. OK. Oh my gosh! Another price is a full season of mosquito control You don’t know how much we need this! We get eaten alive and we are miserable outside in the summer SO GREAT! and $500 worth of butcher shop treats That is going to be one heck of a BBQ! Right? laughter And this is from Lowery’s… Oh my gosh! and it is for two adirondack chairs that have a footrest. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! This is so amazing! This is so amazing! I never win anything! This is awesome!

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