Taiwan pet groomers trim shapes onto cats and dogs

Lee Mei-Chen, Pet groomer at Igogo Pet Shop Because we don't provide the service of dying fur into different colours, we try to find a style that matches the appearance of (the pet) and then come up with a design. Of course everyone thinks that Hello Kitty is white and that a lion is dark brown. We try to come up with designs based on that concept. Ou Shih-Jou, Owner of Igogo Pet Shop If a cat needs to have its fur trimmed in the summer, the most common style is almost naked. Pet owners think that there were no other styles, And they want something more creative so they ask us to come up with a design. When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back will stand up, So we came up with a style called "stegosaurus design". So now it looks like a little dinosaur. The owners, when they saw it, were very happy, seeing that it was quite creative. Kuo Yu-Lan, pet owner I think their technique is great. I haven't seen anything like this before, so I think they are really amazing. When walking (the pets) outside, people think it's amazing and magical. Everyone wants to take a photograph and see what kind of styles they (the pets) came up with. First people thought there was something on their (pets') bodies so they came closer to see what it was, trying to identify the patterns on their bodies.

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