100 thoughts on “Taika Waititi on Jojo Rabbit, New Thor Movie & Sleeping at Work

  1. So, Natalie Portman is coming ba-
    *Audience applauds*
    And my character is coming back, Ko-
    *Audience applauds intensely*

  2. Someone needs to inform Taika that according to Jewish law if ones mother is Jewish then they are Jewish. That means that Taika is Jewish. I hate when they say he has a Jewish mother as if he isn't Jewish. ?

  3. I don't like that all people are saying about the movie is that it is crazy and stuff; the movie was a heartfelt and beautiful film that I recommend to anyone.

  4. Taika Waititi is the perfect Hapa Haole! I see his Maori more in that "interview" than I do in his shows and movies. He's a chameleon, like kindred Hawaiian comedians. ESPECIALLY Rap Reiplinger! (RIP, 1984)

  5. Im shook i didnt know this guy made Thor Ragnarok and what we do in the shadows and wrote Moana. I feel like an idiot for not knowing. What a talented guy!!! New Zealanders must be so proud!!

  6. The whole "Nazi's are evil" theme is not just a dead horse. The dead horses bones have weathered away in the wind and weather. Time to have a different theme. How about Christians who were targeted by the Bolshevik Jews in the Soviet Union? I would watch that.

  7. He favors Robert Downy Jr. They even have similar mannerisms. Have they ever played brothers? If not, they really should.

  8. Its nice to see Jimmy Kimmel is still absolutely terrible at being an interviewer. God he's awful, im here for Taika!

    Can someone please apologise on his behalf for saying New Zealish, makes me want to throw up just typing that

  9. The more I see about this movie the more I want to watch it and finally be able of getting that sour taste Caging Skies left in my mouth ?

  10. Far out bro!!! Wtf up with your hair do bey? Ow man get a real hair cut bro, no'1 fade short back and sides???? oh and btw, Chur bro…??????

  11. He is such a genius big ups to his mum for encouraging him to follow his dreams and talents!! Taika Waititi we are all so proud of you representing Aotearoa KIWIS NZ New Zealish!!!! Kia Kaha and make more 4 THOR sore!!! LOVE THE KIWI naps!!!

  12. Oh that's my mom an that's my brother, not relation, but mom did her job. by the way I don't look nothing like the man I called my brother. Thanks for the insight again ?

  13. Thor ragnarok is my favorite and probably one of the best movie ever. a His character in Korg is absolutely Amazing . Plus I love All Blacks?!!!

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