Taco Cat Tuesday: 6/11/2019

we are it took a while but we're here but wake up there hi everybody we got a couple of special people with us tonight here's Jim say hi Jim hi where're you from Jim straight from Las Vegas show me your shirt it's Laurie she's brought all their shenanigans with her too and she's so lucky it's not her shirt – Oh Campbell how we slide thank you I call it yeah we're here this Fred so we got to put my phone on the the cradle on the cradle the cat's in the cradle in the Silver's like what Oh Laurie my god look Laurie's turned it off just got the foot of the foo babies as the things going by so fast hi everybody miss anybody you know this cover all here anyway so we're here in front of five treasures $10 super chat from Josh Rey good luck tonight thanks for the live stream well thank you for that super cat yeah really appreciate that anyways we have $300 to start off here and wish this look just a reminder to those cat club members rock on $18 get started yeah just a reminder after tonight's live stream for those of you in the cat club there will be a cat Club live stream on Facebook thank you all for joining us we have 202 people already drank I didn't see the message but yes oh sorry to hear that in parkour Laurie hey $2 super chat for man through Shriner second it's rule cool cats rule good luck Thank You Matthew for that super cat so forget to forget down hi my really good luck bitches Oh tacocat almost tacocat down mighty save the day yeah red for Fred come on machine hold our own we want the bonus Oh $72 rock on for all ohh woof cup slots if I dollar super tenets sharing the wealth I finally got the jackpot feature on fried dragons rapid welcome congratulations rocky thank you for that super cat – we're just gonna enjoy this and I said well hey Matthew hope it's quiet night for you thank you so much for what you do Matthew's a first responder and just a great great person all right Hey okay so what do you want to do 350 and then we'll move on her or bonus that was a great line hood right now kneeling here hey guys I know 243 mine for some reason doesn't read all of them Oh turn off come on Ramya oh did you see all the red go buy anything come on close that yeah one more after dolls Tiger hey it doesn't want to sleep ta coz ATO taco taco cat Thank You Bryan Ark okay should we move on or do you feel miss Heidi is going to take the footed $5.00 I'm sorry $3.00 super temp from Elizabeth Peters I look forward to Tuesday's good luck so that's very nice thank you Elizabeth appreciate it thank you for watching this to me is the general direction you're going okay here's your phone I'm not sure I was gonna play my tea pack but they're all in gold yes cashing out piggy said to ring your bell for good like I didn't remind him piggy on purpose I'm sorry he doesn't have the Bell with him I'm sneaky like that Oh $20 super chat from juma salmon we'll talk okay Tuesday hashtag all crew has said Kelly love big win tonight cats rule Thank You Juma for that super chat you are so awesome we're to Fred go all right we're going to try this one you did what I was going to try to change it to the pennies and on if it can can you try it honey all right if I guess we can it's okay all right well points you said oh yeah no to say no honey he's crazy Jimmy gave us a Twitter super chat Lisa Litchfield I need you tonight slot cats my soul was almost completely sucked from my body when I asked the candidate to tell me more about himself and he told me he had a good smell that's weird sorry Lisa punchy mr. Bell I didn't read too much yeah you you were driving over here for good super sir so it's 360 is let's get it oh my gosh I sound like Jessica get it get it get it get it Josh I love you Jessica I do too bunchy was here earlier where are you oh you got that Jules can you miss you again let's get $14 almost $15 hi Elvia oh my god she's announcing again they're sharp casino couple here Stephanie's here come on one more do it oh darn it we need the frame around the symbols two of those and then we can hopefully get the bonus do it again oh darn also this is Laura Gina from Long Beach Gina from Long Beach does Thank You Kevin they did because at least they're over so that's well enough for me Oh a $2 $3 super chat from Deborah Romero cats need to invade big windstar in Oklahoma oh my god okay to me that is on our list for sure absolutely we would love to come to the Midwest and see Winstar and Choctaw and play those red screens my goodness it's definitely on the list and we would have had them in the middle hey Randy thanks for being here you know this is a game you don't have up in Washington Thomas and Susie you're right and here's our progressives up there so if we can get those matching frames well can hopefully play for one of those tickle it like the babies oh my god you're so crazy he's so crazy we have we have a couple of important announcements to are you what are you what are you doing your announcement I don't know when everybody demands it oh my god it's so pretty come on we need the frames honey get the frames I'm BlackBerry I know Elizabeth I live mighty cash to you but they're all oh it's so busy here right now it's crazy Jasmine says hi Heidi and Frederick chuckle cat good luck thanks for the good luck sweetie 3 mm wings yes we have 302 people watch us razy thank you happy ones the announcement baby girl fest announcement right meow he's crazy got more spin then you can do your announcement get a bonus come on bonus oh darn it alright you go I'm nothing to do with it okay so this may be a little bit premature for me to do this but we're nearing 10,000 subscribers we're about 86 87 million I think I know something like that so but you know what you know what I am going to do when we reach 10,000 subscribers I'm going to eat ten tacos live in 10 minutes you heard it here first that's gonna be funny yeah your turn you get to take it where are we staying here you want play some more you want to play it a little bit more together let's play a little bit more okay I see piggy bank you open I'm running oh go go I'm ready go go go Laurie can you grab it piggy bank in the one on the end right thank you Laurie's ready we're gonna go run over to the feather machine okay all right Jim's ready we're ready oh no no no God no no no no no it's not that crazy Oh $10 super chat from lobby can't wait for a feeling fest oh my god lucky we're so excited for feeling best you have no idea we can't wait either we are so excited it's going to be so much fun and we are we're hoping to hit that 10,000 sub mark by the end of July that's our goal hi Nana hi Tyrone thanks for the good luck and then thank you for getting that and then hopefully at the end of July at feeling fest we're gonna try to watch ready ten tacos in ten minutes which is going to be crazy with hot sauce you're right Richard with lots of hot sauce Fred if you got paid for enthusiasm you'd be a millionaire that's what Angie said I agree hi Marsha he is bananas so bananas oh you're buffering are you suffering are you free it's your phone maybe you need to reset as everybody else okay Fred why are you eating 10 tacos Gina we're trying to get to 10,000 subs he's gonna eat 10 tacos in 10 minutes it's gonna be super funny okay nobody else is buffering baby it's your phone okay hi Randy Debbie says she's good alright so let's do this and let's get a bonus run you know right meow is right wanna be slaw channel Steve says get that grand look at that and that major is a hand pay too that would be so awesome to do it live okay Valerie says I'll drink 10 beers while watching lol awesome yes we need Piggy's the end of August yeah so we need to step it up here and get some paw pays and pick up some subs if everybody would just subscribe yeah that's definitely double check and make sure come on all right come on piggies I know you're in there the name of the taco cat Casino couple says I'll do it with you Fred that's awesome million will get fiesta packs with all the tacos and other people can challenge him see who can eat the mushrooms I'm just going it's no challenge you're just gonna do it okay Fred actually bunchy he mixes hot and mild is kind of mild in the medium and it's a green burrito so that's how Freddy Tisdale taco burritos I do put on the tacos down – yeah Oh burritos and tacos yes it's true oh come on oh my god I know should I fit dirty little pig in the coat challenge accepted baby girl says shinigami says I can eat ten tacos easy peasy and rocky says I'll do ten tacos on my channel in support well there you go rocky that's right what makes something a green burrito it's the green sauce that they put on it which is different than Red Sox beans Jews and green sauce oh my god Matthew and Valerie are gonna do ten fireball shot Holies know they're crazy bitch I don't know he is crazy my I'm telling you I live with crazy but he's funny so we have another announcement – which you didn't make you told them the taco and it launched for drama American Pharoah my gosh all right piggies well wait till about halfway through and then we'll make our other announcement come on Jim Jim's over there plane hold on to your hat that's the game that we hit the major on and got a hand payer earlier this year thanks for the good luck Christy up the betfred what what rocky what I was thinking I don't know yes there is more Brian three more oh come on one of us has to get the bonus this is crazy come on piggies I keep getting forward we need Piggy's lots of piggies you take easier banks all right come on piggies oh they blocked all of these dirty little piggy thank you come on banks Oh Randy's gonna eat ten tacos with you two awesome yes I'm not eating Tanaka's with him there's 20 Marquez thanks for being here sweetie do they have more more chilies there they do honey but it's upstairs Tyrone and we're downstairs today we thought we'd change it a little bit but I think we're getting like totally our butts kicked on this machine because we need to play nickels oh my god he is so bananas right now just do it all right we're changing it to nickels 250 a spin oh my goodness southern charm says I can eat ten tacos in five min as I eat bad oh my goodness no I didn't say it was good my only fear my only concern is if I do hardshell tacos get me they're gonna impale the roof of my mouth and cut up my throat do you plan to play at more than one casino during feeling fest in Vegas or is there one favorite casino Wow Elizabeth and Fred says what he wants you're right Tyrone so Elizabeth I think right now we're luckiest at Aria right yeah we do really well are ya yeah Cosmo we haven't done really well there lately so I don't know everybody's weekend almost everyone we knew losing yeah it was hard so you never know it might turn around oh my goodness Jessica I had some dark spots removed so she's on pain pills and she thinks you're super funny tonight takes medication to make it sound funny that is funny but I'm I'm hoping you're on the mend none of us are getting the bonuses like what is going on here Oh two more turn it piggy come on piggy thanks for the good luck John and Joanie we have 351 people in the house thank you all for watching alright one more spin ready do it alright you want it is that even a question what's the question del Taco or Taco Bell del Taco oh my goodness forever yeah always alright ready I'm going to turn this around we're gonna sell our announcement okay thanks for the good luck Kyle are you going first yes okay Bert we're proud to announce a Heidi's pregnant oh my god stop okay we're having kittens no I'm trying to be serious okay seriously oh my god it's so not true don't listen to him seriously right now are you that mean okay I'm gonna tell everybody okay all right so this has been rocky just spit water everywhere oh my god so anyways Oh somebody just misses here no congratulations I think it's is Debbie I'm sorry Debbie that you meant the Sun anyways okay so we have been thinking about doing this for a very long time and even before we were doing the slide show before we had a slot channel but we're finally doing it so Fred and I are moving to Las Vegas yeah we are house up for sale so if you want to buy it $5 it's up for sale anyways so we will probably be stopped it Andre we will probably be moving in July or maybe Austin Kyle tacocat already has children yeah but yeah so we are gonna be moving to Vegas that we're super excited and it'll be a central point everybody goes to Vegas we gets the REO get to see everybody so we're super excited we've traveled there a lot anyways so John and jenni we're not sure yet we're looking like in the north but they don't know emmalin right now but we're not really sure that's where we started yeah so yeah so will will still be coming to San Manuel occasionally but that's our news say hi Fred hello not anything else that comes out of his mouth don't listen to him party of Fred and Heidi's you're right blackberry and so yeah so we're really super excited and looking forward in Reverse will come to San Manuel on the weekends Beth says where you leaving from what we live here in Riverside and we we usually salmon wells are local we're here at our local right now so we're super excited of course Vic and Karen know Victini and baby girl now and baby girl has been so helpful super sweet so Thank You Marilyn we're excited and it's a new journey Congrats I'm being pregnant no no no no pregnant here so Oh Gina's very hurt she still hasn't seen us in San Manuel where we'll hear on Tuesdays and Sundays you'll get to see us so there is no chance of a baby can not not at all I don't know what does Kayla entirely think about us moving to Vegas well they're super happy for us there's a banner we do what we want oh my goodness gracious he's crazy so yeah they're super excited I think Tyler would have preferred us moving to Washington and that was on the short list but I'm sorry I still want to get the piggies all right you want to play hold onto your hat instead or you want to play this whatever one your family let's do that one all right we'll cash out we're cashing out our money this game with mean so yes which one Fred right there footer that one on the end which one this one or that one this one okay Fred once this one can you get through sorry all right mr. mrs. slot thanks for being here we were winning in the beginning and now we're looking for another winning machine but it's probably a start watch fire as we love this game it's usually pretty good to us Thank You Lina yeah one of the things Oh John says I saw a San Manuel on Thursday well we were here on Thursday because gamma Hall queen slots was in town and so we were here hanging out with her and Lori no just hit this one and then the two dollars oh there's a star thank you for all the luck Linda Lee all about slots with Luke thanks for being here crystal loves this game I'll get it Lauren get it almost yes it's Carol robbed my finals went really well and they're over so that's what really matters but yes I'm happy those are done oh my goodness Lori get it we want the spin or the pregame thanks for the good luck lady girl they say fall thanks for the good luck CC hi Travis thanks for being here come on bonus we have the sound up I couldn't even hear it can you hear it stop he's just being funny now Oh blanks here hi Blaine we started with 300 we're at 150 right now so it only takes one spin though especially on this game right why are you laughing oh I see a house it is reading then oh that's punchy Tempe California too great and Billy you know we have that on our list too we were really good friends up there Qi and Callie and we have a lot of viewers up in the in Northern California and we want to come see them all come on matching got it my bonus oh we got some 10 yes see there's Callie think come to great we would love to do that right now we gotta get moved it's Laurie moving to Evelyn we're working on her Thank You joy I Angela oh my goodness I'm getting star and B Lori's getting stars 20 stars come on bonus I'm just kidding can you play a little bit of mystical mermaid brandy I don't even know where that game ends here or if they even have it Angela so yeah we I don't know about retiring but we are moving to Vegas we're in the process so we hope to be moved before feline fest but we'll see how that how that works and now we want to bone in except your more spin and then we'll go play something else already got a spin oh my goodness ready can we show you the spin do it Laurie do it my red for bread red for bread step up up stop stop stop stop major major $50 she's playing on her free play that's way to go Laurie yes she is lucky Jessica and her shirt says so I was just going to say that if you didn't know you just have to read her shirt she says they're coming more often blue we're thinking about getting a place with the pool hi rain rain says there's not as many del tacos in Las Vegas but they're all close enough it's not such a big big place that we won't live near one I'm sure two more spins honey never out she was I in that shirt all weekend I been alright one more oh there we go little something just do one more since we hit on that one alright let's go find something we've never played before rocky says he's calling dibs on the couch Hey the thing we've never played before let's go the behind you turn around baby let's go this way we're walking this way we're walking this way Jim I don't know there's a lot of games over here but we've pretty much played fred going all right what do you feel like this one right here or that one whichever one let's play this one this is the guinea games we like in the game an aristocrat I think we played this one once or twice before but it's been a while everybody loves this game right alright let's do it let's get something good oh there were still lanterns there that's awesome so if they land on a bonus there's no volume control I don't think hang on let me check yeah no huh no volume control that I can see all right – oh my god he's gonna make sounds yeah they go up and it's kind of like she wants her to dream honey okay we're okay thank you though okay thank you oh my goodness gracious I'm trying to say something this is like oceans magic so if these land on one of those they explode like whales or if they land on a boat oh my god seriously I'm gonna play another game he is so crazy [Applause] legendary honey now and they don't have huff and puff here either de Lana we've been wanting to play that we saw that on Rocky's channel we've been wanting to play it yes oh that was a good one they all were walked they lined up this Oh 56 cents oh my goodness I'm not even watching there's Dave Nash big bonus a meow bonus scratch this screen and temp on it Sanders says scratch the screen come on bonus darn it they almost had the lanterns right there Oh lookit I wants this bonus I'll look this one says bonus – let's do a few more spins and see if we can't get the bonus come on do it come on bonus bonus bonus bonus we need the Dragon Lantern to land with this one or that well that one's gonna lead now come on bonus bonus bonus oh look it's still here again come on bonus come on bonus get it get it oh shoot no I don't think so we've just gotten big line heads don't don't make us play lightning link put the sword expensive vase or bust there you go thanks Valerie you're so sweet come on get it all right now he is working oh she's all the super champ oh thank you brandy oh look now there's the dragons are showing it come on let's do it all right let's do a few more spins we need the lanterns look they were all there oh here they come come on where's the dragon lanterns come on with the bonus oh it just missed it by one all right come on right meow dragon lantern oh darn it we would have had it here it would have been good this is the best slot ever creative hands down Jay real says well I hope so and we want to see it show us how great you are slot machine we really haven't see oh we got it right there but it doesn't line up with anything it's rude come on bonus okay let's stop now because we don't have any lantern okay and let's go play something else not this game anything but this game what do you want to play a woman's loudly singing cantaloupe all right here we go bread picked out a winning thought machine ready all right I Karen oh my god sure Roxy she's crazy that's right that would be weird okay ready all right so there's our progressives up there let's do this honey ready all right line it up Oh points Quinn points oh my goodness gracious crystal it's over a hundred here in Southern California right now it is bananas oh there we go there we go you won honey [Applause] oh my get it that's right Barney where did this where did this where did this live stream go hashtag Blaine Marathi yes we have 406 people watching ng it's crazy we appreciate everybody being here when we get 10,000 subs one does this like cats rule he didn't win it's 110 in Laughlin oh my gosh Tony that's crazy Heidi have you seen one-step money in concert we almost had the bonus Juma I have not yet but she Louie used to live down this street from us in Anaheim where we grew up oh we almost have the bonus again and it would have been a five trigger that guy's shaking over there come on drums oh darn it yes is a hundred up north at Kelly's house today that is so crazy what is with this weather someone says I'll hold you to a better Fred if you hit a hand pay your shape you're like Laurie sat down wait wait first fit your first hand spin right Laurie's first pinch get the bonus can show your bonus the big dough your bonus okay what should I pick everybody mystery nothing oh I'm kidding oh my god pick whatever you want to take I want to hear what the word one's gonna have okay Laurie is asking everyone in the chat pick her bonus you know what Jessica wants oh mylanta that is bananas Valarie subtenant hiren said of course you do and he said six rocky says mystery I don't see Jessica yet she said mystery writer new fear mystery alright ready do it for 25 25 25 15 but 12 oh that's that that was worse than that if you would have picked 15 but it's okay because your Laurie and you're gonna fill it up right come on Laurie do it yeah so though there's van and if you get the red one with the three around it he expands i'ma do it do it do it oh the girls the girls the girls are good the girls are really good she says sorry French she's gonna sing it you're supposed to get it get it get it she's fitting 88 cents voila is sitting on the terrible 91 freeway parking lot without working AC that's horrible la la all right come on dancing through shake shake come on Lori he's shaking Oh see now he's gonna expand you're gonna get the rabbit he he had three little frames around him that would get one yes meet you throw water on yourselves if they cool wallah two more spins come on Laurie get it last spin let's do it alright alright come on Jim get the bonus dollar first you almost $1 per spin yes alright ready our turn come on bonus Oh fireworks oh they were all right there did you see him go by rude and now we get the red Duty come on dance dance let's get a progressive okay my bonus Laura you should come to Washington next time with the slock hat I agree she should come she will go crazy with the mega ball in the high-limit room I'm just saying take money we'll take bets on it right now or we'll convert her she'll be a triple fortune dragon fan oh there we go come on oranges hey you want to drink my palate what do you want a salty dog okay yes yes you've got that progressive hang on I'm gonna run over there no no we're gonna run over here everybody look Jim got the Progressive everybody root him on – all right come on no no no no no we're gonna win 11,000 11,000 go for the grant come on Graham dragon dragon no pandas no panda this is the one game we don't want pandas there we go dragon we love dragon come on Jim dragon dragon panda but look at it $22 that's not bad for a mini everybody saying get that grand all right there you go way to go Jim all right we're running back over here hopefully we'll get a bonus on our machine all right well you were late I got the bonus and I want did you really know he's crazy out Dixie's here woman OH Irene hi Dixie oh c'mon bonus has to be the first three yeah and the red the red dude substitutes that got the bonus right now yeah yeah oh we got aces eight six four days and we got oranges and he's shaking up there yes we want to win big live Elizabeth you're right we have one big live you're right lieutenant that was on a live stream you're right get on Brian's yep I'm Brian's channel and a HAMP a live Oh a what's right there we just missed the bonus Billy feels like coming because the machines are hot when you come to Washington will you always be welcome here as your second home Thank You Thomas and Susy our son lives there and we we love going to Washington and Kyle says to say get it it's going oh did I sound like Jessica get it I tried to zone right two of the red Jews it is shaky but Fred say what you say about Jessica what do you say gqs that is so funny I heard swats got the pleasure to meet you guys on a livestream if you wake my name is Irene gave you a live super chat and got two lucky wristbands you guys are so sweet buckets rule it was so awesome meeting you Irene we absolutely remember I didn't know you had a slot channel good luck with your channel sweetie and Jessica then they're going lol get it I don't know maybe I need to have a shot first it'll sound better I'm just kidding No Oh fine fine we just need a bonus but messing around when will you be coming to North Carolina oh my goodness Wanda we have so many plans for the East Coast we want to go to dessert yeah Atlantic City we're still a baby channel but we will make the rounds for sure no vodka shots you're a crazy woman Jager OBS carrot hello friends hello come on let's get about it okay I missed a real exciting news I'm sorry YouTube put me in detention I don't know what that means and why is that exciting we need a big kid love this channel and love hiding Fred Thank You Valarie we love you in Matthew and Paige and Brady too they're like our grandbabies hey Jim Brady come to MGM in Detroit like a fool finally finally around here somewhere a three-games let's do it now we didn't get the toys like you you have the money all right hang on one second we have a lip this his all hi Toronto mainline trains yeah I'm over it okay bonus retrigger repeat let's do it look circle drunk cats right here come on top of cab bring a big bonus all right let's do it James aquiline says line it up let's do it yes yes dragon he's like best symbol oh come on let's get this menacing ring-ring-ring like the factory shut up ring-ring focus focus come on bonus come on we need the dudes the dancing food dude lots of dancing food news come on retrigger oh we got jack jack is right so if we would have had a red one here we would have reached rigored putting on the ring since I didn't remind Fred about his Bell I'll do your bell sounds honey why jefes here you know so I have a it's always a good time having a livestream with friends we won eleven dollars whoops let's do it let's get this to spill over and win the grand eleven thousand let's do it Billy thanks for 7:00 to her we appreciate that Heidi run to five dragons rocky five dragons mean to me I want to play a game that like I've never played before Oh Oh too bad he wasn't the one that expands that would have been good don't be nervous Dixie you're gonna have a good time I know they didn't like that all right you're more spend and then we'll pick one more machine Oh coins coins get a bonus word oh you got the fish Dragon Lantern was downstairs were over in front of the buffet and it's like I think it's like the only one they have I haven't seen it anywhere else Oh Marsha says it's a joy to watch you both god bless you and you're happy Thank You Marsha that's very sweet of you what happened to flat Bandido I'm missing so much of this oh my goodness I don't know why people can't go live hi Astor good luck especially if you have the sub you should be able to link as Lena says Berkeley Road is there's actually one Jimin playing it are you winning Jim is playing it and he's winning yes Thomas and Suzy say Tacoma is building in the new emerald queen and they're supposed to we've heard they're gonna allow slot channels to record for they open in December I'm not sure if I can be in Washington in December but we'll traffic if they open alright let's find one more machine one more spin and then we'll go one more machine we need to find a winning machine come on let's do it it's good it's way oh my gosh that's awesome all right Jim so Lina was feeling sparkling roses I'm gonna show Lina you played sparkling roses and Jim got the bonus so here we go it's a nickel machine you guys so let's wish him lots of good luck for Jim let's do it Oh girlfriend with the multiplayer is she not lineup what happened that was weird Oh multipliers there we go all right we only got three of a kind bits okay two more spins come on Bri trigger all right come on Jim big one Big Finish oh come on girlfriend oh darn it $11.30 that's all right you want to play this where we can select that's nickel okay what do you want to play baby I'm gonna go this way okay don't meet me over that way all right let's go this we're gonna go with both here I agree that was weird all right we're gonna see if we can get on him on a lightning link machine over here oh my goodness they're all open which one tiki-tiki okay yeah we're gonna play Lightning link Laurie's gonna play bingo all right we need this we need a big bonus right meow ready I think Tiki is my favorite to swap bonito and we do like Sahara but we did really well on Tiki and hearth rub those are our favorites I think oh my gosh somebody broke the buttons I think I did it so oh that was the other thing Lena just reminded me Lena I looked for the new attack of the I play penny but we got the minor we've got it fifty bucks let's land it so wait wait wait wait before I start so Lena I look for attack of the moola revenge of the moola the new new new moola game and it's not installed yet but it is it is coming here I know it is because I asked the scientific games and they said if you check salmon while you but gets shot up finding it so anyways ready you do it honey you hit it let's get it right me out come on fill it in that grand is $10,000 let's get it all right come on both with words do it oh yes all right we reset oh my gosh wait wait wait look at Lori screen over there great that is bananas oh my gosh she's got a full screen of tigers thank you mark Adam for the kitty luck let's fill it up you're right Rob let's fill it up come on do it that's all $15 right there yeah somebody hit this one it's a it resets at 10,000 and it's 10,000 67 so with that hit pretty recently ready here we go we need five more let's do it back-to-back oh there we go another $4 come on three more baby fill it in put in oh yes oh my god so the music gets really exciting right now oh yes let's do it let's do it you're good come on fireball do it fireball fireball all right ready last bit fireball fireball fireball all right free spins completed but look we got a miner everybody let's count it up whoo whoo yay this is on $1 bet you guys this is awesome yay 85 everywhere ATX whoo-hoo take it yeah right yeah it's definitely a great way down the stream here sometimes down here all right Fred's gonna help it out better than four yeah let's do a few more spin yes oh there's our Tiki tikis our friends night on Aman thanks for it Oh bonus right next with our neighbor got the bonus come on volcano let's do it thanks brandy let's do it hi Casanova oh we got a lot of tikis again come on bonus us again breakdown we got the girl yeah it is yep um Laurie just got the bonus to go yes and I'll have multipliers are we it to the bonus and most one more spin baby let's do it three more three more oh shoot one more alright Laurie's in her bonus she got to check that bag I'm gonna run over here really fast and watch her bonus go Laurie go alright everybody cheer Laurie on come on Lori get it come on rubies rubies rubies mamas oh come on three more games you got this come on rubies darn it oh oh you got the tens but we needed the peacock that would have been good huh yes come on Laura you got this Ruby's alright oh there you go alright hang on no no no we're gonna end this dream all right ready all right thank you everybody for being here thank you everybody for the super chance but really appreciate that thanks to all of our mod for being here thanks everybody different than that chat positive and remember ten tacos at ten thousand yes in ten minutes I'm gonna remind gonna back yeah before she was saying no there's always in ten minutes anywhere my eyes anyways anyways we love you guys sorry and thanks everybody for being here I know I want tacos now too good but oh my god their head but now head funny and so anyways so it's gonna be an exciting summer for us we're on a journey to 10,000 subs and we're on a journey to Vegas yes yeah now everybody thanks for being here and if you're in the cat club hang tight we're gonna go live in about ten minutes okay

15 thoughts on “Taco Cat Tuesday: 6/11/2019

  1. OMG, Fred is so funny being serious!!! I had to watch that part twice. Vegas will be so much fun for you and your channel. But to move in July?? WOW, it can be HOT there in July so good luck. So many casinos there!! Will miss you at San Manuel. Have a great new adventure.

  2. OH WOW!! Though I'm really excited for you guys taking this new adventure.
    I'm not gonna lie, I am a bit sad though because I haven't had the opportunity of meeting you…so I've decided to make it my mission to go and meet the Slot Cats at San Manuel very soon!??
    I wish you both the very best on your move..love you Slot Cats!????

  3. Think it’s hot here… wait til you guys move to Vegas… but I’m sure you already know how hot it gets there. ?

  4. Living in Vegas is a completely different story from visiting there. Vegas will suck you in, suck you dry, then spit you out. Summerlin is nice. But housing prices are sky rocketing. Try for Henderson. Safe. I'm a so. Cal that moved to Vegas, then eventually moved back to so.cal. Just a note; vegas doesn't like so.cals. locals see so.cals as having an arrogant attitude. Locals hide it well. Vegas is good at presenting a dream. Reality of the daily grind, just like any other big city, can destroy the Vegas dream. I wish you only the best. My voice is one of concern. I wish you good fortune. Just trying to pass on a bit of personal wisdom. Love Slot Cats?❤

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