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Cheap Thrills. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [BLEEP] What’s up family? It’s your boy Nate aka TabasKo Sweet,
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is? [MUSIC] I played a live DJ set for
the first time in my life. Honestly I got pretty nervous, and
I knock back a few too many Four Lokos. I got five loco, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I think the show went pretty well. I got a little recap for
all you zzz’ers who missed it. All right so
I’m on my way to my first show. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit
nervous, but I’ve been practicing for this my whole life family. Where’s my vape? I’ve got my bape, but not my vape. Man, I don’t know if I can do this. [NOISE] Man. Bruh, is this the Jack in
the Box at Sunset and right now, cuz this [BLEEP] is cracking. [MUSIC] He pretty good, but he’s not gonna
know what hit him when I go up. [MUSIC] I wanna see all y’all go
freak mode right now.>>Fuego alert.>>Lil Dummy, let’s go. [MUSIC] You guys know what it is? It’s Tabasko Sweet. You guys know what it is?>>You’re Tabasco Sweet?>>You know what it is? You know, honestly,
I think I did pretty well. A lot of people came and went buck. Today, house parties in backyards,
tomorrow, I’ll be playing fricking boiler room. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Anything’s possible if you
set your mind to it family. So my cheap thrills fam has been sliding
in heavy with pics of animal hommies that need names. So I thought, since y’all helped
me come up with a perfect name for my little queen,
it’s only fair if I help you. Y’all send in some fuego submissions,
so today, I’m gonna run through them and
name my favorite ones. Let’s get it family. So first up,
we got this cute MF right here. Damn, I always [BLEEP] with rabbits
ever since I saw Space Jam, that [BLEEP] was tight. Looks like shes two years old
favorite food, vape juice? My freaking guy, silly rabbit vape
juice is for doomsday my guy. [MUSIC] Weakness for sound cloud rappers? I bet this rabbit’s cooking
up some fire beads and has to dodge some wack rappers all day
that are trying to hop on their tracks. Now I’m gonna name this
little rabbit Jordan. She looks like she’s got some mad hops,
very clean. So what else do you guys got for me? Damn, look at my guy straight
cheesing over there. You know he’s blowing big kush. Says here his favorite food is steak and
he respects the ladies. My man. Save some shorties for
the rest of us my guy. I’m gonna name this little homey Romeo,
cuz he’s a classic man, [MUSIC] Very rare. Whose mans is this? This next dude is stunning on me so hard. We got a flex a [BLEEP] blizzard who’s so
icy he sleeps on 20’s and supreme stickers as a bed. [NOISE] Cold blooded my guy. Where’d you get all
those doubloons family? It says his only weakness is eagles. Flying out of the sky all [SOUND] and
[BLEEP]. I’m naming this homie Birdman,
cuz he’s freaking breaded, and eagles don’t have [BLEEP] on him. Stay boosted, and watch out for
those eagles, my guy. Whoa, look at this little dude. Honestly, I don’t really
know what that is, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen
him at Red Lobster before. What’s he got in his little claw there? Looks like he’s holding
a picture of his big bro. Now, I would not want this guy to
run up on me with those claws. Okay, bro, you can have my links,
just stop pinching me. Now I’m gonna name this
little dude Yachty, cuz he’s on some underwater swag [SOUND]. Up next, we’ve got this
gangster posted in his mansion. Whoa, Is that Lego Supreme I’m seeing? Fuego alert. Now your boy eats seeds,
he’s got a panty dropping crib, you know he’s getting litty in there,
plus this fool can fly. Damn, he has everything. Says here his main weakness is his ego. Savage. You human dropped some
major truth bombs my dude. I’m gonna name this guy Yeezy, cuz he’s
clearly on some next level [BLEEP]. But don’t let that ego [BLEEP]
with your vision, my guy. Whoa, my guy,
now this is a bird I need on my team. It says here she can eat a snake in one
bite, damn, can you do that to my ex? It says her favorite food is wheat bread,
I respect that. A lot of fools in LA are gluten-free, but the Cheap Thrills fam
is all about the bread. Let’s get this money family. Now I’m naming this one Berretta,
because if she rolled with me, she’d be my number one shooter. No snakes coming anywhere
near the Cheap Thrills fam. Damn, look at this little
gerbils guys posted up here. Cute as hell family. It says these dudes grub on baby carrots. I bet that [BLEEP] organic too,
keeping it classy. This one’s easy, family. I’m naming these little dudes Quavo and
Takeoff. [FOREIGN]. Now this little dog knows a thing or
two about going full freak mode. Freak off leash. Shout out Korn, gang, gang. It says here his special skill is that
he can look in two directions at once. It’s harder than it looks family. Damn, just try and sneak up on this fool. I dare you. [MUSIC] Now you can’t fool me,
this dog’s off the lean. Looks like a genuine mud sipper to me. His only weakness is breathing, maybe you
should hit the inhaler after you hit the. I’m gonna name this boy Wavy,
cuz he’s out here wildin out of control. Whoa, we even got a deer homie in the mix. I wonder if this is one of Kelvin’s squad? Says here, he eats money. Damn, save some clout for
the rest of us, family. Now, he’s out here eating all this green,
but does he smoke green, too? Weakness, no thumbs. Damn, I bet that makes it hard for him to reply to all the shorties
sliding in his DMs. My dude’s got some sweet antlers going on. You can hang like five
Supreme hats on those things. Swagger boost. Now I’m gonna name my dude Uzi,
cuz you know his money’s long, and he looks like a sensitive player, too. Thanks for sending in so
much fueg, Cheap Thrills fam. Let me know how your animal
homies like their new names. I almost forgot. You’re gonna wanna skirt over on
to I got a little surprise there for
my Cheap Thrills fam. Until next, stay boosted. Gang gang. What’s up, family, y’all are still here? That video was very clean. Now go ahead and get some [BLEEP]
off your chest in those comments. Click here to subscribe. Click here to watch more. Tune in every Tuesday for some more fuego
videos, unless you’re sleeping on it.

100 thoughts on “Tabasko Names Your Pets | Cheap Thrills

  1. I realized that in the future i will show my children this video and they will be uninterested due to modern trends. But ill let them know this man made they're father a gucci baller

  2. Ehh he is funny but quickly gets old man, doesn't have a lot of humor besides the falling intonation combined with positive affirmations

  3. Bruh you oughta be a inspiration to the nation with your presentation.
    Skills to pay da bills and you keeps it real. Props to you doing you "my guy"

  4. damn tobasko save some clout for the rest of us idk what your doing over there my guy…but it sounds full freak mode. do another lil mayo!

  5. Hey Tabasko, thanks for your lovely videos and your lovely email for making me smile when I’m really ill. I just wanted to ask you what happened to your super rad bonsai tree? That I noticed in this video I haven’t seen it in another video lately (or I’m high on morphine and didn’t notice it in others) if you need any bonsai tips YouTube has some great videos I’m currently trying to grow a mini cherry bonsai tree. Stay blessed family gang gang!

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