Synturfmats Pet Potty Patch?Dog Training Pad |Artificial Turf Mat ?

Welcome back to the channel ! Today I have
a couple new pet potty patch pads to show you these are artificial turf pads
for indoor and outdoor use I have to pet potty patches here both are from Synturfmats. Ffrst I’ll show you the medium size pad so here’s the medium one it
measures 20 inches by 25 inches now this can be used indoors or on porches or
patios maybe you live in a skyrise apartment you can’t take your dog out
all the time this would be perfect for that this does have three pieces right
here this is the turf top right here the elevated grid tray and the removable
drawer very simple to put in and out by the way this could definitely be used to
potty train pets or if maybe you have an elderly dog that is hard to bring in and
outside maybe they could potentially learn to use this now I have two dogs I
have a pug that I’ve had for 12 years in a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix that we
rescued a few months ago for from a shelter both dogs are in fact trained to
go outside but they both hate the rain and will just stand at the door and
really avoid going outside they can so the pad already could be used in so many
occasions when they will not go outside or maybe when snow comes if we get any
snow they really really hate the snow and that would be a great way to ensure
that messes are in one standard place if you work late sometimes and don’t want
to risk your pet soiling your floors you could definitely keep this near the door
as well so let’s take a look at the other size right here this is the larger one this is the 20 by
30 inch pad and it has a different design so here you have the turf
you have the elevated cones in between and then you have where you would get
your easily clean up if you have pee or something from here it’s all both of
these are actually fairly simple to clean you just rinse it with soapy water
let it dry and you’re done and yeah also I would probably recommend maybe if you
have a puppy maybe place a pee pad on top of it you know one of those puppy
pee pads you can get from the store to ensure that they get used to knowing
what the outside looks like it is turf synthetic turf hey I noticed they make a
lot of football fields and stuff out of this very easy to clean
looks just like grass so your dog’s gonna get used to knowing what that is
outside that’s what it looks like underneath and this one like I showed
has the cone elevation right here and then the tray underneath easy to clean
you’re not gonna have to worry about Oh hard-to-reach areas now take the hose
outside put some soap on and you should be good alright so I have the potty patch pads
on the floor and I have two visitors here as well we’ve got Sweetie Lulu and
then Benji came and joined us as well as you could see um cat might enjoy it
as well depending on how you train your cat she seems to like to scratch herself
on it but it is here’s a general size so if you have a small pet this is what it
does look like good girl come here
trixie baby huh well Trixie’s have a little difficulty coming over here but
she’s 12 so she likes to wander I guess here are you have our other animals here
to enjoy it I did read the reviews on Amazon and they do seem pretty favorable
I will leave some comments in the description as time goes on as to how
the animals actually enjoy it and how they’re using it and stuff like that so
if you check back they’ll probably be something all right so that’s a look at
the Synturfmats. The animals enjoy it they like playing on them right now
we’ll check in later to see how else they’re using them and thanks for

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