Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!!

this is exactly how it sounds we're gonna be switching clothes for one week [Applause] but we're not gonna B's we didn't choose because might be a pretty big compared to Ronald's and we got different cheeses okay we're gonna have to dress up in each other's clubs each day we're gonna dress up in something different I'm going to run stuff and run and go into my closet where some guys I have no okay guys I was going to each other's closets and pick an outfit for today let's go wish me good luck I don't think you'll meter survived okay guys now I'm in wrong closet let's see what I can work worth today I like this black one yeah maybe this can work with jeans he's so many jeans which one should I pick probably these ones let's see what he has here I'm thinking maybe I could tie a sweater or something around my waist okay guys I think it's actually too hot for sweater so I'm just gonna stick with what I got right here I got a black and a white child t-shirts and some dings let's hope they fit me small for me I gotta find new ones okay see what else he has these ones look a lot bigger yeah these will probably fit me now okay guys this is a final up but I tied up the shirt and I added a hat into the mix I think it looks pretty good what do you guys like coming number eight so this is my outfit for day number one okay so now it's my turn wrong don't worry if a nice selection of crop tops for you to choose from no so guys now main Korea's closet and we're gonna be looking here with some pants I don't know it's worth the pick cuz they're all girly which is sadly this one okay okay there's something pink here oh my goodness this pink thing is gonna give it away it's so big though it's barely decently we've done two options okay oh something black here we might look normal but this is just bad no I want to look good I don't want to look bad okay the shirts is gonna be hard I wish you just had a plain grey shirt that would be just the best there's a great thing here there's always something girly on it yeah like what is this like Eiffel Tower oh no it's Paris I got clothes no I look way too bad at that let's see this one's black system no away while they what else have we gotten here okay is this something good this pink weird textures no running out options here this all this might be in a decision this might be it might be too big though this might be it this this this this okay we'll leave that I know selections I won't find something else something so white over here plug feels like something girly so let's go here it's plain white so let's try this plain white shirt and jeans and snowy looks I've got a good feeling so guys this summer look I think I look okay I think I could survive like this day one is gonna be survivable let's go it's okay not too girly I think I survived day one okay Karen are you Raisa Siri yeah nice jeans and play a blank shirts you base I know I'm you look so good but it's only day one guys wait until they seven so guys how we look for day number one you have nothing flat for today except going for ice cream or ice cream okay guys we are at the ice cream place we look pretty dumb I think let's all rise go and see if people are gonna be questioning us so guys we are I can no one's giving us any really look that's pretty easy for day one see you tomorrow it's again day two of our clothing swap challenge I just came out it pulls my hair is wet but we are about to go to the restaurant sorry this is we're about to go to the restaurant so we got to pick our outfit I'm gonna pick my outfit press hmmm at the rest so we're going to has a beach next to it and I'm gonna be hanging out near the beach so maybe you should be like kind of beat sort of friendly but not let it swimsuit definitely I need short sleeve and I don't know about the shorts me I could try some of the shorts he has some white patch maybe I could try these on whatever pant does he have here hmm maybe in these ones now try those on as well now we need a shirt big oh look over here here's a bunch of shirts here let's just look for and see you look good maybe I could go for this colorful one that's an option okay so I have these two shirts and these two pants right here and I'm gonna try these on so guys I might move the colorful shirt and I tied it up and I also went with the white pants and I rolled it up a little bit so they're not as long as I went before I think I look pretty okay I hope well it's gonna look as bad as me though so guys this is day 2 I'm about to choose Karina's outfit for my outfit from Karina's closet which is ashamed cannot choose the same kind of pair which was awesome white shirt but this not and this might be the one we might go for this one today which is okay I'll put that in our options okay it's over here okay parents parents parents I'd respect it and really big pants with little weird things oh no these are overalls I hate overalls oh this might be potential potential today I wanted this last time this was from last time so we're not allowed to no no that would be a good choice though hmm not bad that's too girly here this one this one this one okay potential potential potential hola hey actually might go if it will put that in our options yes my options is just a big pile won't seem to be big okay this is no this is just now that's too girly this nope that's bad can I see has the things there and it's not that good wait wait either these are pants these are pants we might go with these actually and then we drove this the school the school PE unibrow where you might actually go with this and this what that would just be super smart of you Ronald I don't know we'll put these in our options who puts them in our options we have potential here oh these look nice for a boy yeah okay options I think I know what I'm going I'm not going through this because I'll be Q savage I'm going for these two because I think that's a look too much as a girl but this shirt has stuff on it and looks girly it says although this is justice it says just this but we're in Spain and they don't have justice here so they don't know a justices they might think oh it's a cool boy shop bah buh buh but you are wrong my friends let's go change in this bad boy oh my goodness I look decent December Challenger might be better than day one but thing one was a bit better because playing white yeah okay we're gonna roll with this it's just like me a tightness while wrong how did you find out then when you're gonna wear a crop top or something when I run out of combos so guys so far I'm doing really good and really lucky but I'm afraid soon I'm gonna run out of combos and then I'm gonna have to wear this no no no no more like that no never in life the guys we are at the restaurant in our clothes and we're feeling pretty good about ourselves so this day is pretty easy lemons go eat also have five more days this is day three of our challenge I think I've done pretty good so far but today I think I've just run out ideas luck actually good Sam I don't have a good feeling about today oh yes so what I think I'm going to wear this is my shirt and somehow ended up in Ronald's closet I can still wear it because it's an Ronald's closet actually you might not be that fair but rob has his own tie-dye shirt here and I can wear that this one it's not that bad mine's better okay I can wear this and for the pants I never liked the Panther Ronald has let's go back to the shorts what kind should I wear today Rebecca the dig at the bottom and I'll find something nice or not we need some is our alright actually and I actually go these ones I think yeah I think I will and I'm gonna take runnel tap I bore this every time and make my hair look pretty okay and then looks better that so I'm gonna rock the guys this is my outfit I got the hat backwards on I tied up the shirt and these words are actually the shortest ones I'm worth in the last two days I think these are the shortest ones but they're still too long so guys what do you think of my outfit for today comment below so guys I am in Korea's closet let's choose the outfit okay I am gonna put these aside because these are just like the neck my sister go oh it is a good one here tomboy but you know what's this Oh No maybe coca-cola or maybe not okay we'll go here this is my favorite section of trees closet okay what pants jeans it has weird things at the back pockets here which is mad so I don't want that umm now same weird thing on the back pocket I don't know what to choose okay back pockets are good little stringy giving it away what okay options all jion's Oh what's this some black pants okay we're onto something I think this is too short no way we're running out of options here what to choose this is a girly colour no I don't know what to choose you might have to pick something more fashionable this okay this may be probably does it have anything to give it away this design maybe maybe this design will give it away okay options you're going to options you should feel good about yourself okay on to the shirts I agree we are running out kind of something blue okay it's a blank is it normal is it red blue-blue that would be nice what is it no this is three pink I don't know choose this is hmm okay we're onto something we're onto something what is it wait wait is this red guard black is this just plain black please tell me oh you are going in options you stand there in options yes I don't even need a pink anymore shirt I'm looking here I have no clue why hey what's over here oh this is school uniform Matt okay dresses no purses maybe no actually no I don't know the Jews I want to go with this but it has a design it's the same as a black was but just a different color if I go all black that would just be bad that would just be bad so if we need some other pants okay let's take these jeans maybe and this awesome regular black shirt let's go okay guys this is how I look it's rich it's decent by now I think I completely ran out of options so one day I have to wear a crop top or something hopefully not let's cross our fingers maybe there's a secret Larry's closet where it is all boy stuff that would be nice but like she'll Korean God seriously yes won't happen again next time for sure yeah now actually hopefully have a secret lair your closet where you have only boy clothes but look at me I actually look like a boy you supposed to look like a girl who looked like a girl no the guys we are at the store no one gave us a look something we're doing pretty good yeah captain story to get going free cookies and ice cream let's do that the smaller ones that was simple right now still under outfits you're gonna be going to the dentist and I'm gonna get my braces oh and I'm gonna be getting my sort of braces the ones you can take out the guys you want to see my braces I don't know maybe you shouldn't these are my braces you can barely see them which I like so guys we have our outfits turned on and we didn't get any looks seized from the doctor he wasn't like some things don't quite put my finger on it but right now we're heading home my braces and my what should I wear today options

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