Swish and Flick – Episode #84 – Top Ten Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets

welcome to swish and flick and all patter podcast wish hello and welcome to episode 83 of swish and flick I'm Tiffany I'm Meghan I'm Katie I'm Ron Swanson and this episode is sponsored by Kaitlyn birkinshaw Thank You Kaitlyn today we will be discussing chapter 13 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire meda Moody so make sure that you have read that chapter and you're ready to lunge plunge walk on your man I'm Moody leg right into the deep what is it how did you say it it's what chicken foot all right before we begin Meghan has some weekly profit news that I'm excited for okay so she's so we all know at least I think we've discussed this on the podcast how much we like our advent calendars we usually like I'll get those sock ones sometimes they had Harry Potter sock ones and I was wrong yeah we all got the socks yeah years ago I didn't get any Advent killers list I didn't get one way to get socks no we got an advent calendar last year got tea it was tea and it was delicious I'm not good at oh I mean we're really bad at doing it daily i just opened what I got the sack one I just opened it because you're the because you're the person that reads the last year what you wanted to say is cuz you're the worst and I wouldn't disagree with you well you're the worst with waiting and surprises you want to know well yeah I'm that way with like competition TV shows I have if it's already been aired and I'm watching it I have to google it to see who wins like the Great British Bake Off I did every episode I was like who gets kicked off this week and I would look it up why because I just like need to know I do well I started watching Game of Thrones because I waited till I knew sorry spoilers for Game of Thrones if you haven't watched it oh whoops I knew that Jon Snow like it was dead I'm like I'm not gonna watch it unless he comes back because no and then he did and then I started watching and then I would read ahead in like the things to see who was dead so I wouldn't get attached to characters we actually gave a spoiler alert before we said what it was that was scariest I'm usually it's like we'll say it'll be like Oh spoiler well I mean we aren't talking Game of Thrones here we're talking sure matter so that's different cuz we've told you from jump that we are not spoiler free no we're not okay but back to the weekly profit everything so there's an advent calendar rumored for Christmas from Lego and didn't they do in last year not a Harry Potter one yeah they'd a nice weird little people no that was that was a Funko that was Funko these are pets so normally only Star Wars and city and friends receive Lego calendars treatment but this year it seems that the Wizarding World is also going to be a part of the club the way that you're saying things today is making me laugh why you think advent calendar treatment so normally the calendar sets arrive on the on the 1st of September how perfect for Harry Potter um but you know usually there's chocolate ones but this you get a little Lego build or a minifigure so we have to get this it's really cute for our castle yeah okay well it's coming along alright yeah one was a lesson you started building it it's been a while I'm not gonna lie how long was it at Tiffany's house without being tough I had a baby in my defense I haven't I have four babies they just have fur it will like be just rain they take more care of themselves in hurricane but anyway um you cannot talk about ladies supreme like that they also have other rumors going about with new products for the Wizarding World lines set to launch in June the titles tentatively are don't take my word for this but this is what we're expecting to see expect to patronum whatever that means Triwizard challenge Hagrid's hut that's cool we should probably get that for our castle night bus and the Hogwarts watchtower so apparently we're gonna get all of those new ones this year but nothing's been officially confirmed by Lego yet but the admin calendar has been night bus I need for you know all of my Lego stuff yeah oh you know what I should go to Target and get a bookshelf you should all write something it came out of left field but it made me think of my Harry Potter things so his first role problem before tivity goes on to the next section I have so many books I'm a Harry Potter book shelf I moved in it was like no we need like a studio and we could just like compile all of our Harry Potter stuff in 105 sealing Florida ceiling like built-in bookshelves Harry Potter books still wouldn't be enough Sarah would take up half of it I would take up the other half JD and I have no space for books nope Wow Katie's are mine and mine are Katie's I like to live into the philosophy what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine I like that actually abrade sue Lee Burton huh oh my book your book got it I knew that I figured it out good job are you alright what time is it that was much more tame than last episode its recap time all right well that's number 84 yeah well next episode you just spoiled it for everybody had all the episodes ever planned and you just that's what I do we should be known by that I'm running on very little sleep Ron Swanson coffee all right let's do the recap alright recap so it's the start of term feast there's a new starting song fresh new eco firsties and there and – Hermione severe disappointment the discovery that house elves work at Hogwarts so she goes on a hunger strike no matter how much Ron WAAFs dessert smells in front of her face Dumbledore speech is interrupted when the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher shows up fashionably late that traveling cloak am i right but we find out just why the inner house Quidditch Cup has been canceled because of the Triwizard Tournament good thing the trio are two younger you too young to enter and have nothing to worry about oh the take old webs we weave are you troll Oni could be so gosh I gotta stop saying that classes have officially begun but up first at school Ron and Harry share them all they're blasting off in Haggard's class and they're trying to see what's gonna happen in turn Lonnie's class my guess is that Harry's gonna die cuz you know what that's what she always says mouth wait ons Ron about his father in the paper and things get a little bit Moody and then it sort of is thank you the swish a flick and a student turned into a ferret and Ron has never been happier in his life how's that for a funny summary I am pleased I told her last night that it has to be funny demanded all right hmm so last time uh the chapter started out with like a gigantic like storm and just foreshadowing this book and pretty much the rest of the series so it says the following morning the storm had blown through and the ceiling of the Great Hall was quote still gloomy heavy clouds of pewter gray swirled overhead and I said the same thing I said last time showing us how the upcoming years are gonna go yup I just want to remind everybody again that Katy it wasn't Katie's fault that the Bell wasn't working it's the Bell oh my gosh it's good now we swapped out the bells the original Bell is gonna be retired we'll see not a giveaway but like oh what if they could win the Bell I kind of have an emotional attachment to it we'll have to think okay so the trio is going over their class schedules Fred and George and Lee are discussing ways that they can age themselves to enter the tournament and we find out that herbology is with the hufflepuffs care of magical creatures is still with the slytherins and they have double divination what awful that's two up in that attic with all those stinky smells oh thank you block scheduling I was interesting when in high school when we headed like there I think it was only our science labs Jesus he's like a real ox mm-hmm too long it's way too long I'm not sure mommy but like I can't I get why I don't get the divination part but I get why science block certs again I get why there's double potions but like yes but I don't get double divination yeah there's no need for that yeah there's no need for double anything but potions I think well I don't know look if you do care of manageable creature that's true yeah okay I'm in herbology yeah yeah be yeah yeah be good like when you're doing looking like Tarzan divination no well astronomy maybe if you're looking at the stars and you're trying to see something at a specific time you know what I mean and you're trying to really but again divination what's there to see there mmm-hmm nothing you're clever I don't know I think she's legit I'll get to it well they make up a lot of stuff that happens yeah so Hermione points out that they should have given divination of last year and they could be taking something useful like arrhythmia Ron gets snarky and points out the fact that she's eating again instead of being on strike is so patty right I'm gonna go to the defense and she's like well there are better ways of making a stand and rock stay out and Ron's like yeah and you were hungry all I think about and again we're gonna go into this and bigger detail in life it's closer to her doing things launching but I feel like out of a lot of the places like he being Dumbledore there's probably great place to work you don't I mean like they could be like I don't want to work today be like alright cool you don't I mean he seems like a very you know for the house yeah so she should know that he wouldn't treat them like garbage because they're not yeah and he's not for the most part garbage I'm not Dumbledore oh I would never say that right I was shocked I'm like my favorite what Dumbledore is sometimes garbage I wouldn't call him garbage no he has garbage ideas double trash I think he just ideal tension yeah just doesn't execute them well guys I don't hate Dumbledore don't don't you every person I think his umbrage yeah yep agreed okay so I said well what's arrhythmia the funny thing is is that it's still part of definition oh really so in the muggle world Aerith been c is the practice of assigning numerical value to words for the purpose of divination so that's another but it's logical which is remaining excels at it sorry no but it says although at Hogwarts it can be presumed that the Wizarding World practice the same thing so in Hermione's worlds it was predicting the future with numbers and it was her favorite subject taught by professor vector and involved a lot of complicated homework it was a necessary subject for anyone hoping to ever work as a curse breaker at Gringotts Bank bill Weasley must have aced it then and that's on Potter Marc but I think that's amusing yeah that's funny but it's like it just fits her personality about her yeah she's all about the numbers like Marty for example it talks about like Excel spreadsheets and numbers he was like it was awesome and I'm like okay in my world even yesterday I had these meetings sorry my things weird I had these meetings and we sat and we sat and we sat and I was jumping out of my skin and I'm like this is part of the reason why I'm an educators because we're up down up down all over the place change change change like I can't sit yeah sometimes I should say this I don't think I've ever had a job where I sat and you would lose your mind I don't know there's time sir I've never said I'm like I just want to work in a desk and not talk to a soul yeah but I think until you do it because I do it yeah I don't know how you survive it's it's very I think a lot of people that work in the medical field will know that there are days where if I don't talk to me when I come home it's so it can be so draining yeah cuz you give a lot of yourself to like your patients and your other co-workers and especially working 12 hours and you just want to go home and sleep for a million hours and some days I'm like I just want to do overrides no I'm things into a computer and that just don't talk to me oh listen why do you think sometimes I feel like that but then I got it yesterday and I was like I think that the reason why I can be so all over the place with all of my outside projects that I do is because I joined at work yeah so because I said at work I'm like ooh I want to do a podcast oh I want to do this I want to do that I want to do wedding invitations I want to make this I want to do that and it's like it's because I need to like change it up because sitting at a desk from 8:00 until 5:00 Monday through Friday sounds real great until you have to do it every day and you're especially like coming from a job where I was still doing design and doing something I loved but I was constantly up and moving around because I was in a print shop and I loved that so much but my boss sucked so like I had to give that up for a better situation like financially and mentally with like the people I worked with so it's just like hard switching from doing something I a hundred percent loved but like didn't enjoy the people I was working with to doing you know but now because of that it's just like my brain is just like all over the place all the time because I feel like I have to do something besides I know cuz I'm always texting them like we should do this we should add this we should try this and everybody's like No well and then there's me who never text back because half the time it resolves it to people and I because I do it all day at work yeah and then people want to talk to me I will say that when you when you have those days where you don't want anyone to talk to a desk job is great because you're just like I don't have to talk to anybody if I don't want to but it then there's those days where you like want to do other things and I will also say that I only work three days a week I would do three twelve so if I really wanted to be crazy and I've thought about this it's getting another job that I'm like why I do that to myself yet you don't I've usually always had two jobs which is crazy to me I mean I guess I technically have like this is a job this is a job it's definitely a job yeah but this is the job that I love the most correct I like it I hate everything about it you feel like a job I wish I could like put this into teaching I wish I could be like a podcast teach I tried to get my work to like do a podcast and they're like no I'm like but it could work there's truck drivers and we could do stuff to like give them to listen to you while they drive oh yeah so when I say what I do in a medical field I'm just an aide don't say just an she's an aide Rolland every time someone does she is an essential part of her medical team seriously that one day I'll probably be a nurse that's no job for the faint of heart my mother will be like you should have done that ten years ago stop let's jump back into the Wizarding World whoa wait hold on now can I do it can you do the Blue's Clues male song here's the male it never fails it makes me want to wet my tail when it comes I wanna win alright you all of a sudden 100 Al's came soaring through the open windows Harry looked around and there was no sign of Hedwig's white feathers among the massive brown and gray nice a large tawny owl landed in front of Neville and Joe brings up the fact that Neville almost always forgets to back something poor Neville so be mean it's medieval money I'll like a tan yeah I think Oh would you say Oh some talk just want to give him a hug no bow a bow hello umm Draco's eagle aliens and brought him his usual sweets care package that look like and harry was pretty much disappointed that his little Hedwig wasn't there what Hedwig Hedwig II wig it's a pet name for a pet oh wow what a pretty owl I guess sorry it's got bright orange eyes in the eagle owl oh I can google it it's bright orange eyes it look wet is cool I'm surprised he doesn't have like a flamingo a white peacock what is the yard looks like you kill you yeah are freaky well they're dinosaurs I'm a dinosaur alligators and if you something actually I believe I mean it can start us so I'm like super special I'm also a princess cuz I said my name means you're welcome does a lot Harry um carried his disappointment all the way to greenhouse three paws where do they would be working with the helpful puffs and professor sprout professor sprout was showing them the basically that is Plan C had ever seen and I think that says something having dealt with Mandrake scream because those things are not cute no um they looked less like plants than they would thick black giant slugs protruding vertically out of the soil that makes me want a vampire they were squirming and had large shiny swellings on them that appeared to be full of liquid this you know what this reminds me of is like what it's like dr. pimple pop so oh I will not so I vomit I watch my 600 pound life and pimple popper commercials are in there everywhere so I'm like well I like what I watched you're gross i watch a lot of stuff on TLC that's TLC isn't it yeah you're like my sister my sister will like purposely like fine she found pimple popper before pimple popper was on it was a huge thing on YouTube ya know it makes me like want to be sick but I can't look away I just can't I gotta see it you're one of those people I don't know how you do it Oh anyways I think they're caught either they boo boo boo boo to Birds yeah boo boo tubers Jim Dale does professor sprouts voice cuz she's like it makes me literally I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast well let's talk about the puss that they will be collecting is extremely valuable you need to wear dragon high gloves I thought you're gonna cough no I want to raise my hand but finish okay um because the puss could do funny things to the skin when undiluted and I said a cool this is foreshadowing to Hermione getting this in an envelope this is why we're learning about it because then she gets it in an envelope from somebody and it gets all over her hands and she has to run to the hospital wing there right because of yeah yes because of the artery that's Rita okay but the fun thing is it can help with the more stubborn forms of acne how appropriate for a school with these aged kids think about that though you're fixing puss with puss Humphreys her second job really we find out that some Hogwarts too such as Eloise what do you say maybe pigeon listening you guys without your pronunciations because Jew mijin is what he's bitching I'll say it cuz I don't know otherwise it's not cannot I think it's mid gun she tried to curse her pimples oh I'm not gonna lie I probably would have tried that is but a curse oh well just like kind of touching it with your wand being like this is what happens apparently it's like her whole nose off yeah but the champ of the hospital wing put it back on she wanted to really be like her idol oh my trying to take a piece out like maybe that's what happened to holding you killing me this looks like a snake cool yeah really cool and then I found a really fun article on Pottermore the highs lows and health hazards of herbology that is cool so it says where most muggles biology lessons might involve planting Chris or dissecting leaves her biology classes at Hogwarts were liable to be more dangerous affair from studying Mandrake's whose screams can literally kill you to the rather unpleasant task of harvesting Bubo to learn poles it's amazing that student Wizards ever made it out of the school alive much less with their owls so they just talk about a couple of instances throughout the series so working with plants at Hogwarts could be simply disgusting such as the booboo tubers thick yellowy pasta for exams grows very messy such as the generous coating of stinks at the smell of which is like rancid manure manure itself but may turn some green fingered wizard witches and wizards equally Green Bay haha good job writer plants are packed full of magical uses I'm solving skincare like the booboo – burp us but also some underwater adventure stuff like gillyweed they can be violent like Fang geraniums those feign turanians are nasty nippers and bouncing bulbs are heavy hitters beware um the Mandrake cry put them earmuffs on Devils snare the devil snare and the flitter bloom looks strikingly similar to each other unfortunately one savagely strangles you and the other is harmless to you but the rewards are great such as potions ingredients dittany mistletoe berries are brewed for an antidote of common poisons so that was pretty cool I like that article that article reminds me of the herbology room that we saw at the Harry Potter exhibit in New York because they talked about all the different like real-life plants that she pulled inspiration from and stuff because I feel like dittany is one of them I don't remember I didn't leave everything there I think you're right but there's a lot of stuff there yeah so I'm gonna read this part that's gross yes I'm so excited you're gonna love him this is fun for all our pimple popper friends squeezing the booboo tubers was disgusting but oddly satisfying as each swelling was popped a large amount of thick yellowish green liquid burst forth and smelled strongly of petrol they caught it in the bottles as Professor sprout had indicated and by the end of the lesson had collected several pints oh yeah so a booming bell rings from the castle and the puffs had to transfiguration lucky you just kidding but really cuz this next part scary the Gryffindor's had to Hagrid's hut on the edge of the Forbidden Forest for care of magical creatures Haggard was we're there to welcome them with Fang a quality pooch on the group on the ground there are several wooden crates Fang is whining and wanting to investigate with sniffs and the closer they got to the crates they made an odd rattling noise and there were some small explosions do you think that she put the slytherins and Gryffindor's together for Hagrid's class so like there was a buffer so this little urn couldn't be mean to Hagrid I think it was probably just always that way hmm I feel I feel like all the other classes would have been a good buffer though like I don't think that anybody do themselves I think they're with Ravenclaw well if she didn't say it and then yeah I don't know it's a good question I feel like they are usually with ravenclaw I feel like every time I remember is the stinking movies I know everybody it's just like a mixture in them it's mostly Gryffindor's cuz that's the only yeah we now know that Ravenclaw's masley under-represented truth you're the most under the least representative all the houses now especially after fantastic beasts maybe there'll be a really be a maybe Lockhart spin-off I don't want any merge because it's not the right colors I won't buy it true yeah that's my brand get your head together good thing you have my mom and your sister to make you proper raven clever very true can't make me a t-shirt oh my god my sister's gonna try to make me um a Quidditch design you y'all can design ravenclaw stuff yeah it's good I mean how often do I wear t-shirts well let you want been off none copyrighted Raven coverage non copyrighted Eagle foot so next up as Tiffany Joe said is care of magical creatures so Hagrid says that they'd better wait for the slytherins because they don't want to miss this blast unded screws so left brown literally screams hold on I'm gonna do a Jim Dale impression again she goes which Harry thinks just about sums them up so blasts hundreds Kreutz are a strange hybrid creature bred by crossing manticores and fire crabs so I like I kind of knew I knew what mana cores were but I had never actually seen like a visual representation of them they're really terrifying looking and I'm really curious to know how the heck Hagrid got these guys to make a baby with a fire crib right so Manticore is one of the most dangerous creatures it is a 5 X classification according to the fantastic beasts books it has a humanoid head which is terrifying a lion body and a scorpion tail with a stinger and the manticore skin repels all known charms so it's effectively hard to subdue one with magic and it is known to be capable of human speech oh yeah it's like a sphinx but scarier you know cuz like a sphinx isn't I mean like it has lion paws and everything and it could surely harm you I feel like a sphinx is dangerous because of its logic a little tack you it's like very tricky but this one looks like it would just attack you because it wants to attack you yeah agreed and it has claws fangs and a stinger that it can attack you with so that's fun they originated in Greece and they are as rare as the chimi era Jumeirah shamira which that's what we see in fantastic beasts right that's loops of the Chinese like lion-like animal that Newt has to subdue with a little kitty toy which is adorable so this sting of the manticore causes instant death and it is reputed to croon softly to its victims as it devours like this thing is terrifying it but okay yeah um next is the fire crab does anybody remember the fire crabs from the UH from the games back in the day they looked like turtles but they had little gems on their shelves yes I remember that yeah so they are as Gilda Roy says nasty little pests that shoot hot flame out of well at you so basically they have lethal farts is what I take from that not the only one but they are a tortoise like crab creature native to Fiji that's cool they live in a pretty beautiful area they're like the crab from Moana oh yeah what's his name ah I don't know I can't think of it now I'll look it up keep going oh oh shoot he's got all the jewels on his back oh he's so shiny time Thoma Toa thank you omotola thank you so the fire crab is a protected species and a reservation has been created to protect the species for muggles who would value the jeweled shell and wizards who use the shells as cauldrons they are sold and exported as pets but the owners require a special license and the ministry states that a competent wizard should be able to cope with this animal it's only a three X classification and yes I want to say that this is legitimately like the inspiration for Tama Toa from Moana because he has a jeweled shell except he lives down in the ocean he's so shiny he's so shiny time to kick your heinie yep so uh that's that's the two things that the blast I miss Groot is a combination of so so what do they make well hazardous group no no something that's like totally they look deformed there's Ellis lobsters horribly pale and slimy looking with legs sticking out in very odd places and no visible heads Hagrid has about a hundred and each crate in there each about six inches long crawling over one another bumping blindly into the sides of the boxes and they are giving off a very powerful smell of rotting fish every now and then sparks would fly out of the end of a scroot and with a small foot it would be propelled forward several inches not as the blast so there is some articles on pot two more and also they're like the same thing the other one is just a picture so this one is a picture of what we imagine that watercolor is actually really nice he's like but it's got like at least just wrapped around in the middle of its body they're a dangerous and illegal cross between a fire crab and a Manticore as I said so this is uh yeah they're illegal Hagrid made these and this just is they're just something he made that I didn't make them he set them up to be yeah I mean I think it was like his idea he made them a nice romantic spaghetti dinner props the Tramp so the males have the stings on them while females have suckers on the bottom of their bellies it's just just yeah they just get worse the more you talk about so right now they don't really have shells at all however we know that they do get like armor that grows in over their cellists lobster-like bodies and the armor cannot be penetrated by spells which is very similar to the manticore veins they take that on from the manticore side of them they sting you or they suck your blood and they also have a blasting end that shoots out fire at random intervals dear Joe I No why so she can put it in the maze yeah but why this oh my gosh Allegiance none whatsoever will attack and kill other screws they literally kill each other I mean like that's how they only get down to what like a handful of them towards the end of the school year they've killed each other humans also kill each other I mean do you think Hagrid buries the Moloch is the forest just full oh my gosh probably what does it feed them to like the air chrome Angeles oh he probably does you're right nice dinner lots of butter they need to work boy Hagrid is so excited because they've just hatched and this is their project for the year they're going to raise them themselves oh my gosh joy so excited I don't do a great job how many are left at the end so Malfoy being Malfoy asks why would we want to raise them what do they do and I say you'll raise them because the teacher said so you little get you gotta be so questioning just do it but but FairPoint Malfoy I mean we don't know there might be some great thing about them we never find out my knee is so nice she's like hello maybe we'll find out something that's so nice in this chapter do ya my main man although I will say later she's like you know I just said that do you she's like dragons could kill you you don't keep them as a pet but their stuffs useful and then don't they say something like yeah but he did keep the dragon as a pet terribly long I don't know what happened a dog bit me oh so they are to feed them ant eggs frog livers and grass snakes sounds there's no thing pigs what is this a center for ants maybe it's just like you know like if you think like caviar so I'm so it's just like you'd give him a big scoop and they'd eat it you know the ants man a lot I just liked this little paragraph from the book it says nothing but deep affection for Hagrid could have made Harry Ron and Hermione pick up squelchy handfuls of frog liver and lower them into the crates to tempt the blast ended screwed Harry couldn't suppress the suspicion that the whole thing was entirely pointless because the skirts didn't seem to have mouths fair Oh so the male's I already said this they have stingers the females have sucker things these things sound awful we get reminded of Norbert here and I again wanted to read that from the chapter which is on the next page just because they're not very pretty it doesn't mean they're not useful snapped Hermione dragons Bloods amazingly magical but you wouldn't want to drag him for a pet would you Harry and Ron grinned at Hagrid who gave them a furtive smile from behind his bushy beard Hagrid would have liked nothing better than a pet dragon as Harry Ron and Hermione knew only too well he had owned one for a brief period during their first year a vicious Norwegian Ridgeback by the name of Norbert I was gonna say Norbert ah which is why that came out funny Norbert's a gain or Berta because she's a girl and we'll find that out I think that this is foreshadowing because we actually do find out about Norbert from Charlie later in the book doesn't he say the females are like particularly I mean the I said is this foreshadowing just in general – the Dragons let alone Charlie coming but I think that it kind of is I like – yeah because she does things like this to be liked and I think about this when you're watching TV shows and do a little recap you look oh that's gonna be important when it was a hammer meet you know how many episodes so she's like dragons there's still a thing yeah member there don't forget them so at lunch after met care magical creatures is over Hermione is eating as fast as she possibly can so that she can get to the library and Ron is immediately suspicious boring what is she up to we'll find out next up is divination and I had another read from chapter which goes okay so this is a Trelawney talking to Harry you are preoccupied my dear Tony you are preoccupied my dear she said mournfully to Harry my eye sees past your brave face to the troubled soul within and I'd regret to say that your worries are not baseless I see difficult times ahead for you alas most difficult I fear the thing you dread will indeed come to pass and perhaps sooner than you think her voice dropped almost to a whisper and Ron rolled his eyes but let's break down what she just said so he has a troubled soul what has hid what has been on Harry's mind Scotty's dream yeah so his worries are not baseless what is going on with Voldemort should he be worried clearly he should be we know the thing you dread will indeed come to pass perhaps sooner than you think so what Harry says in this chapter is not what I think this is talking about but he says let me see where is it I fear the thing where did it go just Harry's thoughts drifted the perfumed fire always made him feel sleepy and dull-witted and professor Trelawney's rambling talks on fortune-telling never held him exactly spellbound though he couldn't help thinking about what she had just said to him I fear the thing you dread will come will indeed come to pass unless you counted his fears that Sirius had been caught but did professor Trelawney know he had long since come to the conclusion that her brand of fortune-telling was really no more than lucky guesswork in a spooky manner except of course for the first time at the end of last term when she had made the prediction about Voldemort rising again so I think that the thing he's dreading will come to pass perhaps sooner than he thinks is possibly the whole idea that he witnessed a conversation about Voldemort planning to kill him and his attempt will be coming soon we know this and I think that sure Lonnie may be annoying but she's pretty legit I think that that's more than lucky guesswork she can read it off of him and I think that Harry's view of her has changed as much as like he doesn't like divination and doesn't like divination but he has more respect for Trelawney now I agree yes but yeah after that like Ron he didn't witness that right so yeah I can't feel that as much they I think they talked about that either in this chapter of the next and they're like come on and he's like no you weren't there yeah like it was real yeah so Harry is drifting off while thinking about all of this and then again Trelawney and then again Trelawney making some predictions about him she so he like comes out of it and I didn't do a good job writing that what I wanted to say right here I'm sorry okay so she's actually like about she's talking again and he has like drifted off and Ron like I imagine Ron just being like wake up and he goes what Harry looked around the whole class was staring at him he sat up straight he had almost he had been almost dozing off lost in the heat and his thoughts I was saying my dear that you were clearly born under the baleful influence of Saturn said professor Trelawney a faint note of resentment in her voice at the fact that he had obviously not been hanging on her words born under what sorry Saturn dear the planet Saturn said professor Trelawney sounding definitely irritated that he wasn't riveted by this news I was saying that Saturn was surely in a position of power in the heavens at the moment of your birth your dark hair your mean stature tragic loss is so young in life I think I am right in saying my dear that you were born in midwinter no said Harry I was born in July I love that I got hold on before you go on I like Ron's response and I literally wrote that would be me Ron hastily turned his laugh into a hacking cough that would be me that's definitely Sarah I probably be crying anyway I think so but I'm like but again Trelawney is she reading Voldemort and Harry because of Voldemort was born in midwinter weakly he wasn't because winter starts on December 22nd and his birth is xxx but it's winter I mean yes real technical it wasn't midwinter but that's mine and whenever you see Voldemort he does have darker hair yeah he has a mean stature yeah and he had tragic losses young in life yeah I like that I think that she's talking about Voldemort here also though he caused a lot of tragic losses well yeah definitely so then the last little funny bit here I did wrote my book maybe one day so she means yes Seamus and Dean who were working nearby sniggered loudly though not loudly enough to mass be excited squeals from lavender Brown what Vinnie says also Saturn is the region of capricorn which is Voldemort sign so as you know my brother and father both capricorns are they able no but they're very similar people like Marty's my dad like they're very similar so lavender goes oh professor look I think I've got an unexpected planet ooh which one's that professor it is Uranus my dears that professor Trelawney peering down at the chart can I have a look at Uranus – lavender said Ron most unfortunately professor Trelawney heard him and it was this perhaps that made her give them so much homework at the end of class I said this foreshadowing – dating laughs laughs mmm I think that if mrs. Weasley would have heard you say that I also wrote something really inappropriate which I just think is hilarious I don't read it but people who get the notes will probably see it Trelawney doesn't appreciate the humor in dumps a ton of homework on them and Ron calls her a miserable old bat and I said maybe don't disrespect her but I think that this is a little a little toss in the bucket about maybe they are gonna have a thing yeah could be I don't know Ron Oh Ron okay here we go attention dear Swisher's adventurers out there in the form of coffee why settle for ordinary chain-store coffee when you can have an adventure in every Cup with expedition Roasters artisanal Roasters of pop culture coffees now you can experience a little theme park magic every day at your home each theme bag features a custom artwork by a guest artist that make it perfect for displaying in your kitchen or your office try one of our Premium Wizarding roasts like book smart blueberry charming chocolate cherry 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swish and flick episode you could always just use audible to listen to one of the books so I do it all the time so if you want to download your free audiobook today go to audibletrial.com/preneurcast Alti about all that homework he forced everybody to have because you know he had to make it a comment and it's a detailed analysis of the way the planetary movements and the coming months will affect you with reference to your personal chart and I point that out because that leads to one of my favorite moments in this book when him in here just like making stuff up and literally the buzzin she loves it that's like one of my favorite things yes like alright so no you can't get hurt that day cuz you get like yeah you're like we gotta gotta be sure that you're you know spacing these out enough they always make like none up they don't have normal days like wouldn't a chart like always like he's like doesn't he talk about like how she's like eats that stuff up yeah mm-hmm and then her buddy's like you're drowning twice so Hermione it was like oh do you have a lot of homework professor vectored didn't give us any at all like who are you why are you cheering about this don't you love homework you're Hermione um just because she needs divination so much she's got to rub it in their face true so Malfoy calls after Ron as they're walking to dinner and he's looking very pleased and he reads very loudly so everyone around them could hear a news clipping further mistakes at the Ministry of Magic it seems as though the Ministry of Magic troubles are not yet at an end rights Rita Skeeter special correspondent recently under fire for its poor crowd control at the Quidditch World Cup and still unable to account for the disappearance of one of its witches the ministry was plunged into fresh embarrassment yesterday by the antics of Arnold Weasley of the misuse of muggle artifacts office Malfoy looked up imagine them not even getting his name right Weasley it's almost as though he's a complete nonentity isn't it he crowed everyone in the entrance hall was listening now Malfoy straighten the paper with a flourish and read on Arnold Weasley who was charged with possession of a flying car two years ago was yesterday involved in a tussle with several muggle law keepers policemen over a number of highly aggressive dustbins mr. Weasley appears to have rushed to the aid of mad-eye moody the aged ixora who retired from them from the ministry when no longer able to tell the difference between a handshake and attempted murder unsurprisingly mr. Weasley found upon arrival at mr. Moody's heavily guarded house arrived at mr. Moody's heavily guarded house and mr. moody had once again raised a false alarm mr. Weasley was forced to modify several memories before he could escape from the policeman but refused to answer daily profit questions about why he why he had involved the ministry in such an undignified and potentially embarrassing scene and there's a picture picture of Weasley said Malfoy flipping the paper over and holding it up a picture of your parents outside their house if you can call it a house your mother could do with losing a bit of weight couldn't she she is literally the worst so Ron is shaking with fury everyone's staring at him Harry tells Malfoy to get stuffed and he's just trying to be like Ron come on like just let it go and Malfoy's like well you're staying with them all summer is Ron's mom really that porky oh I would lose my mom I don't know how Harry didn't he says you know your mother Malfoy that expression she's got like she's got dung under her nose has she always looked like that or was it just because you were with her and like what a clap back honestly mouth was like don't you dare my mother mouth sure no goodness gracious bullying so here's like keep your mouth shut and he turns to walk away goat good for Harry yeah well you guys aren't gonna like what I have to say so all right oh do I always say before me is like the light is hitting my book it's like do you want that Lea no it's all right it's not like so dark I can't read well I don't know bang several people screamed Harry felt something whitehat graze the side of his face he plunged his hand into his rooms for his wand but before he even touched it he heard a second loud bang and a roar that echoed through the entrance hall oh no you don't laddie I'm not gonna do an accent so Harry spun around professor Moody was limping down the marble staircase his wand was out and pointing right at a white pure white ferret so everyone in the hallway it was deathly quiet and nobody but moody was moving a muscle were they deathly hallows sure so moody looked with his normal eye to Harry to make sure that he wasn't hit and then yells to crab while he's still looking at Harry who's behind him cribes behind him and with his magical eye which we find out because it must be mantle he can see through the back of his head because crabs about to pick up Malfoy the ferret but he told him to leave it what was he gonna do with it you don't know how to turn him back right Malfoy the ferret tries to run for moody who was advancing on him Moody points has wanted him again and then has Malfoy the ferret fly ten feet into the air and then he fell when they smacked the ground just to bounce again and he says I don't like people who attack their opponents when their backs turned growl moody is a ferret bounced higher and higher squealing in pain stinking cowardly scummy thing to do and then he says never do that again so McGee's coming down the stairs her arms are full of books and is shocked by the scene that's in front of her and she asks moody hmm this is really good in the movie I like when you put some down Krabs pants she says why it's not amused what are you doing aside Professor McGonagall her eyes following the bouncing ferrets progress through the air teaching said moody T moody is then student shriek Professor McGonagall at the books spilling out of her arms yep said moody no cried Professor McGonagall running down the stairs and pulling out her wand a moment later with loud snapping noise Draco Malfoy had reappeared lying in a heap on the floor with his sleek blond hair all over is now brilliantly pink face he got to his feet wincing and then she's like moody we never used Transfiguration as a punishment surely Professor tumblr told you that he's like yeah he might have been shinned he might have mentioned it yeah I have a lot of things to say funny no I think it's horrendous I mean yes it was made it was written for comedy but it's her right when you dig deeper like this is when I to say I'm like I get that mouthful he is not a nice person at all like he was super just mean to Ron to some horrible things but it honestly and I was doing my notes and it was making me sick to think that a teacher would do this to a student yeah it's just messed up and I don't like it and I know that people are like it's Malfoy I don't care mm-hmm I think that's valid I like what Eddie said in the chat he says this scene is great but then I remind myself that he's a Death Eater who tortured the Longbottom's and I feel guilty I was just gonna say that because you know that it's the real moody obviously never would have done this this was like something in Barty Crouch jr. sick mind that he was like yeah that would be fun wouldn't it I'm gonna do this to this kid he's probably torturing him because he's mad right yeah you're right just it never came back he was the only one that was faithful yeah yeah yes because of your father's actions yeah like no I mean we do have to take a step back like and I we do have to remind ourselves like every time we say Moody it's not Moody right it's party Crouch jr. but we're saying moody cuz it's as moody craziness but like no regular moody would have never done that he would have relished in the fact that he could have given him a detention and written to his parents and stuff and that would have been a fantastic punishment and you do have to think like no this is not okay it's just I don't know I mean how much it hurt him by sleep yeah well I my thing is to like you see this nowadays were like especially now in the days of social media and everybody and their mother has a cell phone that has can take video and you see it come out where figures are types like yeah like you see teachers being like abusive to students that are like have autism and they some people like they can't speak as well as other people to say like you know any mean like they can't communicate as well so they get frustrated and you see that it just it makes me want to then hit the teacher you only mean like no kid deserves regardless of what they're doing and I just to approach angry this is just another example of me reading this as an adult like as a kid oh yeah hilarious kid now it's like that's wrong like I know what we're seeing in the movie theater and just like if a whole theater was just laughing so much during this part but like taking a step back and being like a teachers doing that to a student like that's not okay so master yeah and I kind of wonder if she does like stuff like this with double oh definitely I think of like like she writes for kids like you know kids are gonna find this hilarious but my mom it's jumping ahead a little bit it's it's like when fake moody I feel like I need to say fake booty so i OD booty he doesn't deserve that title that's true oh my god fake booty brings out the spider and makes a tap dance in the kid laughs and he goes oh you think that's funny do you yeah and they immediately they shut up because you to think yeah I could make this spider do that but I can make this spider do other things toom yeah look it could be you know unint yeah or it could be right and I don't want to get too far into that because that's the that's literally the next episode but it's like that everything is is double and it's it's where you at when you're reading it so I'm sure some of our listeners that are like 12 you know maybe they're thinking yeah this is pretty funny but if you are a young listener you need to step outside of that and look at this and realize like oh you know this isn't okay but not even like I even back when I was older than 12 you know reading it I know I'm just saying like even adults need us to take a step back and be like oh wow you don't mean like everyone should take a step back and be realized like this could be my shadow again for that spider incident later and you might not like Malfoy but nobody deserves that you don't mean I wouldn't wish that except maybe umbrage I'm gonna read a little bit more from the chapter but I found some stuff on Pottermore date like because I wanted to see if there's anything out there like about Malfoy being a ferret and they have an article that's Professor McGonagall is most memorable moments and talks about a bunch of stuff I'm not gonna read it because it's not purring to this but it's the one part says when she was rescued a certain ferret from punishment this is the moment Malfoy was transformed into a ferret by an irate moody will stay with us forever luckily for Draco Professor McGonagall realized what was going on and that has the bit from the chapter where she's like what are you doing she think is that a student right underneath it's when she put umbrage in her place the best and then there's another article that every time Draco Malfoy was just 2 Draco and in this it honestly it's like the time that he was turned into a ferret in a second year for Draco tried to jinx Harry from behind professor mood moody turned him into a ferret for its trouble it was brilliant because Draco with disappointed face was just so ferret II but if he were an animal a ferret is definitely what he'd be maybe his petronas was a ferret and he summoned it by thinking about himself once he'd been returned to human form he muttered something about the word within which the words my father were distinguishable so the only entire debacle could have been anymore Draco if he'd been losing Harry losing to Harry at Quidditch at the time which I mean I think it's still think this is messed up it's whatever I could go on forever talk I don't know let's go back to him trying to curse Harry behind his back to though coward here's my thing if you have something to say to somebody then you better have the guts to say it to their face and if you're gonna try and go after him and do whatever you're gonna do do it to his face I don't like the sneakiness I don't like liars and I don't like sneakiness I agree it drives me nuts we also have to remember that their 14 year old kids yeah I mean so they're a little bit of growing up to do and I at this point in time he is like that spoiled little kid that you know my father's gonna hear about this he's gonna grow up and he's gonna unfortunately learned from his mistakes you don't need me but I think the reason why he did it behind his back was because he knows if he would have done it full on face to face oh here he would have won correct yeah and that's why he did it he was like oh I have a moment yes so then I also just googled ferrets so the Harry Potter fan icon they have a little thing ferrets are small muslin I don't know if that's okay if that's how you pronounce it four-legged mammals domesticated forms of the European polecat shout out to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Hagrid – yeah I love that time and then it has like a bunch of places where in history of Harry Potter universe where ferrets were like a thing and I guess I'm one of the video games squirt once transformed a teapot into a fair now here's my question he's old affair would that break the teapot and then it was chased by a rather large Slytherin student with a net so it sounds like spongebob when he's trying to catch jellyfish but that's from like some video game and then during a ministry raid on mortlake's house in august 1992 some extremely old ferrets were found Harry and Ron watched Oh Buckbeak eat a lot of dead farad's then we know that Malfoy was turned into one and then later that year during the Yule Ball crowd she's still disguised as moody Santa chair with a ferret ferret sleeping on his lap tapping his artificial leg to the music that's so weird but I wonder that might be from the film I think it is but I'm I mean I haven't and then it says during the next school year student Hannah Abbott who eventually marries Neville Longbottom accidentally turned a ferret into a flock of flamingos during her Transfiguration practical o WL one animal into a flock of a whole nother animal asked Hannah Hannah dear Hannah and then oh look at them 2017 Albus Severus Potter was seen with a ferret and a bird age when he was about to board the Hogwarts Express and then there's like I guess a daily private newsletter and it says someone wrote the daily profits problem page to ask if ministry would look the other way if he turned his brother's children into blood sucking ferrets the answer was no person I know has a ferret and it goes potty in and Kitty box yes sir cool there's a website called the Spruce pets.com that was just updated a couple days ago it says top 10 recent ferrets make good pets favorites arcuate ferrets are playful and curious ferrets are sociable friendly and affectionate ferrets are intelligent ferrets are quiet ferrets are small ferrets are easy to feed ferrets can be litter trained ferrets are easy to exercise ferrets have distinct personalities and that's it best 10 our friend had a ferret who liked to roll up into a ball and have you throw it across the room like a bowling ball and then it would run back to you to do it again and then let's see the name fair this is from the Wikipedia so the name ferret is derived from the Latin furious I think meaning little thief a likely reference to the common ferret penchant for secretly see rooting away small items so that's cool a little a female a male ferret is called a hob and a female is called a jail that's interesting yeah a spayed female is a sprite and a neutered male is a Gib huh why I don't know and a vasectomized male is also known as a hob tlit is it a good or a jib oh I would take him and it says ferrets under one year are known as kits a group of Farris is known as a business and then other porpoise poor words are difficult other purported collective nouns including business fuzziness fencing Fez name and fee mean theme fee being I don't know appear in some dictionaries but it also certainly ghost words which I don't know what a ghost were it is this is all from Wikipedia so you never know how somebody's in there like they're called up a ghost word is a word published a dictionary or similarly authoritative reference work having rarely if ever been used in practice and hitherto having been meaningless how many people and then they also have okay so let me read from the chapter and then I'll go on cuz there is a picture which makes me it makes me so sad that they're like I don't know he just makes me sad so there's a picture on powder more about Draco learns his lesson it's just not a good teaching lesson you don't I mean don't do this and if you think this is funny I don't know what to say to you you're just being honest I think it's horrendous but anyways we know he gets turned into a ferret blah blah blah there's a picture I'm powder more so let me read for the chapter so Malfoy whose pale eyes were still watering with pain and humiliation looked m—eleven Li up at Moody and muttered something and the witch the words my father were distinguishable and then moody goes oh yeah said moody quietly limping forward a few steps adult clunk of his wooden leg echoing around the hall well I know your father of old boy you tell him Moody's keeping close eye on his son you tell him that Wow you tell him that from me that doesn't sound right now you're head of house will be Snape will it yes said Malfoy resentfully another old friend growled moody I've been looking forward to a chat with old Snape come on you just awful so then moody drags Malfoy off to go see Snape E Snape and some makgeolli goes to follow and then Schiele turns around to collect her books and then continues with them so then Ron tells Harry and Hermione to not talk to him and her on he's shocked she's really surprised he goes well why and he says because I want to fix that in my memory forever said Ron his eyes closed and an uplifted expression on his face Draco Malfoy the Ahmet amazing bouncing ferret and then Ron and Ron Harry and Hermione both laughed and then Hermione being sensible says he could have really hurt Malfoy though it was good that really that Professor McGonagall stopped it and then Ron is like furious at her mind he's trying to ruin the best moment of his life what is that this is Draco [Laughter] so then Hermione takes a cue from Ron and shoves food into her mouth crazy fast because she has loads to do in the library it's not schoolwork though that has her attention it's something else [Laughter] so then Fred takes her seat and then the conversation has then moved on to the subject of moody and how they all think he's really cool Lea literally goes it's super cool and then Harry and Ron have not had his class yet so they don't know so Fred Georgian Lea are very impressed that Mooney knows he knows what it's like to be out there doing it fighting the dark arts he's seen it all and then Ron's disappointed that they don't have class with him until Thursday you know Harry knows what it's like doing it in the dark basileus Voldemort man no big deal that's the end of the chapter guys lightning bolt we only have time for a handful of lightning bolt questions but people have sent us a couple let me go back through Dixie asked if you saw that Malfoy bullying happen what creature object would you turn turn him into or would you want to turn him into because obviously you wouldn't actually do it because you ladies are classy that's right we're classy but picking the pork I mean like a fair it's really good I think maybe a blast undid screwed oh that would be embarrassing I don't know I wouldn't bang him around an object maybe I would turn him into like a stone just let him sit in the grass for a while what you did you can't move [Laughter] see there was another one up here was there yeah here goes Crum our hair yesterday last night I think we only got one anybody got any others or anybody at this table um let's see what we'll talk about would you want to be your partner to take care of your last ended screwed Hermione I think she'd be a carrot I was gonna say Meg my character I think Ron cuz he would just make me laugh you're just I was thinking that too but I feel like he would make me do all the work group whatever one no it doesn't do anywhere yeah so you're just like yeah no I'm just doing whatever my question is it take two creatures and put them together name oh you're welcome America a mermaid and a grin DLO because then the mermaid would have like all the tentacles of a granny low and they could swim differently but what would but what would their thing be like those blast things out of their tuchus there are lots of tentacle tickets yeah they would have lots of tentacles to slink yeah they could say that what do you think fazbear what do you want to be joined up with oh my god he's doing a little head tilt you wanna be – Fozzie bears feathers are they gonna be Siamese dogs no it's gonna be like a super Fozzie Bear Fozzy could turn into fluffy do you want to be the fourth head on fluffy I would combine an if ler and a Phoenix oh cool so they never dies and it loves its own gold feathers cried every burning day you have to collect all those feathers again think of what I would do ooh maybe is it a dummy guys it's like invisible and usable a dragon combining a dummy guys with like a nature would be cool because it would just make it be invisible hmm I like that what if only parts of it could be invisible so you just like seeing a big giant dragon tail like it could control its own invisibility what if you like things or just I'll be terrified what would your clap back to Draco have been I mean like Harry as was perfect oh yeah he was great you you I don't know I always think of really good comebacks like Whaley at least my parents love me there's no loves Harry saying it though his parents loved him more than Draco's dad loved him shoved him off to Baltimore wrong it is wrong right I like it okay today I love this question okay both Snape and Voldemort are kin Perkins do you think the reason Joe has birthdays for her character do you think the reason Joe has birthdays for her characters is very important to their personality and traits of their zodiac sign and what are all of your signs I think yes yeah yes absolutely and she doesn't hurry yes I think it's very important that her and Harry share birthday oh yeah yeah my sign is an Aries shout-out to Aries what what what is Hermione's ashiya Libra i'ma leave I know so but I know she's supposed in September in the middle probably yeah she's definitely not a Libra I was gonna say I'm like that would be weird I don't yeah she does try and like defuse situations though but she doesn't have a hard time deciding true that's oh my god oh my god Jen's like that because she's on the cusp of Libra Scorpio and then I'm the person like I don't care I'm I'm like yes tell me what I don't know I'm a Taurus and I think that that super matches Slytherin just saying any other tourists Lutheran's out there I think it's a thing what do you think is like the most did everybody say their sign oh I'm an Aries as well oh yeah birthdays are six days apart um what do you think is the trait of your sign that most matches you know stubbornness a thousand percent and yeah for me too Libra is like the scales so I constantly am saying oh my god oh I see both sides of this situation I can always see like I can't pick a side to something because I can see the whole situation and it leaves me in the middle here here are some traits for Aries that yeah I looked at enterprising in spontaneous daring active courageous and energetic I like that I'm a very adventurous person I will try almost anything at least once I think the one that describes to me the most is impatient oh my god you know I'm also impatient Oh see this you're more impatient than I am I like like so if I get in my head that I want to do something I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna do it now and that is super awesome for a lot of things but it's also really bad for a lot of I think that's how a lot cuz like mine I'm just reading mine it's me it says Taurus are persistent patient sometimes tough focused sensual realistic daddy loyal generous friendly loving reliable and tenacious but you can also be stubborn rigid jealous resentful possessive spiteful materialistic inflexible and lazy here are some things about no it's okay Sarah and I have they're liable to come across as selfish jealous course ruthless and violent honest I will see this so my best friend June when I first met her she is more into like all this kind of stuff than I am and she goes a lot of times she goes when I get to know someone really well she goes I'll see them as like their sign and she's like your cuz the sign of an Aries they're rams she's like you are so much in Aries she's like you're so stubborn she goes I see was a little brain butting your head in everywhere and like I'm just I know I'm very much and it's funny because my brother and I are both Aries and he his birthday's just a couple days ahead of mine but we're like totally different people but then there's some aspects were like his his areas comes out in a different way than mine though oh yes and then like Marty so Tiffany's husband and my dad are both capricorns and they're literally the same human that's like me and our roommate Chris are both Taurus but we are very different Taurus like we're both stubborn but he's more stubborn in like a passive aggressive stubborn way and I'm more like full-on stubborn so it just like comes out in different ways but I think it's really interesting to that Aries and Taurus are right next to each other and we both have the stubbornness yes we're like right close with in like same months you know yeah Katy this is so perfect you are a sentimental charming refined loyal fair light-hearted romantic nice diplomatic tolerant sociable elegant and seductive but you can also be hesitant indecisive selfish no fragile yeah yeah fearful yeah gullible yeah how about that word indolent in Dolan Dolan I don't know and insensitive but I'm a good chunk some things with Ares like frankness don't ask me a direct question if you don't want me to answer because I'm not gonna like I very like honest with people and I will tell you Jen's like she goes well sometimes she goes if I really want the transit she's like you're just gonna tell me and I was like oh well she's like but I know that about you other people I think she's like a little shocked and intimidated by it but I also know like Aries is a fire sign I'm a fiery person correct Marty says ambitious wise disciplined patient holy mackerel um but the funny thing is about when you say it's like a fire sign I was getting a facial done I've only ever had one and it was a gift to me and so she's like doing whatever she's doing and she's like your cheeks are turning red she's like you have a fiery personality don't you and I'm like sometimes yeah and she's like are you an Aries no it's funny but I um but the thing that I think is really cool it's like part of those area sign two of those words were descriptors for Gryffindor's yeah same with mine you don't match well no go back to the Aries I didn't know Taurus was earth Libra is there any how perfect this Hopf words aren't what it says our Libra is Libra and Taurus opposite signs no cuz like Vinnie pointed out Hermione and Ron are opposite they're Pisces and what does she I can't remember now Virgo Oh Aries and Libra opposite thanks Vinnie that they are compatible I believe Taurus and Libra know Aries women so some positive qualities of Aries spontaneity action-oriented courage Drive Enterprise inhibition frankness adventure orientation which I look again I think I'm the most adventurous person at this table mm-hmm especially eating things I'll try anything once I'm adventurous with other things about food like I like to try I like to do things I'm mad that I I'm not the type of person who likes to sit still oh no man I get very bored easily and get over things very quickly some negative qualities of Aries impatience that's not me full heartedness selfishness vanity pride ego ruthlessness possessiveness violence rashness violence I would say I am – yeah I mean it doesn't mean we're the extreme of those and they pop up from time to time I feel like you know everybody has I mean everybody has that yeah it would be you would be lying if you say you didn't have any badge right thing is like the Aries are the proverbial infants guileless and optimistic to the fault however you know they're also all those other things I like that we're all different elements well like will you guys match cuz your birthday's are the same but like she's my mom and her and everything over there nice is the day before after before for that she's attempt you guys are fire Katie's air and I'm earth that's cool yeah we need a what's the fourth one water water alright we've got to go we gotta go a fan story okay fan story this one comes from Ali sweeten yes we hi ladies I happen to find your podcast by accident and I am so happy that I did the Sorcerer's Stone was the first real book I ever read it was the summer going into first grade and my elder sister had just finished a little really little so I stole it from her and I had been hooked since I remember going to see the first movie the day it came out and I would tear through the books as soon as I possibly could I truly grew up on Harry Potter and my love for it is only getting stronger and crazier I feel you I lost my sister when I was and Harry is what got me through those we love never really leave us and I'm reminded of that every time I dealt back into Harry Potter now I'm so grateful to have a close a close group of friends just as as obsessed as I am we try to go to every hot Potter themed event in the Philly area and we planned trips to Universal as often as possible my sister left behind a son who is now 11 and one of the biggest blessings in my life has been able to show him this magical world I actually just returned from taking to Universal for the first time while there he had so many questions and when he asked me how I know so much about Harry Potter I told him about your podcast so you may have a young Swisher soon thank you ladies for getting me through so many boring workdays long car rides and a few bad nights keep doing what you do it affects us more than you know love ally ally thank you thank you I'm sorry for your loss of your sister I can't imagine how hard that is but I'm glad we can bring a little bit of light when you're feeling down agreed and reach for your boring car rights and I can't feel that on a personal level keep pumping up your nephew yeah love it alright so you can find us on facebook at swish and flick podcast and on twitter and instagram at swish flick cast you sub you can subscribe to us on youtube and also join us on patreon which is where you can gain access to the felix files and our discord chat so you can find us at patreon.com forward slash swish flick cast and then choose your support level there it lists out everything that you get for each level and thank you to all of our current patrons we really appreciate you yeah lastly sorry I didn't mean you you can find everything about us on our website which is swish flick cast comm and you can also find all of our fun merchandise I want to remind everybody that so we post throughout the week all the links that we use in our episodes but if you want to find them all in one place it's on our website under weekly profits yes anything we refer to it's on there yeah and I'm thinking about expanding that a little bit maybe we can like put other news that we find along the way instead of having it all post just like one post a week I don't know we'll see how it goes anytime you bring up a new idea I'm gonna be like are you sitting down [Laughter] literally always no I think I said this in our last episode so this is gonna be another week but we're recording this one day apart so I am getting into Majora's Mask on my 3ds do it alright I really like them I've been listening to tandem legends and they're doing a playthrough of the Legend of Zelda series in the timeline order according to the Hyrule historia so if you are into video games if you like Zelda and you want to do a little playthrough they do they like pretty much break it down like dungeon by dungeon and it's cool it's awesome yet yeah it's really cool so you should download and listen to them if you enjoy them they're also on Twitter you can find them and me like their link and stuff and we'll post it in the okay yeah show notes sweet alright so they're called tandem legends and that's what I'm doing in Alana's awesome and Marty's awesome and fazbear's awesome and that's it and I'm awesome so I am launching my wedding design Instagram and Etsy account and it's called whimsy but that was taken on Instagram because that's dumb people should not use it a whole Zoe thing whimsy wedding design so you can follow me on there and I'm gonna be posting pictures of different invitations that I've made and stuff and if anybody is interested you can reach out to me and I'll let you know like how that works and what not are you only gonna do weddings I mean we're open to expanding whimsy to like more stuff than weddings but I think that I need to be super focused on one thing when we start and then once I get comfortable doing it we can like branch out to other things so like branding and and when you make Lana's bead invites yeah that's worth a bar in Bat Mitzvahs do you know anyone who is celebrating those I'm just saying but there could be listeners yeah any invitations absolutely I just like have focused mostly on wedding ones I get that but I have a lot of joy examples of and I love doing that kind of design is totally random but there's somewhere I remember hearing someone was like mitzvahs both bar and baht what is it from friends oh yeah Alec Baldwin yeah um but yeah that's awesome yeah it will be Winnie the Pooh theme oh of course Winnie the Pooh slash pool party correct my mom's like what is happing they haven't said and have idea like it's happening and like for me I what do you mean when is it happening around her birthday so guys just have to tell you I'm not gonna be home in this country for my niece's first birthday and it makes you want to cry you should and then you can also follow Katie and I on YouTube at Main Street 9 and 3/4 and then since Tiffany plugged somebody I'm gonna pull a YouTube channel good and anybody who loves Disney as much as Katie and I should go and subscribe to the Burkhart project on YouTube because their vlogs literally give me life and curb my want and need to be down in Florida literally all the time even though I can't be so you should subscribe to the Brooke hearts because they're amazing people they put so much of their life on YouTube and it's just like amazing what they do and they're really good friends of Katie and mine and I love them so you should go subscribe a plug or other Etsy but business design that one's been Kyle's been around forever though so if you want some Harry Potter decor for your home or you want to keep warm this winter with some cozy scarves and blankets check it out yeah I don't do anything with my life I got nothing to plug you babysit Alana she baby I make sure that she's every Friday she and its episodes she does notes she cooks she cleans her home she's been redecorating her bedroom such a struggle she was trapped upstairs couldn't go to our tank sky because the floors are getting done so I'd have a business conference call I'm just trying to figure out I'm traveling a lot this year I'm going to California soon because this is gonna come out March and a couple of weeks oh that's crazy think about yeah and then real soon I'm going to Aruba I'm very good that's why I won't be around for my niece's first birthday but I'll be home anytime for her party we're only going for a week figuring out school so yeah so stressful love it it'll be worth it yep it'll be worth it they've got this you're gonna be busy for a while I won't be able to do any it's gonna be awesome it's fine you're gonna be fine everything is fine she could be fine you're gonna be fine you're gonna be fine it's gonna be great but you can follow my adventures on O'Malley with three o's or three a total but yeah that's my life just trying to survive every day don't we all mm-hmm give me book suggestions there's a there's a pinned post on our Facebook page or if you want to just email them to swoosh fly cast I come nope what is it yes let's flick cast that Gmail because I want to know give me one book that changed your life not Harry Potter all right that concludes this week's episode thank you so much for listening and don't let the muggles get you down good morning good morning good good invented babies I don't know but I love them did you know crackers were an accident that was not from a bus [Laughter] I bet that didn't even good night probably not chair squeaks okay so not a blast indiscreet but just a chair just a chit mr. chair

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