Welcome to my piranha pool. Here at a local hotel, just like my favourite [James] Bond villian, I’ve filled a small swimming pool with over a 100 Red-bellied piranhas, and they haven’t eaten for days! It’s the perfect opportunity to test just how voracious these creatures are. Everybody knows about sharks being blood-thirsty killers, just wondering if piranhas have the same kind of sensitivity to blood. Piranhas have evolved to live in the murky, sediment filled waters of the Amazon [river], where visiblity is often less than a foot. So, a good sense of smell to locate their next meal is surely essential. That’s definitely getting a reaction! There is a number of fish have come into that cloud of blood and they’re looking around. They want something to chew into but there’s nothing there at the moment. I think it’s time to put a bit of flesh in there for them. So the blood is definitely whetting their appitite, an there would have been blood in the water from those injured by the impact of the bus crash. Now, I wonder how these piranhas will react to a bloody piece of prime steak? There we go! It’s the first nibble! The first nibble! The first nibble! And there they are, they’re all piling in! Once the first one started… There we go! They’re all over it now! Piranhas react to the sound and movement of another piranha feeding, atrracting them to the scene, and inciting a feeding-frenzy. As soon as one piranha takes a bite, it moves away, allowing a fast turnover of feeders and a rapid succession of bites. It’s no wonder they are known for stripping their food to the bone in just minutes. There we go! Meat definitely worked! I just want to know how they might react to something that’s alive! These piranhas were TEARING into a piece of dead meat, just a couple of minutes ago, but they’re just not interested in me. So, what is it that turns piranhas into vicious, murderous killers? THAT is what I want to try and find out.


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