Sweetest Dog Was ‘Mom’ To A Baby Cat — Now They’re Best Friends | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

A fuzzy kitten playing with a cuddly dog. This might just be the cutest thing on the face of the Earth. These two love each other so much. They’re the most adorable brother and sister. And, oh yeah. Best. Animal. Friends. Honey and Mamiao met when Honey was just a tiny baby kitten. Honey had been found outside, but was rescued by his new family. At first Honey thought Mamiao was a giant mom cat. And he tried to drink milk from her! Mamiao’s like, “Hey, I’m a dog, not your mom!!!!” Even though things got off to kind of a weird start, it didn’t take long for Mamiao to realize that she LOVED the little kitten. See, Honey had a hurt tail when he was rescued. And all Mamiao wanted was to make him feel better. Now, Honey has a cute little nub of a tail. And Mamiao made a friend who will never leave his side. You’ll find them peek-a-booing under cozy blankets or jumping on each other’s heads. They love to play in boxes And adore dressing up in funny outfits. When they’re not together, they REALLY miss each other. But they’re never apart for too long before it’s back to drinking out of the same water bowl. And going on fancy dinner dates! Honey’s not exactly an indoor cat. So sometimes he leads Mamiao outside — to explore the world! Honey takes them hiking And fishing. Whoa, look at the size of that whopper! But their favorite part about being outside is coming back inside to their cozy house and the family they love. Because it’s nice inside! From the time Honey was a little kitten, Mamiao had a feeling she’d love him forever. She was right! And Honey is so grateful. Because it’s not every little cat who gets to have a dog like Mamiao who he knows, down to his whiskers, is his Best. Animal. Friend.

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